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Comparison of Best Surge Protectors

Decided to buy a surge protector? You will find between a whole range of models offered by the different brands. Each prides itself on having developed the best surge protector for your devices. With these beautiful words, you don’t know which one to choose? Don’t worry, we’ll guide you on the subject!

The power surge can seriously damage various electrical equipment in your home. The choice of a good surge protector worthy of the name should not then be taken lightly.

How many ports do you need?

The number of outlets to accommodate different devices plugged in at the same time is among the first criteria to consider when buying a surge protector.

We tend to think that surge protectors usually have between 6 and 8 ports. And yet, it is wrong! You can easily find models with 3 ports, or others with a much larger capacity up to 15 ports, or even more.

Depending on your needs, you could then turn to a power strip that has more or fewer ports. While making sure that the space between the sockets is wide enough to be able to plug in different sizes of adapters without any problems.

To better guide you, consider the number of equipment you would need to connect to it. However, always assume that it is better to have too many ports than too few.

The maximum power of the surge arrester

Another parameter that will affect your choice is the maximum power of the surge protector. Indeed, if you tend to want to connect different robust and powerful devices at the same time, logically turn to powerful surge protector strips, capable of supporting up to a few thousand watts.

On the other hand, for the simple connection of your bedside lamp and the chargers of your telephones and tablets, there is no need to invest in a high-power multiple socket. In this case, only check the good quality of the product and its energy regulation capacity for the good protection of your connected devices.

Mounted to the wall, placed on a desk table or placed on the floor, there are various possibilities for installing a surge protector. It is, after all, a mobile, practical and generally easy-to-handle socket or power strip.

However, to make it even easier for you to get a precise installation, you should take into account various special configurations:

  • For easy mounting of your surge protector on the wall or along a desk table, opt for models with mounting tabs or screw holes.
  • For a safe and practical installation of your surge protector in living rooms, where many people circulate, opt for a metal model. Robustness will thus be guaranteed.
  • For ease of installation under furniture or in rather tight spaces, there are right-angled power strips that may be perfect for your usage circumstance.
  • If the power source is quite far away, consider a surge protector with a long enough extension cord.

The reliability and safety guaranteed by the surge protector

Before talking about the various security features of the surge protector, first addressing its quality of manufacture. With flame-retardant, rugged and durable materials, you’ll have a reliable surge protector in your hands.

But for optimal protection, look for models offering different additional options:

  • Indications in case of bad connections or power surges: depending on the model, you can find LED lights or an audible alarm system to warn you if necessary.
  • On/Off Switch: Also very handy so you don’t have to unplug your outlets, you just have to press this switch when the alarm sounds.
  • Auto-shutdown feature: Some surge protectors have advanced protection technology that can detect an overload or overvoltage and directly shut off any power source without your intervention. You will thus enjoy immediate protection for all your devices.
  • Switches per socket: Even more practical, find models with several sockets, where each socket can be controlled by its own switch. You will then no longer need to unplug an entire sector, just press the button near the target socket.

The size of the surge arrester

If you have a large enough space, opting for a large rather dominant power strip will not be a problem. On the other hand, if your space is narrower, consider a much smaller model, which will not interfere with your travels.

Today, in order to meet the requirements of users looking for multiple outlets with a large connection capacity, without taking up too much space, we are seeing the submergence of multiple outlet towers on the market. With a vertical configuration, they will never risk occupying a large space. They are the perfect combination of space saving and high connection capacity.

Certification standards

There is nothing more reassuring than investing in products that are certified to current surge protection manufacturing standards. When making your selection, don’t forget to take a look at the product label.

For the safety and reliability of surge protection devices, the product should have undergone various tests. It is only after these tests that the product will benefit from proven effectiveness. Proof of this efficiency and reliability, the surge protector will benefit from a few IEC, UL and NFC certification mentions.

Remember to check the warranty

At the time of your purchase, ask for the guarantee! Never rush to the cheapest offer that offers no hardware warranty. Some manufacturers even accept the return of a defective product received after a few days. But even more, other brands go even further by offering reimbursement for the various damages caused to your various devices connected to the surge protector if the latter has not been able to do its job properly.

