ASUS Chromebook CX9 vs Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 – review samsung chromebook 4

In this comparison we evaluate the potent ASUS Chromebook CX9 and the sleek Samsung Galaxy Chromebook two. Let the battle commence.

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Back in January, ASUS rocked the Chrome OS globe by announcing their upcoming hero device, the Chromebook CX9. Samsung also released an extremely premium sleek Chromebook earlier this year with the Galaxy Chromebook two. Each suppliers are clearly targeting the higher-finish Chromebook aficionados out there. It is a frequent misconception Chromebooks only come with standard specs and these two devices are ideal counterexamples.

The i3 models of the CX9 and Galaxy Chromebook two are also similarly priced. The Core i3 model of the Galaxy Chromebook two retails for $699, when the Core i3 model of the CX9 checks in at $749. Of course, the similarities do not quit there. Each devices function vibrant displays, lots of RAM and storage, as nicely as outstanding create high-quality. In this comparison, we’ll take a appear at the essential variations among these Chromebooks and see which device comes out on best in each and every category. We’ll talk about show high-quality, efficiency, battery life, and far more.

SpecificationASUS Chromebook CX9Samsung Galaxy Chromebook twoDimensions &amp Weight

  • 12.7″ x eight.1″ x .7″
  • two.five lbs
  • 12.0″ x eight.0″ x .55″
  • two.7 lbs


  • 14″ FHD NanoEdge (1920*1080)
  • 16:9, Glossy
  • 400nits
  • Touchscreen on $1149 model
  • 13.3″ FHD QLED Show (1920*1080)
  • MAX 1920 x 1080 @60Hz
  • 390nits
  • Touchscreen


  • Up to Intel Core i7-1165G7 Processor two.eight GHz
  • 12M Cache, up to four.7 GHz, four cores (Core i7)
  • Intel Iris Xe Graphics ($1149 model)
  • Intel Celeron 5205U (base model)
  • Intel Core i3 10110U ($149 upgrade)
  • Intel UHD graphics

RAM &amp Storage

  • 8GB or 16GB LPDDR4X RAM
  • 128 or 512 GB M.two NVMe PCIe three. SSD storage
  • 4GB or 8GB LPDDR3 RAM
  • 64 or 128GB eMMc storage

Battery &amp Charging

  • Up to 14 hours
  • 50WHrs, 3S1P, three-cell Li-ion
  • Up to ten hours
  • 45.five Wh (5920 mAh)


  • Titan C Safety Chip
  • Kensington lock slot
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

Front camera

  • 720p HD camera with privacy shutter
  • 1 MP camera

Globe-facing camera

  • None
  • None


  • HDMI two.0b
  • Audio Jack
  • USB three.two Gen two Kind-A
  • 2x Thunderbolt four supports show / energy delivery
  • micro SD slot
  • Audio Jack
  • two USB-C ports


  • Constructed-in array-speakers powered by Harman Kardon
  • two speakers x5 Watt Peak Energy with enclosure each and every


  • Wi-Fi six(802.11ax)+BT5. (Dual band) two*two
  • Bluetooth five.
  • Wi-Fi six(802.11ax)+BT5. (Dual band) two*two
  • Bluetooth four.

ApplicationChrome OSChrome OSOther Capabilities

  • MIL-STD-810H tested
  • USI pen assistance
  • LED NumberPad constructed-in
  • Comes in Fiesta Red and Mercury Gray
  • USI pen assistance
  • two-in-1 design and style

About this comparison: I personally personal the Core i7 model of the CX9 and the Core i3 model of the Galaxy Chromebook two. For this comparison I’m drawing on my personal experiences applying these two devices at residence and in the workplace. Maintain in thoughts when it comes to efficiency-distinct tasks, the Core i3 CX9 will be closer in benchmarks to the Galaxy Chromebook two. Create high-quality, keyboard comfort, show high-quality, and other elements aside from efficiency, are straight comparable on all models of each and every device. You can view the variations amongst diverse models of each and every Chromebook in the table above.

