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    15 best hidden object games for android test your

    A mysterious phenomenon has occurred cleaning humanity from the world. Now it’s up to you to step up and save the day.

    The game looks promising with its exceptional locations and fantastic story. You can solve the mystery by finding hidden objects, meeting historical figures and exploring stunning scenes throughout the game.

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    With many different locations to find various items and numerous tasks, you will be able to play this game for a long time. Also, the developers are active, so expressing concerns and comments is not an issue.

    Are you tired of finding objects? Time Gap also comes with mini-games, including puzzles and bubble shooters.

    You can also play with your friends, participate in weekly tournaments and explore secret locations. With many tasks and challenges to complete, this game will keep you entertained for days to come.

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  • Escape the Ghost Town

    Hidden Object Games for Android - Escape The Ghost Town Logo

    The game has a pretty self-explanatory name. With the task of escaping the ghost town, you will need to use your wits and wits.

    There are many puzzles that you can solve and many hidden objects that you need to find in this quest. The game offers some great mysteries and can also be listed in the best puzzle games for Android.

    Hidden Object Games for Android - Find objects to escape the ghost town

    However, all is not well in the ghost town, full-screen pop-up ads haunt this great game. There’s also a ubiquitous ad placed at the bottom of the screen which is a bit distracting.

    If you can see past these flaws, there’s a great game lurking beneath all the ads. With lots of different locations to see, puzzles to challenge and mysteries to solve, it’s an excellent game to pass the time.

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  • Hidden Artifacts

    Hidden Object Games for Android - Hidden Artifacts logo

    This free hidden object game for Android comes with six separate cases, with many scenes of objects found in each of them. The art and style look great for an object locator game.

    Many hidden object games ask a real artist to draw a picture and then manually add the objects we need to find. While this may not be obvious to many people, those who have a keen eye for art will identify the objects.

    Hidden Artifacts: Hidden Object makes objects blend seamlessly into the scene, which makes it difficult for some people to locate some of the objects in the game. The game makes you an agent that is amazing in my books.

    However, the free game model lessens the impact that the game could have. After depleting your energy, you will need to wait for refills before you can play again.

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  • Peril of the Pearl

    Hidden Object Games for Android - Pearl's Peril logo

    Help and join Pearl Wallace in her quest to solve the mystery of her father’s death. Follow her as she travels to different locations around the world to discover the real killer and his evil plans.

    Use a keen eye and sharp mind to unlock the secrets as you explore different viewpoints and stunning locations. With its beautiful, hand-drawn scenes, you will enjoy this world of mystery and adventure.

    Hidden Object Games for Android - Pearl's Danger Scene

    That’s not all!

    Pearl’s peril also comes with Artemis Island, which is owned by the Wallace family. You can transform and decorate this place to your paradise within the game.

    Although you came here to find hidden objects, I’m sure you will go down in history. With adventure, romance and mystery intertwined in the story, I’m sure you won’t be bored by Pearl’s peril.

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  • Can You Escape – Tower

    Hidden Object Games for Android - Can You Escape Tower logo

    This isn’t exactly a perfect object finding game, as it’s more of a mix between two genres. However, there are some hidden object elements involved in the game, making it a perfect candidate for this list.

    There are different levels for the “Tower” included in the game, and you need to escape all of them.

    Hidden Object Games for Android - Can You Escape - Tower Scene

    The game presents hints in the form of a video that you watch. You’ll need to find the main objects to advance through the floors.

    There are 18 rooms available for you to enjoy right now. The developer promises more, but I wouldn’t wait for them.

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  • June Journey

    Hidden Object Games for Android - June Trip Logo

    Join June Parker on her quest to uncover a family secret. Like most hidden object games, you’ll have to solve the mysteries by finding items that can help you on your journey.

    With beautiful graphics and captivating stories, finding objects wouldn’t be monotonous compared to other games. Plus, like Pearl’s Peril, you can also customize your property and turn it into your paradise.

    Hidden Object Games for Android - June 1 Journey Scene

    Now, if you already know the latest story and want to play more, don’t worry! App developers release frequent updates with new scenes and content to play all the time.

    While you wait, you can still earn coins to decorate your island. The only thing that will keep you playing all day is the energy bar that depletes as you play.

    Hidden Object Games for Android - June 2 Journey Scene

    With stunning graphics, different types of gameplay and an exciting story, June’s Journey is perfect for fans of hidden object games.

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  • Escape Adventure: Murder Manor

    Hidden Object Games for Android - Adventure Escape: Murder Manor logo

    Imagine being invited to a grand mansion for dinner. Now imagine a guest being murdered during dinner.

    This setting is the exact premise of Adventure Escape: Murder Manor. The game proves you to solve the murder that took place in the mansion by… you guessed it, finding hidden objects!

    Hidden Object Games for Android - Adventure Escape: Murder Manor Scene

    The game has beautiful 2D graphics that bring out the strangeness of the property. There are nine chapters that you can play for free.

    You can also gather tools and items that will help you escape. One of the best things about this hidden object game for Android is how funny the story is.

    The game doesn’t take itself too seriously, which only adds to the charm of the game. Think of a dumb B-rated movie, and you’ll understand.

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  • The Secret Society

    Hidden Object Games for Android - The Secret Society logo

    Join the Secret Society to explore fascinating worlds, find treasures and unravel mysteries. When your Uncle Richard, an elite member of this group, suddenly disappears, they need your help to locate him.

    Go on an adventure across different worlds and search for hundreds of hidden objects while protecting the Order’s sacred Artifact. With over 6400 quests to complete, it’s going to be a long journey full of mystery, adventure and fun!

    Hidden Object Games for Android - The Secret Society Scene

    If that sounds scary, don’t worry, and you’ll find 86 different characters to help you on your journey! If you like different game elements, they have tons of minigames and puzzles built in throughout your quest.