You will understand then! There is nothing better than having a warranty. Please note that warranties may vary from one device to another. So, before your purchase, check carefully what does or does not come under the coverage clauses.

TOP 3 Best Surge Protectors

In order to make the right choice, certain criteria must be taken into account. First of all, the surge protector must follow NF and/or CE standards.

These standards guarantee quality.

Indeed, the CE marking demonstrates that the product complies with the new approach regulations relating to safety, user protection and public health. As for the NF marking, it is a quality certification specific to the product. Among other things, this concerns safety, reliability, suitability for use, performance and others.

Next, you must check whether the surge protector has a status indicator. This item indicates the status of the surge protector: whether it can still work properly or not. In addition, we will also remember to pay attention to the number of joules supported by this device. The higher this index, the better the surge protector. The nature of the components of this device is also to be taken into account. To mention only the fire-resistant metal edge as well as the cover supposed to resist shocks.

Surge Protector Or Inverter?

The UPS is the tool that keeps the computer running for a while even when the electricity is off. This device has several outlets to which the computer and other electrical devices can be plugged. Normally, it remains passive and stores energy in a battery. As soon as voltage instability occurs, the inverter instantly uses its power stored in the battery.

It continues to power connected devices for a few hours. As for the surge protector, it filters overvoltages so that they do not affect the proper functioning of the connected devices. For simple day-to-day protection, the surge protector is sufficient. On the other hand, the inverter would be the most appropriate choice to maintain sufficient power after a power outage.

Surge-arrester or lightning-arrester?

Whether it is the surge arrester or the lightning arrester, both are used to limit overvoltages on an electrical network. As its name suggests, the surge arrester protects against lightning. Indeed, when lightning strikes and affects a power line, a surge spreads through the entire line. The degree of this overvoltage depends on the distance between the device and the place where the lightning struck.

This tool can accumulate 100 A to 1000 A of current. This means that the overvoltage will only take place for a handful of microseconds. On the other hand, the role of the surge protector is to keep the voltage of an electrical network stable, regardless of the fluctuations in sight.

Tests of the Best Surge Protectors

1 –

EHMANN Surge & Surge protector power strip filter and 5-way network filter

: My Choice!

EHMANN 0207 x 00052301 Power strip…

VDE Certified Plugs – 90° Twisted – Round, Black – Extra Wide Spacing; Built-in contact protection.

Keep all your electrical and electronic devices safe from power surges with this surge protector from Ehmann.

The German brand offers a 5-way multiple socket, with dimensions of 59 x 7.4 x 4.7 cm and a weight of 890 grams.

Made of robust plastic, this accessory has gray grips oriented at 90°, in a rounded shape.

Practical and efficient, the distances between the sockets are quite large at 64 mm.It also has a 1.5 meter cable with angled plug.

Advanced protection system

Ehmann has implemented a very secure surge protection power strip. In order to better protect your young children, all sockets have protective caps with the possibility of fixing and replacing safety.

The multiple socket also incorporates an optical and acoustic operating indicator which is activated in the event of an anomaly. Its power supply filter has been made to offer better protection against high frequency interference from the EHMANN network.


Good surge protection
Good dimensions
90° angled socket construction
Sturdy plastic construction
< /strong> High level of protection


Delivered without accessories

Delivered without accessories

My opinion on the EHMANN surge protector!

With top quality workmanship, this surge protector is perfectly capable of protecting various devices connected to it.

This power strip is not bulky and will actually meet most needs. care!

2 –

Brennenstuhl 1391001308 Premium Protect-Line Block of 8 Outlets with surge protector

: The TOP

Brennenstuhl Multigrip Premium…

High-quality protection against HF interference by integrated filter; Housing with an aesthetic, timeless, solid design in matt anodized aluminium

It is notably equipped with 8 sockets centered at 45°. Its power reaches 60,000 A on addition of the leakage currents.

Its interference filter secures the electronic elements of connected devices against possible electrical failures, including power surges. This filter thus avoids optical and acoustic disturbances that can interfere with computer, television or other screens.

The Brennenstuhl is a power strip that stands out for its performance.