Design and style and create high-quality

ASUS Chromebook CX9 vs Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 – review samsung chromebook 4

Each of these Chromebooks have a premium appear and really feel. I personally enjoy Samsung’s design and style language all through their solution lineup. From smartphones to TVs to Chromebooks, Samsung knows how to make a thing that appears excellent and stands out. The Galaxy Chromebook two, specifically in Fiesta Red, is no exception. On the other hand, ASUS seriously stepped up their design and style game for the CX9. You can inform they place considerable believed into the packaging with the CX9.

Most Chromebooks, such as the Galaxy Chromebook two, come in a bland brown recyclable box, but the CX9 box is a bit larger. When I received the package in the mail, I was asking yourself what they had integrated to need such a massive box. As it turns out, the brown exterior box was just protection for the sleek navy blue solution box holding the CX9. You also get a separate smaller sized navy blue box, holding the charging brick and cable.

CX9 closed on desk

On the Galaxy Chromebook two, the aluminum chassis feels sturdy and substantial, and is a pleasure to carry about. There’s a thing about the really feel of cold metal that tends to make a plastic-bodied Chromebook really feel much less desirable. If you like to stand out in a crowd, the Fiesta Red colour on the Galaxy Chromebook two is a head-turner for confident. The red is so vibrant it appears almost orange in numerous pictures I took in the vibrant Arizona sun.

The CX9 official solution sheet calls the device colour Star Black, but it is rather clearly far more dark blue than black. Either way, it is a seriously exceptional colour to see on a Chromebook, just like the Fiesta Red for Samsung. Choosing up the CX9 for the initial time, it is just about shocking how light, but sturdy, the design and style seriously is. At below two.5lbs, this is 1 of the lighter 14 inch Chromebooks out there. But at the very same time, the rigidity of the chassis is unparalleled.

Galaxy Chromebook 2 closed on table

When each devices have nicely-constructed frames, the CX9 is the clear winner when it comes to rigidity. The Galaxy Chromebook two has some degree of flex to the chassis and if you hold it by a corner it can bend a bit as well substantially for my liking. You can choose up the CX9 by any side or corner and not really feel the slightest bit of flex. This is somewhat of an anomaly when it comes to Chromebooks, a thing that tends to make the CX9 stand out in my thoughts.

CX9 vs Galaxy Chromebook 2 right side view

1 of my favored tests when comparing laptops is the 1-hand open test. You know, can you open the lid with just 1 hand? It appears like a smaller issue, but it is a usability consideration you will knowledge every single day. However, with the Galaxy Chromebook two, you will need each hands to open the lid. The ASUS Chromebook CX9 fares a bit far better — you can open it with 1 hand, but you will need to lift the lid gradually to stay clear of lifting the light base off the table or desk. Provided the light frames on each and every laptop, these benefits are not that surprising.

CX9 vs Galaxy Chromebook 2 front side view

Yet another essential distinction is the two-in-1 functionality of the Galaxy Chromebook two. You can fold the keyboard back completely and use this device as a tablet. The CX9 screen basically lays flat with 180 degree rotation, but it cannot be folded absolutely back into a tablet kind aspect. This is seriously just a design and style distinction, so you have to determine whether or not you will need the two-in-1 functionality or not. I would guess element of the rigidity benefit for the CX9 is it does will need to adapt to tablet mode with a far more substantial hinge.

CX9 vs Galaxy Chromebook 2 left side

Moving along to out there ports. On the CX9, you get two Thunderbolt four ports, with energy delivery capability. A single HDMI three.0b port and a single USB three.two Gen two Kind-A port, as nicely as a three.5mm headphone jack. A Kensington lock slot rounds out the ports out there on the sides of the device. The Galaxy Chromebook two options two USB-C ports, microSD slot, and a three.5mm headphone jack. The CX9 has a clear connectivity benefit. The lack of an HDMI or USB-A port is a significant detractor for me on the Galaxy Chromebook two. Thunderbolt four is of course the highlight of the CX9, but that is far more of icing on the cake right here.