    With your active developers and regular updates, you won’t have quests and content to complete. They also respond to comments and issues you may encounter.

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  • Mystery Manor

    Hidden Object Games for Android - Mystery Manor logo

    Mister X, the mysterious and elusive owner of Mystery Manor, has suddenly disappeared, leaving the villagers in confusion. Now it’s up to you, detective, to unlock the secrets of this beautiful place.

    With an immersive story and stunning graphics combined with hidden object gameplay, Mystery Manor deserves a spot on our list. With a unique story in each room, you’ll uncover a deep secret that could involve every character, including you.

    Android hidden object games - Mystery Manor Scene

    Isn’t that cool?

    Start your quest in a hallway, discover its puzzles, and work in other rooms to solve the problem. As you progress, you investigate strange crime scenes, find intriguing clues, and question different characters.

    The best part of this game is that you can play it offline. The only thing holding you back from playing all day is your energy resource, which depletes as you investigate different locations and rooms.

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  • Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure

    Hidden Object Games for Android - Hidden City logo

    Illusions of a city have appeared around the world. While his detective agency is investigating the mystery, a black smoke drags his friend to the mysterious city.

    Now it’s up to you to save him and solve the puzzles along the way. You must enter a strange place of magic, science, where bizarre creatures reside.

    Hidden Object Games for Android - Hidden City Scene

    Finish dangerous quests, explore different dungeons and fight monsters while unlocking the secrets of Shadow city while finding your friend. Meet different characters and collect various items as you travel to unknown locations to find hidden objects.

    The journey will not be simple, but with the help of your friends, you can solve the mysteries not as difficult as before. With regular updates, you never run out of content and events to play.

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  • Ravenhill

    Hidden Object Games for Android - Ravenhill logo

    Hello Seeker! The mysteries of Ravenhill are waiting for you to explore.

    The residents of an ancient flourishing city have suddenly disappeared, and it is unknown who or the culprit. Now, you must travel to Ravenhill to find answers about this baffling phenomenon.

    You must solve puzzles, explore mysteries and find hidden objects as you progress in your adventure. Engage and interact with various characters, complete captivating quests, and eventually prevent a catastrophe that will befall Ravenhill.

    You won’t be left empty-handed with every quest you complete with valuable rewards that will help you on your journey. With beautiful graphics, intriguing stories and puzzles available even when offline, you can play this free game anywhere, even without Wi-Fi.

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  • Candidate Notes

    Hidden Object Games for Android - Seeker's Notes logo

    Suddenly, you find yourself in the mysterious city of Darkwood, with no memory of what happened. Now, you must use your gift to find hidden objects to discover the secrets of this city surrounded by ghostly mist.

    As the Seeker, you must use your skills to find treasures, solve puzzles, complete quests and save the city from the curse. Along the way, you’ll meet interesting characters and see beautiful locations to find what you need on your journey.

    Hidden Object Games for Android - Annotator Scene

    Your quest to solve mysteries wouldn’t be as simple as a walk in the park. You’ll encounter gargoyles and other obstacles in your way, but with the perfect tools, completing your quests wouldn’t be that difficult.

    Overall, Seeker’s Notes is a fantastic mystery adventure game that will keep you entertained for many hours.

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  • Murder in the Alps

    Hidden Object Games for Android - Murder in the Alps logo

    Murder in the Alps is an interactive crime novel set in a beautiful hotel in the 1930s. When a series of strange events begins to unfold after one of the guests disappears, you’re ready to solve this mystery.

    Join Anna Myers, a hotel journalist, to uncover the secrets behind the unusual events. As the story unfolds, you must help her decide which of the other characters is responsible.

    Hidden Object Games for Android - Murder Scene in the Alps

    Along your journey, you will visit impressive locations, solve puzzles and interact with different characters. Can you uncover all the clues and solve the mystery before the killer catches you?

    Well, to find out, you’ll need to use your detective skills and a keen mind on your journey. With intriguing characters, beautiful settings, an engaging story and many unique achievements, Murder in the Alps will keep you on your toes!

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  • The Paranormal Society

    Hidden Object Games for Android - Paranormal Society logo

    Malevolent ghosts are invading Victorian London, and the government enlists the help of the Paranormal Society. By witnessing your husband’s soul join the ghosts, you’ve become the newest member of the group to find all the answers.

    While you are on your journey, you will explore various mansions, find different objects and solve perplexing puzzles. Along the way, you’ll use scientific tools and banish the evil spirits that try to stop you on your quest.

    Hidden Object Games for Android - Paranormal Society Scene

    With many beautiful locations, unforgettable characters and countless quests to complete, your adventure uncovering the mystery is not an easy one. This game will keep you entertained for hours, days or even weeks.

    Plus, with regular updates, you never have to worry about running out of quests to complete. While this game is free to play, you can also take advantage of optional in-game purchases so you can progress faster in your adventure.

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  • Alice in the Mirrors of Albion

    Hidden Object Games for Android - Alice in the Mirrors of Albion

    Are you familiar with Lewis Carol? Well, your works inspired this beautiful hidden object game that takes you to a different era of London.

    Join Alice as she solves challenging puzzles and unravels the mysteries of the glamorous world of Albion. Help her in her quest to thwart the Queen of Hearts and her plans.

    Hidden Object Games for Android - Alice in the Mirrors of Albion Scene

    Along your journey, you’ll need to find various items across different game modes and stunning locations in this Victorian-era London. You’ll meet many characters, heroes you’ve known since childhood and new and unique ones too.

    Use your detective skills to solve puzzles, defeat the crime lords of Albion, and discover things no one has seen before. If you’re looking for more content, you can take advantage of optional keys to locations and items in in-game purchases.

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