Thanks to a solid anodized aluminum housing on the surface, the protection system of this Brennenstuhl gains in efficiency without the grain structure being damaged. Also, its cable is 3 m long. The switch to make it work or stop it is characterized by an indicator light. Included in the purchase pack is a Premium Protect-Line aluminum surge protector strip with 8 sockets. As a bonus, this product has a 10-year warranty.


Solid and resistant

Easy to use

Protection against the effects of lightning and other surges

Protection against interference caused by surges

Protection against noise caused by surges


Limited cable length

My opinion on the Brennestuhl 1391001308 Premium Protect-Line Block of 8 Outlets: the choice to be made!

If you are looking for an effective solution to protect your electronic devices against overvoltages and lightning strikes, I suggest B rennenstuhl. With 8 sockets available, it will allow you to use your electronic gadgets without any worries, without any voltage instabilities affecting them.

3 –

iFi PowerStation Barette Sector with Active Filtering/Surge Protector

: THE TOP of the TOP for HiFi!

Power strip with active filtering and surge protector from the English brand iFi, Power Station will considerably improve the performance of your audio system.

A pure and clean current, such is the promise!

And this, while improving different systems such as Smart TV, projector, speakers, headphones, computer, etc.

Designed with an aluminum frame, it has enough weight to stay in place when you move different devices connected to it.

Its intelligent diagnostic device

The brand has integrated an intelligent diagnostic system into this bar. Rely on the polarity and Earth/Ground LEDs in your system connection.

You no longer risk having problems with out-of-phase devices.


Active filtering and surge suppressor function
Fairly robust and reliable construction
Smart and safe connection

The Cons!

Presence of basic noise

Presence of basic system noise

My review of the iFi PowerStation Surge Protector!

With the Power Station surge protector, the current is well filtered and you can safely use the various devices plugged into it.

If you are looking for an easy and effective solution to improve the performance of your audio system, I highly recommend it! AND YES, even at this price, it’s worth it/cost… purists will appreciate!

4 –

Surge protector



: The classic!

< /h2>

Brennenstuhl Multigrip Super-Solid…

Protects connected devices against overvoltages up to a maximum of 13,500A; Special feature: cable opposite the switch for easier use

The Brennenstuhl brand has developed a Super-Solid multiple socket block equipped with a 13,500 A surge protector, a voltage of 230 Volts.

It has 8 sockets and a 2.5 meter long cable.

Reliable, it consists of a 16 amp thermal function circuit breaker to provide optimal protection in the event of overvoltages.

Very aesthetic, you will enjoy an all-silver structure, with some parts in black.

Horizontal configuration, it has dimensions of 78 x 30 x 12 centimeters and a weight of 780 grams.

Its ease of installation

This wired box is very easy to install. It has a hook with which you can hang it or attach it to a wall. You can fix it with screws, as you can simply put it on the ground.

In their design, the sockets are oriented at 45° to ensure better connection of angled plugs.


Guaranteed overvoltage protection
Ease of installation
< strong>Convenient on/off switch
45° angled outlets

The Cons!

Emits a small hissing sound in operation

Emits a small hissing sound in operation

My opinion on the Brennenstuhl H05VV-F surge protector!

To protect different devices well, this surge protector does its job well . The structure is very robust, with several possible connections. It is very easy to install!

A basic. A classic.

5 –

BESTEK Power Strip Surge and Surge Protector with 4 USB Ports

: Favorite!

The BESTEK is a surge protection strip combining practicality and device protection.

In order to guarantee ease of use, the switch is single-use and independent. Its structure is equipped with a blue light indicator. To connect several electrical devices, this power strip offers 6 widely spaced sockets, as well as 4 USB ports equipped with dust covers. As for its safety component, this surge protector offers optimal protection against 900 joules surges caused by short circuits, overloads, overheating, lightning or other.

In order to monitor the status of the connected devices, the BESTEK provides two LEDs. The first LED indicates whether the power lines are connected to ground or not. The second LED indicates whether the device is working properly or not. Besides that, the BESTEK is solid in design. It is particularly rewarded with a structure made up of phosphor bronze shrapnel. This product follows CE and RoHS standards. In addition, it has a 2-year warranty.


Protects against power surges


Wall Mount Option

2 Year Warranty

2 Year Warranty

The Cons!

