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What is a notebook?

What is a laptop?A dethroning, to date, living room computers.

A portable computer allows you to work, watch movies, play video games and also surf the Internet anywhere. Composed of a battery and a powerful processor, laptops to date, living room computers.

Slightly more expensive for the same performance, they are nonetheless the best choice for a use while on the go, whether professional or personal, offering total autonomy to their users.

The best apps that you can find on smartphones are also on the Internet and have the advantage of offering greater alternatives. The laptop is the preferred choice for all travelers who want to work or relax outdoors.

Information on the 7 biggest brands

  • Huawei
  • Lenovo
  • HP
  • Asus
  • Dell
  • Razer
  • Apple

World leader in the mobile telephony market, the Chinese manufacturer Huawei has established itself in the sector laptop computers. If it does not claim hundreds of models like Lenovo, it does offer two or three exceptional models, such as the MateBook, a direct competitor to the Apple MacBook. A must that once again places the Chinese manufacturer at the top of the hierarchy of manufacturers wishing to change the world of ultra-portability. If the Chinese brand is not yet a market leader, it is a safe bet that in the years to come, and if it continues its push forward, it will be found at the rank of world number one in laptops.

Thinkpad, IdeaPad, Legion, Lenovo is one of those manufacturers offering a complete range of laptops . And when some get lost in wanting too much to meet the public’s expectations without innovating, Lenovo hits the right mark every time: computers for powerful and fast gamers, computers for creative people, again with exceptional features, and laptops for the office automation adapted and easy to access. Their advantage? The price. Much cheaper than the competition, Lenovo stands out in the range, since the brand’s computers will be among the least on the market, in the different segments it addresses. A must.

Powerful leader HP always knows how to innovate. With the HP laptop Envy 13″ with extraordinary power, we will find there a leader in ultraportable. A must that unlike other brands will play the card of total luxury. Noble materials, borderless screens, we will be there on a very high level for a manufacturer who wishes to bring his personal touch to the world of laptops. Attention the price will be higher than many of its competitors and for good reason, we will pay here for the finishes which, let’s say it, remain exceptional.

Historical manufacturer, Asus has the advantage of being an innovative and avant-garde company. Depending on your profile and the intended use, you will have the choice among a wide range of Asus laptops, it will also be able to offer tactile hybrids with its panoply of Zenbooks . It will obviously be able to innovate with a whole bunch of super-powerful computers, but also very gadget-like, as will be the case with the Zenbook Pro Duo and its huge double touch screen. A UFO which will not however make its users pay the price. Asus remains affordable, especially for gamers with overpowered and quality machines, we will think of the ROG range which will satisfy more than one.

It is the leader undisputed value for money. And when specialists think of Dell and laptops, they necessarily think of its XPS 13 touchscreen or not. A model present 100% of the time and for a decade in the top 3 of the best laptops in the world. Powerful, cheap, stylish, and one of the only affordable PCs dedicated to video editing, the manufacturer demonstrates here how hard-hitting pays off. It will be given the title of best of all, as the quality-price ratio turns out to be exceptional, and this for a power that no manufacturer will be able to match, or with computers exceeding 3000 to 4000 euros.

It’s a brand that neophytes probably don’t know, though. With its new borderless models, its extraordinary power for a portable PC, Razer is aimed with its Blade range at gamers but also at creators. Powerful laptops, but also ultra light, which will make many people dizzy. Everything is pushed to the max, in what looks like a killer MSI or Asus Rog. The brand has the future ahead of it and is now gradually establishing itself as the new darling of gamers and creatives. And with its 13″ two-in-one, tactile model, we can only affirm it: Razer is setting itself up as the future of the laptop for professionals.

Impossible not to quote it. The world’s leading brand is once again establishing itself as a must. If the bugs, the heaviness of Windows will be filled thanks to its OS, it will also be necessary to be rational: Apple is expensive, very expensive, and reserved for a brand enthusiasts. Be that as it may, we can only reinforce them as the working environment remains exceptional. However, the price will also be exceptional, something that will not allow everyone to own a Mac powerful enough to do 4K video editing, for example. It will take more than 4000 euros to afford an Apple computer worthy of the name. Expensive compared to the competition.