CX9 vs Galaxy Chromebook 2 back side view

All round, the CX9 has the far better create high-quality and port availability. When the Galaxy Chromebook two is a bit thinner, it is not rather as light and has a bit of flex. The create high-quality battle is close, but the CX9 seriously requires the lead on port availability alone. The forward-considering Thunderbolt four ports are amazing, but supplying up HDMI and USB-A as nicely is a larger deal for most shoppers.

Show and audio

Brightness on the CX9’s show is every single bit of the 400 nits advertised on the specs sheet. I wouldn’t be shocked if the panel gets more than 400 nits in outside situations. I utilized my CX9 outdoors for a quick when in the Arizona sun and had no difficulties viewing almost everything on my screen.

CX9 vs Galaxy Chromebook 2 displays

It was fairly hard to do substantial outside testing in the 115 degree heat, but I’m far more than happy with the brightness on this Chromebook. Placing it side-by-side with my Galaxy Chromebook two, the panels are at least equally vibrant. Provided Samsung’s reputation for exceptionally vibrant displays, ASUS seriously achieved a thing in this category. The CX9 honestly has a slight benefit which it comes to brightness, a thing that is a bit shocking.

The 13.3” QLED 1920 x 1080 is undoubtedly the standout element on the Galaxy Chromebook two. When you no longer get a 4K show like the original Galaxy Chromebook, the initial-ever complete-HD QLED show on a Chromebook is quite impressive. It also covers one hundred% DCl-P3 colour gamut, beneficial if you want to do light photo editing on your laptop. Streaming content material from Netflix and playing games on Stadia is an absolute joy on this Chromebook. Vibrant colors and impressive black levels bring to life illustrated content material on the web as nicely.

When you evaluate the devices for colour high-quality and black levels, this is exactly where the CX9 comes up a bit quick. To my eye, the Galaxy Chromebook two show appears far more attractive and has substantially deeper blacks. The CX9 also appears a bit fuzzy  or at least not as sharp, when compared to the Galaxy Chromebook two. Of course, when it comes to colour profiles, preferences differ. Nevertheless, I feel the show high-quality category (brightness aside) goes to Samsung in this battle.

Galaxy Chromebook 2 in tent mode

Aspect ratio is a different differentiator when comparing these displays. The CX9 has a pretty wide 16:9 aspect ratio, which I’m not a enormous fan of for productivity purposes. The slightly taller 16:ten aspect ratio on the Galaxy Chromebook two basically feels rather a bit far more spacious. If you edit a lot of documents or create for a living, this is a significant consideration when choosing a new laptop.

CX9 on table right view

Audio high-quality is pretty disappointing on each the CX9 and Galaxy Chromebook two. The speakers on the CX9 are touted as becoming tuned by Harman Kardon, but the sound output is pretty mediocre. They get the job carried out for watching Netflix or YouTube, but they do not get almost loud adequate for me.

Samsung boasts the “Smart amp audio” integrated in the Galaxy Chromebook two on their web page and promotional components, but it is challenging to appreciate the louder amp with such poor speaker positioning. All round, you will will need headphones for any significant audio sessions on either of these Chromebooks.

Keyboard and touchpad

If you are applying your Chromebook for operate, the keyboard and touchpad are two of the most vital elements. When writing my complete evaluations, I spent two weeks each and every with the CX9 and Galaxy Chromebook two as my primary operate laptop.

CX9 vs Galaxy Chromebook 2 keyboards

Most of my operate right here at XDA consists of composing articles, editing pictures, and interacting with group members by way of Slack and Asana. I utilized the CX9 and Galaxy Chromebook two for all of these tasks, but also did some light coding in Python/MATLAB and typesetting in LaTeX.

For a 13.3″ Chromebook, the keyboard on the Galaxy Chromebook two feels comparatively spacious. Important travel is rather shallow, but that is to be anticipated taking into consideration the thin and light physique. I was capable to kind accurately and swiftly on this keyboard.. Backlighting on the keyboard is pretty vibrant and even. I didn’t notice any substantial light bleed in my use. The black keycaps supply a amazing contrast to the red chassis, delivering a quite good hunting device when open as nicely.