Length of the extension 2 m only

My opinion on the BESTEK: the multi-socket protection to have

With its 8 outlets and 4 USB ports, you can plug in or recharge your electronic gadgets freely and with complete peace of mind. In addition, this product is covered by a 2-year warranty: an essential advantage in the event of a problem.

6 –

Tower Surge Protector SAFEMORE

: TOP tower surge protector!

As a tower, the Safemore surge protector has 9 electrical outlets.

perfect for those who want to save space and have a large connection capacity!

Indeed, with its 6 USB ports, the tower can accommodate up to 15 devices connected at the same time, at the limit of 2500 Watts.

Connect various mobile devices: phones, tablets, mp3,… to USB ports, while enjoying impressive charging speeds, thanks to Smart IC technology.

This 900-joule surge protector has been manufactured with its 1.8-metre retractable extension cord, for easy storage.

Its Security Protection System

Designed for safe use at home, even if you have children, this surge protector offers built-in safety ports on every outlet.

It also incorporates a 10 A AC overload protection system.

Your various devices will be perfectly protected from current peaks. The power supply will be automatically cut off if any overloads are detected.

It is a reliable product, CE and RoHS certified.


Vertical design
< b class="wp-svg-checkmark checkmark"> Retractable Extension
System security guarantees
CE and RoHS certification

The Cons!

Extension a bit short

Extension a bit short

My review on the SAFEMORE Tour surge suppressor!

This tower surge suppressor is an excellent product. Its vertical design really saves space, even in the tightest rooms. It is very reliable and economical. For amateurs!

7 –

Surge Protector


: TOP Child Protection!

A long surge protector with 10 sockets is what Ohuo offers through this wall-mounted power strip.

Made with an integrated aluminum case, you will have in your hand a very beautiful structure all in white with a 1.8 meter long cable.

Perfect for use at home, in the office, in the garage, or elsewhere, this power strip can support up to a maximum power of 3680 W.

Advanced protection system

Offering effective protection against surges, this power strip is also made with your children’s protection in mind. You will find a safe protective contact there. This system is capable of protecting against overvoltages up to 60,000 Amps.


10 well-spaced sockets
45° angled socket design
Safe level of protection for devices and for the whole family


Unable to replace the fuse
Cable length too limited

Unable to replace the fuseCable length too limited

My Ohuo Surge Protector Review!

This Ohuo power strip is the right choice for those who are looking for a high-capacity, yet reliable multiple outlet. Too bad that the cable is too short, otherwise everything would have been on top!

8 –

APC Surge Arrest Performance – PL8VT3-FR – 8 sockets

In order to protect the various communication devices as well as the computers against overvoltages, the APC Surge Arrest Performance is presented as a solution of choice. Indeed, both domestic and professional electrical equipment can be damaged by lightning or daily power surges.

To remedy this, the APC Surge Arrest Performance is made up of 8 surge outlets that have data line protectors.

It also has a plug coveringCP network adapterswithout interfering with network communications.

The protection granted by this device is mainly ensured by its Fail Safe Mode.

With this feature, the plugged-in tool is automatically disconnected from the power source in the event of a power surge. When this protection is activated, an indicator lights up to indicate this.

To power the APC Surge Arrest Performance, a 180° rotatable 3 meter power cable is provided for this purpose.


practical and easy to use< /p>

180° rotatable cable

surge and lightning protection

power line security data

data line security


fairly limited power cable length

My opinion on the APC Surge Arrest Performance!

To stop worrying about power surges, the APC Surge Arrest Performance presents itself as a solid choice.It has enough surge outlets to protect data lines correctly and effectively< /strong>.

In addition, Fail Safe Mode of this device ensures the automatic disconnection of the device from the power source in the event of a risk of overvoltage. With that in mind, I recommend!

9 –

Eaton (MGE) UPS Protection Box 8 Tel@+TV Surge Protector 66935

– €12.19

MGE UPS – 66935 – Protection Box 8 Tel…

AC Output Types: Not Available; Number of Output Sockets: Not available; Output Power Capability: Not Available

The Eaton (MGE) UPS Protection Box 8 is a surge protector designed to protect devices on an electrical network from power surges and interference caused by lightning. It is mainly intended for communication and internet tools. Its dimensions are 31.5 x 15 x 6.5 cm. Its weight is around one kilo with its 0.9 kg.