How does a laptop work?

How does a laptop work?

Laptops are constantly evolving. If in the past we had to install drivers, make recurring updates, the sector has evolved. Everything will be automated, and we will lead to solutions increasingly dedicated to ultra portability, or even hybrids, we will speak here of 2-in-1 laptops which will be at the limit of touch pad while having a real keyboard.

In short, a small revolution that makes laptops a real asset for professionals or creatives.

This revolution is also spreading to the range of services and warranties applied to laptop computers.

We should also note that the size, the heating, the noise gaming computers have largely decreased. So many points that are pushing more and more French people to turn to mobiles rather than landlines.

Benefits & areas of application

The laptop has this big advantage of being, precisely, portable. Indeed, you can enjoy the Internet and your storage space anywhere, anytime.

Nothing could be easier then to show your work and relax in all places. Today, laptops have nothing to envy to living room computers which are hardly more powerful, especially since the appearance of increasingly sophisticated microprocessors. Finally, a laptop allows you to be autonomous, in your work or in your personal life and therefore on the move.

Nothing could be easier then to show your vacation photos or to keep busy during a long train journey. Autonomous, generally more than eight hours, it can be used in all places. Today, laptops have nothing to envy to living room computers which are hardly more powerful, especially since the appearance of increasingly sophisticated microprocessors. Finally, a laptop allows you to be autonomous, in your work or in your personal life and therefore on the move.

What types of laptops are there?

The classic laptop

Define a classic laptop?It remains in everyone’s mind, in every home. This is the entry-level laptop with moderate power. It will be used to browse the internet, to quickly play free online games, or to use social networks.

He stays in everyone’s mind, in every home. It’s moderate power. We will use it to browse the internet, to quickly play free online games, or even use social networks.

In short, a laptop for Mr. and Mrs. the world that will suit young and old alike.

The gaming laptop

Give types of laptops?It’s a very different kind of computer. Quite the opposite. Endowed with outstanding power, we will above all look for exceptional characteristics to run the latest games in ultra.

It is a type of computerThe opposite. Above all, we will be looking for exceptional features to run the latest games in ultra.

With the arrival of 4K, screens will also be accurate than magnificent, and the materials are often noble and resistant. These computers will be closer to fixed computers, because they are heavy, requiring a substantial power supply, but also noisier.

Nevertheless, brands like Razer in 2020 offer ultraportable solutions for gamers, in other words a revolution for video game fans who, a few years ago, had no solution unless 3kg ~ 4kg – rather very heavy for those who wish to travel with it.

The 2-in-1 or hybrid laptop

What types of laptops are there?These are the computers that will dethrone conventional computers. Powerful, thin, but above all located between the touch pad and the traditional computer.

These are the computers destined to dethrone conventional computers.but above all

Hybrid PCs stand out as PCs perfect for gamers, creatives, but above all Mr. and lady everyone, wanting lightness, and tactile flexibility at the same time. A must.

The ultraportable computer or ultrabook

Set ultraportable or ultrabook computer?This is THE new generation of computer. The ultrabooks are these computers in the line of MacBook air: thin, very thin, powerful, very powerful. They will often weigh less than 1.5kg. Will be made of noble materials, will have the power of PC gamers, and will sometimes even have touchscreens.

This is THE computer. Ultrabooks are those computers: thin, very thin, powerful, very powerful. They will often weigh less than 1.5kg. Will be made of noble materials, will have the power of PC gamers, and will sometimes even have touch screens.

Musts that will be aimed at professionals, nomads, digital travellers. The price will be at least twice that of conventional laptops: you will pay for both the power, and the finish, and the innovation. /p>

The detachable workstation laptop

They are the rarest. Portable, but ultra powerful, these computers will be aimed at professionals. Capable of tackle 3D, able to offer a touchscreen, but also a detachable tablet, these laptops are the technological elites PCs.

They are portable, but these computers will be aimed at professionals. Capable of, capable of, but also a, these laptops are the technological elite of PCs.

We will mention the Microsoft Surface Book 3, or again the HP Zbook x2, extraordinary powers, which will have the particularity of being able to detach their screen from the keyboard.