CX9 NumberPad

The keyboard on the CX9 is merely phenomenal. Not only do the keys have the appropriate quantity of travel, you also do not really feel any mushiness due to the rigid nature of the frame. You can kind on this keyboard for hours with no finger fatigue. My typing knowledge was extremely speedy and precise. The NanoEdge design and style also lifts the keyboard up ever-so-slightly when you open the CX9. The appear of this is not a thing everybody enjoys, but I feel it offers a far more ergonomic typing knowledge. Backlighting is also outstanding, the darker keycaps present for good contrast and have outstanding visibility in the dark.

At the finish of the day, the CX9 keyboard is far more enjoyable to use for lengthy periods of time. I felt substantially far more comfy at the finish of a lengthy typing session on the CX9. The Galaxy Chromebook two is not undesirable, but it also is not a keyboard I would propose for these writing for numerous hours a day on a laptop.

CX9 vs Galaxy Chromebook 2 touchpads

I’m content to report the touchpad on the CX9 is equal to the keyboard in high-quality. This is 1 of the bigger glass touchpads out there on a Chromebook. The further actual estate tends to make UI navigation a breeze. If you get pleasure from a satisfying click and high-quality haptic feedback, the CX9 touchpad does not disappoint.

Galaxy Chromebook 2 touchpad

As for the touchpad on the Galaxy Chromebook two, it is just okay. Scrolling and gestures are fine, but the touchpad is a bit mushy on my unit when it comes to clicks. Possibly this is just undesirable luck, but I’m also spoiled from applying the Pixelbook Go and MacBook Pro touchpads for rather a lengthy time. In addition, the touchpad appears a bit smaller for every day use.

If the Galaxy Chromebook two is your standard operate machine, I would propose grabbing an external mouse or trackpad for confident. Samsung also removed the fingerprint sensor in their second generation device, a different bonus function positioned just under the keyboard on the ASUS Chromebook CX9.

Overall performance and battery life

The efficiency on the Galaxy Chromebook two is at least partially impacted by which model you purchase. On the low finish, the Celeron model with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage is probably not perfect for handling higher-finish tasks like video editing. On the other hand, the Core i3 model I’m applying has been pretty impressive at handling almost everything I throw at it.

With the Galaxy Chromebook two I ran numerous demanding Linux apps like GIMP, MATLAB, and Kdenlive. Standard photo and video editing are seamless. Fans hardly ever kick in, and had been only audible when I was exporting 4K video in Kdenlive or operating a demanding script in MATLAB. Navigating about the UI is of course almost flawless on Chrome OS. No lag in laptop or tablet mode and all of the numerous tent modes function as you would count on.

CX9 open on table zoomed in

Day to day efficiency on the CX9 is stellar, which you’d count on with the Tiger Lake i7 and 16GB of RAM. Operating Android and Linux apps is buttery smooth on this device. I even ran quite intensive Linux apps like MATLAB with totally no difficulties. The fans do kick in sometimes if you are carrying out a massive quantity of resource-heavy stuff in Linux and have about 50 Chrome tabs open, but that is pretty affordable in my opinion. Even so, the fans had been never ever extremely loud in any of my usage the previous two weeks.

I spent rather a bit of time playing numerous Android games, Stadia, and Minecraft, hoping to test the gaming limits on the CX9 as nicely. Possibly unsurprisingly, I never ever hit a wall with the CX9. No dropped frames, no lag, no difficulties whatsoever. The accurate possible of the Iris Xe graphics inside will come to fruition when Borealis brings official Steam assistance to Chrome OS later this year. Till then, if you purchase a CX9, you can take solace in the reality this is the initial Chromebook intentionally constructed for gaming applications.

Galaxy Chromebook 2 with XDA page open

Maintain in thoughts that benchmarks heavily favor the CX9 in my comparison, with a substantially beefier Tiger Lake Core i7 vs the 10th generation Core i3 in the Galaxy Chromebook two in the machines I personally personal. The Core i3 model of the CX9 is a bit closer competitor to the Galaxy Chromebook two in this location, but I do not have an i3 model of the CX9 on hand to test. These benchmarks also most likely do not imply as well substantially to customers just operating a bunch of Chrome tabs or composing documents. On the other hand, if you want to do a lot of computing in Linux on your Chromebook or ultimately play Steam games with Borealis, the $1,149 model of the CX9 is the specific winner.