This surge protector is characterized by its Protection Box.

The latter is the source of the quality of protection and performance delivered by this device. Added to this is its Audio/Video protection module. Its lightning protection option can be replaced if ever it has been affected by a major lightning strike. Thus, this surge shield is able to secure a telephone line with XDSL as well as an antenna line as much as possible. As a guarantee of its efficiency, this Eaton (MGE) UPS Protection Box 8 complies with the lightning arrester standard IEC 61 643-1. In addition, this surge protector is covered by a two-year warranty strong>.



< p> securing the telephone line and internet

Convenient and easy to use

2 year warranty

2 year warranty years old

The Cons!

power quite limited

My opinion on the Eaton (MGE) UPS Protection Box 8: good performance in sight

If you are looking for a quality surge protector to protect your telephone and internet lines, the Eaton (MGE) UPS Protection Box 8 remains a solid choice. It is a powerful tool that can provide maximum security to your devices. It effectively filters the power supply of the connected elements in order to ensure their protection against overvoltages, interference and the undesirable effects caused by lightning. Because of these qualities, I recommend it despite its limited power.

10 –

APC Surge Arrest Essential – PM6-FR – 6 sockets – Protection policy for connected equipment up to €50,000/p2


The APC Surge Arrest Essential is a surge protector used to secure communication devices whether at home or in the office. It protects them from any instability of the electrical network.

These instabilities in question can be due to overvoltages generated by lightning or to smaller overvoltages in everyday life. They are likely to affect the proper functioning of electronic equipment.

The APC Surge Arrest Essential has 6 surge arresters with a capacity that can withstand 1836 joules of surge. When a tool has stopped working properly, a warning light will come on.

In the event that the APC Surge Arrest encounters a problem, it disconnects all devices plugged into the power source to prevent possible surge damage. This surge protector has an EMI/RFI noise filter. This filter is used to reduce line noise in order to avoid data errors.



< p>effective surge protection

indication of protection activation

disconnection of devices during risky surges

disconnection of devices during risky overvoltages

The Cons!

fairly limited anti-overcurrent energy

My opinion on the APC Surge Arrest Essential!

APC Surge Arrest Essential provides a satisfying experience in protecting communication devices. Easy to use, this surge protector keeps all your devices safe. It even allows you to monitor the status of the protection thanks to the activation indicator light.

I would not hesitate to recommend the APC Surge Arrest Essential if you are looking for a sufficiently powerful surge protector.

11 –

Eaton (MGE) O.P.S. Protection Strip Surge protector (external) 6 output connectors

MGE O.P.S. – Protection Strip-…

Output Power Capability: Not available; Power output: Not available; AC Output Types: Not Available

The Eaton O.P.S Protection Strip remains a surge protection strip used to protect electronic devices plugged into a power source.

At the same time, it makes it possible to limit the undesirable effects caused by lightning, such as the appearance of sound interference on a soundtrack.

It is generally used on computers, both at home and in the office.

This device has 6 three-pole sockets on which 6 devices can be connected simultaneously in complete safety. As this filters the power supply, it only consumes 525 joules of energy. Next to it, it can withstand up to 12500 A of current.

Its peak power is 2500 W. E, regarding its design, this tool sports the 26.4 x 5.2 x 4.2 cm of dimensions for a weight of 408 grams. Its manufacturer of this product offers a two-year warranty to users.


surge protection

power and quality

ease of use

2 year warranty

2 year warranty< /p>

The Cons!

number of takes limited

My opinion on the Eaton O.P.S. Protection Strip: a safe protection option

Are you looking for an effective solution to protect your computers from potential power surges and short circuits? The Eaton O.P.S is for you. Thanks to its high power, your devices are safe from current instabilities. Plus, you get a 2-year warranty in case you need extra support. Either way, the performance of this surge protector leads me to recommend it.

Test of the Best Inexpensive Surge Protectors

1 –

Surge Protector

Acar S10/5m 10 Outlets with 5 m

: TOP Cheap!

