Amazon Fire Stick Stuck On Amazon Screen: Fix With These 5 Steps

You’ve definitely had your Amazon Fire Stick become stuck on the Amazon screen as you were trying to start a night of binge-watching and can’t seem to get it off. Don’t worry, just follow our step-by-step approach to resolving this vexing issue and getting back to your well-deserved screen time.
Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace. Amazon has invested in other profitable ventures in the technical sector during the course of its prosperous years. As a result, Amazon has risen to become one of the world’s top five technology businesses.

The Fire Stick TV is one such device that Amazon has launched to the market. A game-changing gadget that can transform any conventional TV into a smart TV. This technology is already fairly popular, but when Amazon released the Fire Stick TV, it changed binge viewing. Furthermore, many saved a lot of money by attempting to obtain a smart TV, which was rather pricey for a long time.
With all of its features, the Amazon Fire Stick, like other technologies, was not flawless, and one of its more regular issues was the Amazon Fire Stick becoming stuck on the Amazon screen while loading up a TV or device.

Why Does Amazon Fire Stick Get Stuck on the Amazon Screen?

Amazon Fire Stick Stuck On Amazon Screen: Fix With These 5 Steps

If you want to get rid of the Amazon stuck screen, you should first understand why it happens in the first place. Understanding the reason can help minimize the time it takes to repair the problem from hours to a few minutes at most. Hopefully, by the time you get to the conclusion of this guide, you’ll have gotten the hang of it.

Why is your Amazon Fire Stick stuck on the Amazon screen?

  • Power supply issue
  • Bugged recent update
  • Slow booting
  • Settings problem
  • Faulty HDMI port

The list may look daunting, but we’re here to get you through this step-by-step in the following section.

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1. Wait It Out

Person waiting on Amazon Stuck Screen

It’s sometimes a good idea to keep your Amazon Fire Stick on the Amazon screen for a few minutes. The Amazon Fire Stick can usually resolve any issues that arise, albeit this may take some time. The booting procedure throughout this process might take up to 25-30 minutes, according to the official Amazon customer service page.

If the screen is still frozen after half an hour, go to the next steps.

2. Check the Power Supply

Power Supply

The most typical reason for a stalled Amazon scree is a malfunctioning power source. A power outage might cause the device to freeze on the Amazon screen while booting up.

  • Examine and repair any loosely connected or disconnected power component.
  • If you’re powering your Amazon Fire Stick with a USB cord, consider connecting it directly to a power supply instead.

This issue can also arise when you utilize third-party equipment, since the device may fail to identify it owing to compatibility concerns. It’s preferable to utilize the Amazon Fire Stick’s included power cord. If the cable becomes lost or broken, try purchasing a replacement from Amazon’s official shop.

3. Restart Your TV

Waiting for amazon fire stick to restart

Restarting your TV is the most basic of troubleshooting mechanics, but it is also one of the most useful. A simple, undetected internal problem can easily lead your Amazon Fire Stick to become stuck on the Amazon screen, necessitating a reset of your TV.

Change HDMI port

HDMI port diplay for Amazon

The HDMI connector where you plug in your Amazon Fire Stick may fail, resulting in a frozen Amazon screen.

  • To test whether it works, try switching to a different HDMI port on your TV.
  • Dust might accumulate in your TV’s ports, causing connection issues. Clean your HDMI and USB ports before re-plugging your Amazon Fire Stick.
  • If you use an HDMI hub or splitter with your Amazon Fire Stick, consider connecting straight to your TV’s HDMI connection, as certain HDMI hubs might create power difficulties.
  • Multiple HDMI devices connected to your television might create interruptions and mistakes.
  • Remove all devices except your Amazon Fire Stick.

4. Cool your Amazon Fire Stick

Cooling down the amazon fire stick

Excessive usage can cause your Amazon Fire Stick to overheat, and like with other electrical gadgets, overheating can create serious functioning issues. Overheating can also occur as a result of limited ventilation and confined locations where it cannot naturally cool down.

Remove your Fire Stick from your TV and place it in front of a fan for a few minutes to cool down. Insert the HDMI port back into your TV when the metal on the port is cool enough to touch. You should now notice a speedier start up time.

Before reinserting your Amazon Fire Stick, make sure it’s in a well-ventilated area of the room, otherwise the problem may reoccur.

5. Reset Amazon Fire Stick

Because you can’t access anything other than the Amazon interface on your Amazon Fire Stick, fixing any software fault is likely difficult. You might be stopped on the Amazon screen due to a variety of software issues, such as a faulty update or a configuration.

The only method to resolve these internal issues is to do a hard reset using your Amazon Fire Stick controller. To accomplish this, first:

  1. Hold down the Right and Back keys at the same time.
  2. Hold them in place for at least 10 seconds.
  3. The screen will now display reset instructions; follow them to finish the reset.

Final Thoughts

It’s extremely probable that your gadget is now fully operational. We hope our guide was helpful in resolving your Amazon Fire Stick stuck on Amazon screen issue.