Amazon Prime Error code 5004: Simple Guide to fix the error

Are you receiving an Amazon Prime error code 5004 while attempting to sign in from a streaming device or a computer? Do you understand why you keep getting the problem message? Don’t worry, we’ve gathered all of the information you’ll need to resolve this problem.

Amazon Prime provides top-tier video entertainment services. You can watch the most recent TV episodes and on-demand movies, and there will never be a lack of entertainment to keep you engaged.

However, Amazon Prime Video members frequently get problem codes that appear on their displays. Let’s go through what the 5004 error code is and what you can do to get rid of it.

Amazon fire stick is stuck on Amazon screen.

What Does Amazon Error Code 5004 mean?

Amazon Prime Error code 5004: Simple Guide to fix the error

Many customers have reported receiving the following error notice while attempting to sign in to the Amazon Prime video server via their computer or streaming device.

“Unfortunately, we are unable to process your request.” Please try again later, or contact Amazon Customer Service at”

The authentication problem is represented by the code 5004 in the error message.

Why Do I Keep Getting An Error Message On Amazon Prime?

Why Do I Keep Getting An Error Message On Amazon Prime?

Before we go into how to solve this problem, it’s crucial to understand what’s causing the 5004 error number. Take a look at some of the possible reasons listed below.

  • You have a shaky internet connection or are experiencing network connectivity problems.
  • You are employing a VPN.
  • Your computer or network is protected by a firewall, which prevents you from signing in to Amazon Prime.
  • Amazon Prime is being blocked by security software.
  • You’re accessing Amazon Prime using a browser that’s loaded with cookies and junk data.
  • You are utilizing an out-of-date version of the Amazon Prime Video app.
  • A glitch has ruined the Amazon Prime app.

How Do I Fix Amazon Prime Video Error?

To fix the Amazon Prime Video Error code 5004, refer to the following troubleshooting methods.

Check Your Internet Connection Stability

An inconsistent internet connection is one of the most common reasons why you can’t login in to Amazon Prime Video. Minor network fluctuations and sluggish internet speeds cause your streaming device to lose connection to the Amazon Prime servers.

As a result, ensure that your internet connection is steady and fast. If your wireless network isn’t responding quickly, reset your router or contact your internet service provider to troubleshoot connectivity and speed difficulties.

Disable Proxy or VPN

Anonymity on the internet is beneficial for a variety of reasons. However, the applications and software you employ to remain anonymous by rerouting data and encrypting it can occasionally cause complications.

So, if you’re using a VPN or a proxy on your computer, turn it off before signing in to Amazon Prime.

Disable Firewall and Security Software

If you are attempting to sign in to Amazon Prime from your computer, you may be using an antivirus application or have adjusted your firewall settings in such a manner that you are unable to connect to the Amazon servers.

Firewalls and antivirus software can display static web pages but cause authentication issues on dynamic pages by banning specific domains. To resolve the problem code 5004, deactivate your firewall and antivirus software before attempting to sign in to Amazon Prime again.

Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

Websites set cookies on your computer or mobile device in order for them to load faster the next time you visit them. However, if these cookies get damaged, you may encounter login failures such as 5004 on Amazon Prime.

It is excellent practice to remove your browser cookies on a regular basis. To accomplish this with the Chrome browser, follow these steps:

  • Click on the three dots on the upper right corner and select more tools
  • Then go to Clear browsing data, hit on Clear, and restart the browser
  • Now sign in to Amazon Prime and verify that you don’t see the error

Reinstall Amazon Prime App

The Amazon Prime app may display the error code 5004 if you are streaming video from a device such as an Xbox, PS4, Apple TV, or Samsung TV.

The error occurs on these streaming devices as a result of a bug or issue with the Amazon Prime Video app itself. As a result, reinstalling the program with an updated copy of Amazon Prime on your streaming device is the best option.

Then, run the newly installed software to verify whether it resolves the problem code 5004.


It is quite inconvenient to receive Amazon Prime error number 5004 when attempting to view your favorite TV series or movies. However, you may resolve the issue by following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this tutorial. Before attempting any adjustments, start with the fundamentals and ensure that you are inputting the right username and password.