The Acar surge protection power strip is equipped with 10 secure 230 V French sockets, designed according to European standards, hybrid FR-DE. The 5 sockets are round and wider, while the other 5 are smaller.

Protect all your devices in the best conditions with this Acar S10 power strip block is designed with an integrated automatic circuit breaker.

Its practical configuration

Practical, the brand has not only developed a surge protector strip with a large number of female sockets, it has also set up an very long 5 meter cable. Even if the main power source is quite far away, it will still be suitable.

The surge protector is made of polyamide with a light weight of 680 grams, while remaining robust.


Long 5-meter retractable cable
10 built-in sockets
< strong>Stable with light weight


Waterproofing not guaranteed

Waterproofing not guaranteed

My opinion on the Acar surge protection device!

This Acar surge protection power strip s10 is very practical with its switch at hand. I particularly appreciate its long 5-meter cable, offering a real extension worthy of the name and its very robust structure!

2 –

Surge Protector

Philips Power Strip SPN3040C/10

Philips stands out with its innovative electrical products. It offers its 900 joules 4-outlet surge protector presented in an exceptional all-black design.

In addition to protecting your various devices against power surges,it will bring a touch of modernity to your office table.

With its dimensions of some 38 x 14 x 5.5 centimeters, you will benefit from a surge protector power strip that incorporates protection indicators, with automatic child safety outlets.

Protect the whole family, and your devices of course, from electric shocks!

Different surge-arrester configurations

This Philips surge protector comes with a 2 meter power cable. You can therefore place it at a maximum distance of 2 meters from the power source.

This electrical surge protection device is also equipped with LED indicators that warn in the event of an anomaly in the electrical circuit.


Modern design
Effective surge protection
LED indicators
Child lock included


Limited number of sockets
Rather short cable< p>Limited number of sockets Rather short cable

My review on the Philips surge protector!

If you need a modern surge protector to put on your bedside table or office table, this power strip from Philips will suit you with its very aesthetic design. Too bad the number of takes is too limited.

3 –

Infosec Surge Protector 1 FR Socket + 2 RJ45

: TOP Socket Block!

The Infosec Surge Protector 1 Outlet FR is an interesting option for securing an electrical network from voltage fluctuations.

This has a single outlet that has a peak voltage of 775V.

This surge protector is specially indicated to protect an ADSL BOX against possible overvoltages. In fact, its socket can be used with a liveBox, freeboxes and any other type box. Its RJ45 connector also protects a telephone line against lightning and overvoltages.

This surge protector is equipped with two light indicators to check the status of the passage of electrical current. To guarantee effective safety, it is equipped with child protection. It not only secures the devices, but also the users from possible direct electrocutions. A two-year warranty is offered with the purchase of this product.


protection of the internet box and phone line surge protection

child protection

2 year warranty

2 year warranty


< b class="wp-svg-close close"> single outlet available

My opinion on the outlet Infosec surge protector!

The Infosec Surge Protector 1 FR+2RJ45 socket is one of those devices used to secure an internet box and a telephone line against overvoltages. Its power and quality design ensure the safety of the connected device as well as the person using it.

If necessary, the manufacturer has provided a 2-year warranty years. If you don’t mind its single outlet, this surge protector is a good choice.

4 –

Eaton Protection Strip 4 FR – PS4F – 4 FR sockets

MGE O.P.S. – Protection Strip-…

Output Power Capability: Not available; Power output: Not available; AC Output Types: Not Available

The Eaton Protection Strip is one of the surge protectors that provides quality protection for household electrical devices. This has 4 three-pole connectors. It weighs 326 g for 5.2 x 26.4 x 4.2 cm of dimensions. Then it weighs 326 grams.

Regarding its design, this Protection Strip is built according to European CE standards. In terms of performance, this surge protector can withstand up to 13500 A of current.

As for the rise of voltages, it has a power of 525 joules. Its clipping power is 2500W. For convenience and enhanced safety, this surge protector comes with an on/off switch. It is also equipped with an indicator signaling the activation of the protection.


high power

Convenient and easy to use

integrated switch

securing plugged in electrical appliances

quality according to CE standard

quality according to CE standard

The Cons!

limited number of takes

My review on the Eaton MGE Protection Strip surge protector!