Warning, the price here will match the technology, never less than 3000€ often more than 4000€.

Here are the points to test for laptops

In order to define the laptop that will really suit you, you must take into account several criteria and make your own comparison.

How to rate laptop graphics?

The processor

Real heart of your machine, it gives a general idea of ​​the execution speed when you launch programs (Internet, software, etc.).

Often presented in GHz, it gives the trend. Of course, the higher the number, the better the execution speed.

The graphics card

Several manufacturers offer their own graphics cards, each with their own performance. If you don’t want to make games, the latter is of limited importance.

Indeed, most of the graphics cards you will find will be sufficient to watch a movie in good quality, no need to choose the best one.


Coupled with the processor, it is an integral part of a computer and also has an impact on the speed of execution of your programs. 4 GB of RAM is the minimum you can require in order not to be slowed down. Indeed, it is useless to have a powerful processor if the RAM is not able to quickly process the data generated.

The screen

Test laptop display?Depending on how you want to use your computer, make no mistake about the size of your screen.

Depending on how you want to use your computer, make no mistake about the size of your screen.

A screen too small is not suitable to watch movies, even less to play video games, but for business trips or office work, there’s no point in spending money on a too large screen and cumbersome.


Here again, depending on your use, it is important to compare the number of USB ports, the presence of an Ethernet output, an HDMI output, a microphone output, a webcam integrated, a player disk, etc.

This choice is up to you, but be aware that an HDMI output is necessary to connect your computer to a television or a video projector, and that too few USB ports can quickly be disabling (you connect a mouse, a hard drive and a speaker, for example).

The evaluation of some products

Dell XPS 13″

How to evaluate a Dell XPS 13" computer?The undisputed leader in the ultra-portable market, the Dell XPS 13 2020 stands out as a must-have for those who want power and comfort. With more than 91.5% of screen, we will appreciate its quality aesthetics. Embarking on a 10th generation Intel core, and having a autonomy of more than 12 hours we can only say it: it is once again the best ultraportable computer on the market.

The undisputed leader of the ultra-portable market, the Dell XPS 13 2020 stands out as a leader for those who want power and comfort. With more than 91.5% of screen, we will appreciate its Embarking one, and having a we can only say it: it is once again the best ultraportable computer on the market.

Its only flaw will perhaps be its webcam a little old school, as well as its design which will not please everyone, especially fans of Apple or Microsoft. A must all the same in its category.

Razer Blade Stealth 13

What is a Razer Blade Stealth 13 computer?Theatre of dreams, the Razer Blade Stealth stands out for its performance as one of the finest gaming computers in the world. With its 10th generation i7 processor, its Geforce GTX, and its thickness of 0.71 in. the Razer Stealth proves decisive in the category of ultrabooks where it wreaks havoc.

Future leader, we will note a price for the lowest which could make it inaccessible to many, this is one of its only faults. The touch version will probably not be aimed at gamers who prefer a non-touch screen but at the maximum of its capabilities.

In short, an essential for mobile gamers, but also creative people looking for power and finesse.

Huawei MateBook 14

Set Huawei MateBook 14 computer?With its exceptional autonomy, its power, but also its design in line with MacBooks, Huawei’s MateBook is positioned as a sacred competitor to many professional laptops.

With its sound, but also its MacBook line, the Huawei MateBook is positioned as a fierce competitor to a good number of professional laptops.

While it has all the qualities, its price will also be up to the task, as will its weight: less than 1000 euros for less than 1.53 kilos.

Nevertheless creatives will find a lack of power that will not lead to it being chosen for its qualities in games or in photo/video editing. Points that de facto make the Huawei MateBook less attractive for professionals who want power.

The advantages and disadvantages, the comparison based on tests and consumer opinions

The benefits:

  • Ergonomics and flexibility.
  • Power increased.
  • Noise today very low.
  • Heats less and less.
  • More and more beautiful finishes whatever the brands.
  • Very open price ranges: from €200 to over €5,000.
  • A global consideration of the user across several segments: hybrid, ultra portable, gamer, etc.
  • Simple and accessible computers.
  • An ability to make work a priority.
  • Enhanced durability.

