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QWOP - Athletics

is widely known as a fun game but full of challenges.
In Qwop game, Players will be portrayed as athletes named "Qwop" - representing a nation participating in the 100 meter track racing category at the Olympic Games.
The player's task is to control the combined motion of the thigh and calf of the Qwop to help the characters move, use their skills to complete the 100-meter run test carefully and get the highest score possible
Remember to always maintain the balance of the legs to avoid character falling down, the game will end immediately.
How to play Qwop:
Qwop game Use the combination of keys Q, W, O , P to move the proper foot so as control the character moves forward.
Use key Q to move the left thigh
Use key W to move the right thigh
Use key O to move the left calf
Use key P to move the right calf
Features, characteristics:
Learn how to control the movement of the Qwop’s legs properly
At 50m and 100m way will appear unexpected things
Qwop game is hard to control, full of challengences, players need time to practice more to get used to.
Complete the challenge and guide the Qwop to the goal safely.
Let’s play the Qwop game to experience the challenge of this race! Wish you become a champion!
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