Thanks to this Protection Strip Surge Protector, I was able to plug in 4 electrical devices simultaneously with complete peace of mind. Indeed, the power of this surge protector allows it to protect electrical devices against voltage instabilities.

In addition, this device is very easy to use. It poses no problem in terms of securing my electrical network. From my experience, I can only recommend this surge protector despite its small downside.

Surge Protector Buying Guide

The short circuit is the second source of fire of electrical origin, after the electric arc. Vigilant, more and more households are opting for safe and reliable connections in order to best protect the whole family. This also explains the great success of surge protector strips.

Today, it is no longer uncommon to find different models of these multiple lightning protection sockets, offered by different brands. However, each product is not necessarily equal in terms of power, number of outlets, and other configurations. The purchase should not then be made by chance, it is essential to take into account a few parameters to find the best surge protector adapted to your needs.

Thinking of buying a surge protector? Follow this guide!

Why buy a surge-protector?

Surge protectors and surge protectors have the primary mission of protecting sensitive devices in the event of voltage peaks. These will not risk being damaged in this way.

But, in addition to preventing damage to the various equipment, a surge protector power strip can also filter the quality of the current to avoid any risk of short circuit. The device stops automatically as soon as it detects an unusual source of anomaly.

Surge protectors are a good choice to circumvent power surges caused by the power grid. With this equipment, you will be better prepared to deal with any occasional voltage peaks, or problems with voltage regulation of a transformer, or others.

For overvoltages of external origins such as lightning, it is better to turn to a surge protector. The latter will be the most suitable for these types of circumstances of use.

You are now on your way to choosing a good surge protector. However, with a whole range of surge protector outlets, you get confused. And you really have a hard time telling them apart. What’s more is that some surge protectors may also be referred to as “surge protectors”. It is therefore crucial not to confuse them.

Here are some clues that can point you in the right direction:

  • Installation:

Some surge arresters are placed directly on the electrical panel for better protection. Their structure will then be much more resistant, with a more suitable design. On the other hand, most surge protectors are available as outlets or power strips that can accommodate different outlets and adapters.

  • Markings and certifications:

Well beyond their different installation, the surge protector and the surge protector can have distinctive elements in terms of their certifications and markings. Very often, we can find the NF and/or CE markings but followed by different electrical standards. For a surge protector, the electrical standard in force is in particular NF C 15-100, which is equivalent to 16 Amps.


Granted, most people tend to install a surge protector just as a precaution against power surges. A very good idea to protect your various electrical and electronic devices. However, there are many cases where the installation of these surge protectors becomes mandatory.

In France, the density of lightning strikes is different from one region to another. And therefore, some cities are more exposed to lightning strikes. In this case, the installation of lightning and surge protectors becomes an obligation for all households. The electrical overload caused by the storm can also impact the quality of the current distributed at the level of the entire electrical installation at home. In this case, it remains prudent to use surge protector strips.

Be careful though, regardless of your region, if you have decided to install a lightning rod on your house, the installation of a lightning arrester automatically becomes mandatory.

Where to find the best surge-protector?

Faced with the sizeable missions assigned to a surge protector, it is absolutely out of the question to make a mistake when buying it. Finding the best surge protector power strip becomes crucial!

If you want to buy your surge protector, it is better to refer you to reliable sales sites. And nothing more reliable than the official sites of the brand. However, you can also turn to authorized resellers like Amazon, with fast delivery service. The products are tested and benefit from manufacturers’ guarantees with the possibility of return in the event of non-compliance of the delivery.

What is a surge arrester?

Most electrical devices plugged into an AC outlet are at risk of damage due to voltage instability.

The surge protector can be the bulwark. This is used to deal with sudden and major overvoltages occurring within a domestic and professional electrical network, or on a power outlet. Similar to a surge arrester, it is made up of varistors and gas spark gaps between phase and neutral, between phase and earth or even between neutral and earth. It prevents any overvoltage likely to occur when switching motors or other inductive elements. However, it does not cover overvoltage problems for 230 V appliances. It is available in multiple or single socket.