Each Chromebooks have pretty related battery life in practice. ASUS claims 14 hours on the CX9 and Samsung promotes 13 hours on the Galaxy Chromebook two. Neither of these estimates are even close. You can safely count on about 7-eight hours of every day use if you open a massive quantity of Chrome tabs and operate in other standard productivity apps. With far more demanding gaming or Linux computing with Kdenlive, I was capable to get about four-five hours on each of these machines. The battery efficiency is pretty middle of the road, nothing at all to get excited or upset about in this category.

Sophisticated options

When it comes to bonus options, the CX9 has a clear benefit. In addition to the aforementioned fingerprint scanner under the keyboard, you also get a constructed-in LED NumberPad, webcam privacy shield, not to mention Iris Xe graphics inside.

All of these things operate flawlessly. The fingerprint scanner is quite speedy, just as you’d count on. It is quite good to have a fingerprint login selection — every single premium Chromebook really should have biometric safety. The removal of the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy Chromebook two (coming from the original Galaxy Chromebook) was a disappointment to me.

CX9 laying flat on desk

Let’s talk about possibly the most exceptional function of the CX9, the constructed-in LED NumberPad. This was a significant promoting point for me, given that I do rather a bit of quantity crunching in my academic day job. It is extremely practical to have a committed NumberPad, in such a compact kind aspect. The activation of the backlighting is also seamless. You can also use the touchpad itself for clicking about when carrying out spreadsheet operate with the NumberPad. I applaud ASUS for innovation and bringing a function numerous energy customers will need to a Chromebook.

Galaxy Chromebook 2 in tablet mode

1 location the Galaxy Chromebook two does excel at is note-taking. The two-in-1 design and style is substantially far more accommodating when taking notes with a USI pen, supported by each of these Chromebooks on the far more high-priced models. It is difficult taking notes on the CX9 device. The CX9 is not a two-in-1 convertible, but it does lay flat thanks to the hinge design and style. It is nevertheless not an perfect writing knowledge although. The keyboard can get in the way of resting your palm when taking significant notes.

Conclusion: Which Chromebook really should you purchase?

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook two is by far the ideal Samsung Chromebook out there. There’s also no doubt the CX9 is the ideal ASUS has to supply. Each Chromebooks have some ideal-in-class options. The show on the Galaxy Chromebook two is a winner for me. Not only does it appear far better, the 16:ten aspect ratio lends itself to much easier use for operate or college applications.

Galaxy Chromebook two


Galaxy Chromebook 2

    With the Galaxy Chromebook two, Samsung removed a handful of premium options but also drastically lowered the cost. As the initial Chromebook with a QLED show, this machine nevertheless packs lots of energy and style for most customers.

View at Samsung


Aside from the show, the CX9 is the winner in numerous other essential categories. Not only do you get newer Intel chips inside, you also get a far more tough design and style, quicker SSD storage, superior keyboard, and a substantially far more spacious trackpad. Certainly, the CX9 also has a quantity of sophisticated options not located on the Galaxy Chromebook two. The higher-finish i7 model of the CX9 is future-proof as well, as we prepare for the future of Steam gaming on Chrome OS.

ASUS Chromebook CX9


ASUS Chromebook CX9

    The ASUS Chromebook CX9 is the ideal all round Chromebook you can purchase now. With an amazingly light and sturdy create, impressive specs, and various sophisticated options. If you want a Chromebook for significant operate or play, the CX9 delivers.

View at ASUS


Each of these devices are outstanding selections and the Core i3 models of each and every really should be lots for most customers. I would propose the Galaxy Chromebook two if you watch a lot of media on your Chromebook and use it mainly for content material consumption and light productivity. If you strategy to produce content material, use your Chromebook as a principal operate device, or want to do some significant gaming, opt for the ASUS Chromebook CX9.


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