Compare all these advantages to make the best possible choice when purchasing from a computer.

Cons :

  • Ranges too heterogeneous .
  • Products that do not always meet customer expectations.
  • Forced to pay dearly to find the necessary quality.
  • Workstations still too expensive.
  • A global problem for ecology: few recyclable materials.
  • Very fragile screens.
  • Recurring problems with humid environments.
  • Still cable and connectivity issues: it’s hard to find the perfect balance between size and connectivity.
  • Webcams frankly not at the level of what is done today in the smartphone sector for example.
  • Innovations cost way too much.

Compare your needs and different brands to choose the best one.

What should be considered when buying a laptop?

What should be considered when buying a laptop?First, you should check whether the brand is trusted, a comparison of its specializations will allow you to see things more clearly. It must offer after-sales service and be recognized by its peers. Also be careful with “discount” products, i.e. reconditioned.

First, you should check if the, a comparison of its specializations will allow you to see more clearly. It must offer an idea and be recognized by its peers. Also be careful with “discount” products, that is to say reconditioned products.

It is at your risk and peril, sometimes the customer returned the product because of a factory defect, sometimes it was simply an unsuitable gift. Its attractive price may hide a flaw.

Finally, make sure you don’t buy a laptop that is not suitable for your use, too expensive, not ergonomic, without the functions you were looking for (

Finally, make sure you don’t not buy a laptop that is not suitable for your use, too expensive, not ergonomic, without the functions you were looking for (numeric keyboard for example) or without CD drive. Do not hesitate to make the comparison before your purchase on several e-commerce sites.

The best alternatives to laptops

Give alternatives to laptops?The first remains the desktop computer, offering the same functionalities, less ease of transport but reliability in addition. Digital tablets and mobile phones, without exceeding the performance and practicality of a laptop, are a valuable alternative.

The first is the desktop computer, offering the same functionality, but less reliability, but more reliability. Digital tablets and mobile phones, without exceeding the performance and practicality of a laptop computer, are a valuable alternative.

These devices allow you to surf the Internet and play small video games, but also to take pictures and listen to music. Their storage capacity and their functionalities nevertheless remain below a laptop.

Finally, the home consoles now offer the possibility of going on the Internet and have sufficient storage capacity. They do not replace all the possibilities of a laptop but can be enough for a gamer who spends little time on the Internet or who does not use it as a work tool.

Internet or specialized trade, which to choose?

That’s the big question. On this aspect, we can only advise non-virtual shops. Indeed, shops will offer you a user experience that e-shops will not offer.

On the other hand, you will find much better offers in online shops than in brick and mortar shops.

Similarly, you will always have the desired model online. In short, the classic shops will allow you to test the product, but if you have already made your choice internet remains by far the best opportunity< /strong>: best price, and sometimes availability/exclusivity of products.

The best sites for the best choice


Which laptop to choose?

Everything will depend on your use: creative people will turn to PC gamers or workstations or even ultraportables, people who only want to surf the web will have enough with a classic laptop.

What makes the price of a laptop?

Its brand, but also its technical characteristics, a computer with a 1TB SSD, 16GB of RAM and an I7 10th will be much more expensive than a model with an HDD, 6GB of RAM, and a small I5.

I’m looking for speed, which computer should I choose?

Certainly those with an SSD hard drive and an i5 processor. The RAM will suffice from 8GB.

How can I be sure of my choice?

Simply by asking you if the chosen computer meets your needs. And for this reason find out about the characteristics and the target audience.

What is the use of a hybrid?

It allows you to have the most of a touch screen on a classic computer. This will be useful for browsing the web, social networks, or even signing documents online.

What do I need to use my laptop?

You’re welcome. Everything will usually be ready. Of course a Wi-Fi connection is highly recommended.

I want to find a PC to work at a low price, is it possible?

Totally, but you’ll have to give up on screen size or design. You won’t be able to claim a 15″ or a high quality brand like Apple for example.

What are the characteristics of a laptop for photo editing?

You will need at least an 8th gen i7 (or even an 8th gen i5). At least 16GB of RAM and an SSD of at least 128GB. The graphics card it will have to be a last generation Nvidia, depending on the type of work you want to do.

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