The surge protector is a device used to limit overvoltages affecting the electrical network. It is made up of varistors that maintain the voltage at a certain level. These are located between phase-neutral, phase-earth and neutral-earth. They remain stable when the network does not exceed the power limit threshold.

However, they clip the voltage in the event of an overload. If the voltage exceeds the clipping capacity of the varistor, the surge protector can be instantly damaged. It should be noted that this “varistor” index has a limited power in kW.

Before buying a surge protectorr, it is essential to test it. To do this, we start by checking the reliability of the brand. If it complies with European standards, the device will bear the CE mark. Thereafter, the status indicator should be examined to be sure that the device is working properly. In this sense, we will prefer surge protectors equipped with witnesses for more ergonomic use. Normally, this device has two indicators. The first indicates the presence of voltage. On the other hand, the second lights up only if the socket is not connected to the ground. Yet the earth connection is essential to secure an electrical connection. Indeed, if the current does not go to the earth, it can cause serious damage in the event of overvoltages.

In order to connect a surge protector, it is advisable to connect it to the ground terminal located on the side of the protected output. If the connected device is not to be connected to the ground, it must not be placed next to a metal mass or any other conductor in contact with the ground.

Thus, it must be ensured that the unprotected “input” network is separated from the protected “output” network. They must never be established on the same conduit.

Using a surge protector: Protecting against surges

Power surges are likely to plague electrical appliances, computers, appliances and more. The power supply for these electrical and electronic devices must be stable and precise.

Therefore, the surge protector is one of the appropriate tools to secure them from possible overvoltages.

The various functions of this regulation device make it possible to keep the electric current constant. Even if voltage instabilities occur, the terminals of the surge protector absorb these excess voltages. This ensures that the current flowing to the connected device remains stable.

Surge protector available in single outlet and multi-outlet

These days, there are one-outlet surge protectors. However, others have multiple outlets and USB ports. This plurality then makes it possible to protect, by connecting to the same device, several electronic devices, household appliances, computers and even telephone lines.

Note that if you have a single socket, there is no need to connect a power strip to protect several devices. The technical attributes of this type of surge protector are only valid for one device. If you need to connect and secure several devices, choose the power strip with surge protector.

Warranty of devices connected to the surge protector

Some surge protectors come with a manufacturer’s warranty. If yours ever shows signs of failure, its producer will have to repair or replace the equipment according to the terms of the warranty. So, store your purchase documents well if you want to make use of the guarantee in the event of a problem.

Also, it is advisable to choose good brand products to benefit from the warranty option.

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    Belkin 12-Outlet PivotPlug (affiliate link): https://amzn.to/3gWpydK
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    Surge protectors are designed to take the damage from unexpected spikes in electricity. So when lightning strikes a utility pole near your house, the surge protector takes the brunt of all that extra electricity instead of your TV, computers, gaming setup or whatever else you have plugged into an outlet.

    The best surge protectors that I’ve been using for the last few years are
    the Belkin 12 outlet PivotPlug, the Accell Powramid, and Tripp Lite TLP128TTUSBB.

    What’s the difference between a surge protector and power strip?

    Power strips look very similar to surge protectors — and some DO have basic surge protection — but you need to be careful because power strips can sometimes be erroneously labeled as surge protectors.

    So when you’re buying a surge protector, you definitely want to pay attention to the Joules rating. This is a measurement that indicates how much electricity a surge protector can absorb in a single event without failure. You want a rating of at least 1,000 joules.

    Here is a chapter-by-chapter breakdown so you can choose the best option for protecting a valuable PC, television and other valuable electronics around your home.

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    Here’s some liner notes on what to look for when you buying a surge protector:

    When you start shopping for surge protectors, you may notice that some advertise “lifetime insurance” of $150,000 to $300,000.

    I generally ignore this when I’m buying a surge protector because I’m just generally skeptical about what kind of hoops you would have to jump through in order to make a claim and collect a large sum of money from one of these companies.

    That ties in with my second point: Surge protectors do cost a little more than power strips. But you should only buy what you realistically need. Don’t go overboard.

    Buying a ninety dollar surge protector might make sense if you’re running an elaborate gaming PC that costs five grand. But it doesn’t make sense for an average home office. A $30 to $40 surge protector with a decent Joules rating will work out fine.

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