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Act I Place of Interest West of Wangshu Inn – Genshin Impact

Hosseini, a researcher, is currently struggling with his research. He has lost all his energy amplifier research samples and is asking for your help. This guide will help you to start Act I the Energy Amplifier Fruition.

Act I — Genshin Impact

You must be at least Adventurer rank 20 to begin the quest. To start the event, go to the event page. Use the Teleport Waypoint in Wangshu Inn to get to the Dihua Marsh.

You will find in the quest area. It is a small shack that has wooden tables around it. Hosseini can be found right next to the wooden shack. Talk to him, and he’ll ask you to visit three places close to the Wangshu Inn.

The first place of interest lies to the west of Minlin’s Dihua Marsh, Liyue . You can find the monster camp by using the teleport point near the area.

NOTE In all places of interest mutation stones exist and should not be destroyed as it can make your enemy more powerful, making them more dangerous and difficult to defeat.

To decrease your enemies’ strength, destroy the mutation stone in the enemy tent. will receive the rewards once you’re done.

The second area of interest is the ruins south. To reach the quest area, use the southwestern Minlin routepoint. The mutation stone can be found in the small shack on the right.

To reach the final place of interest, you can use the Minlin routepoint at Cuijue Slope after defeating all your enemies. The southern shack is where you will find the mutation stone.

After you’re done, you will have 80 Primogems as well as multiple talent-leveling materials.

Clear the Deceitful Dom if you wish to collect more Primogems!


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