The Santa Dog is no longer available. The Santa Dog was recently dismantled and reassembled in two parts. The Dalmatian, an extremely rare pet and Santa Hat, is also available. The Dalmatian was not available for purchase through normal means until then. The Dalmatian can be purchased only through trade today. This is why many people want to find out how much it’s worth.

What is a Dalmatian worth?

A Turtle is the most common trade for the Dalmatian. It is estimated that the Dalmatian, or Santa Dog, is worth around $1,200.

Other common trades that the Dalmatian can also be involved in are:

  • Golden Dragon
  • Skele Rex
  • Kangaroo
  • Frost Owl

We conclude that this pet is worth a lot because you can get so many for it. It is likely that its value will continue to grow as it is only owned by a few players and is becoming increasingly rare.

This pet cannot be obtained by normal means.

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