Discover the selection in the form of a comparison of the best tower gaming PCs mounted or complete to choose your gaming computer.

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Here we are! You’re about to fall in love with your next built gaming PC. And there, the choice must be strategic. You can trust the various reviews on the web that praise the performance of this or that fixed gaming PC, however, only success is law. This is why I invite you to discover the best PC gamers still in progress this year according to the number of sales and the opinions of the players themselves on the performance of their machine after testing their new bike.

Find below,’s selection of the best PC gamers to choose from that can be found both in stores and in online stores with all their characteristics and/or their strengths and advantages. A little advice for a pc that will still be efficient for a few years: still prefer i7 processors with 16gb of ram to have a config that holds up to enjoy the latest video games (open world type for example) with an optimal setting (especially for the display of textures), and this for a long time (at least 2 or 3 years).

The best tower gaming PCs according to players’ opinions

Here is the selection of the most efficient desktop gaming PCs of the moment thanks to configurations and a very interesting assembly in PC towers! (Do not hesitate to come back to this page because it is often updated). Discover the comparison of the year in the form of top 10 according to the players themselves. Enough to quickly see the machines most appreciated by gamers so as not to be mistaken in your choice. We start with a very powerful gaming PC!

Top n°1

Corsair One gaming PC

I offer you the ultimate in first place. With a price that also goes hand in hand with the quality of the configuration.

The Corsair One is a gaming PC that was built from the ground up with one goal in mind: to offer gamers the best possible performance. This system starts with an 8-core Ryzen 9 3950X processor running at 3.5 GHz, and a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card powered by GDDR6 memory for a smooth experience in all the games you play. This machine is also equipped with 32 GB of DDR4 RAM and 2 TB of hard disk space so that you can save all your games there!

corsair gaming pc gamer corsair i7 pc gamer corsair pas cher corsair gaming laptop pc gamer cheap corsair one

ProcessorRyzen 9 3950X 11 GB clocked at 3.5 GhzGraphicsNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GDDR6RAMCorsair 32 GBHard disk capacity2 TB

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Top #2< /p>

Tower PC gamer with AMD Ryzen processor, 16GB in DDR4 M egaport

16 GB is the union minimum today to run games, but it is more than enough to run them properly with a very good GeForce GTX1050Ti graphics card . Good value for money for average budgets.

The Ryzen 5 3500X 6x 3.6 GHz is a CPU monster. It’s AMD’s fastest processor to date and beats Intel in single and multi-core performance tests. The 16GB of DDR4 RAM easily handles your multitasking needs, while the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card can handle 4K UHD resolution games at maximum settings without breaking a sweat. This PC gaming tower comes with 32GB of Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB memory that will give you all the speed you need for any game or application!

best tower megaportProcessorAMD Ryzen 5 3500X 6x 3.6 GHzMemory16 GB DDR4 3000 MHzStorage2 TB Toshiba hard driveGraphics cardNvidia GeForce RTX 3060 12 GB GDDR6Power supply650 WattTower
gaming HunterWarranty2 ans

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Top n°3

Megaport: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Gaming PC Tower with 240 GB SSD

A super SSD to run games like clockwork sets this mid-range PC apart from the others if you want to put fluidity in the spotlight.

The Megaport is u A powerful and well-equipped AMD Ryzen 5 2600 tower PC with a 240 GB SSD. It is perfect for gaming and offers features such as an NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060 6Gb DDR5 Tower gaming Hunter RGB graphics card, a 24-month warranty and Windows 10 – 64 Bit French.

best tower pc gaming megaportProcessor6-Core AMD Ryzen 5 2600 6 x 3.4GHzMemory16 GB DDR4-DDR 2400 MHzStorageHard disk 1 TB Toshiba 240 GB SSD High PerformanceMotherboardMSI A320M PROWindows10 – 64 Bit FrenchUSB3.0 WiFiGraphic cardNVIDIA GeForce GTX1060 6GB DDR5 Tour gaming Hunter RGBWarranty24 months

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Top n°4

We continue with high-end gaming towers with a PC equipped with a core i-9, an ultra-powerful graphics card, the price of gaming PCs often being justified by it.

This PC gaming tower is a perfect choice for any gamer. The AMD Ryzen 3000 Series 8-Core Intel Core i9-9900KF 8x 3.60Ghz (max 5.00Ghz) processor will have you dominating the battlefield in any game you play! This machine is also very powerful when it comes to graphics cards – Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080Ti 11GB! It also has an impressive 3TB hard drive and a 1TB Samsung 970 Evo M.2 PCIe x4 (Solid State Drive) SSD. If that’s not enough, it also includes 32GB 3000Mhz DDR4 RAM.

best tower pc gamer sedatechProcessorAMD Ryzen 3000 Serie 8-Core processor Intel Core i9-9900KF 8x 3.60Ghz (max 5.00Ghz)Graphics cardNvidia Geforce RTX 2080Ti 11GBHard disk3TB, 1TB Samsung 970 Evo SSD M.2 PCIe x4 (Solid State Drive)Memory32GB DDR4 3000Mhz RAMDoes not contain
screen, keyboard or mouse
Power supply80+ 650WMotherboardAsus TUF X299 Mark 2 with USB 3.1 , HDMI 2.0, Full HD 1080p, DirectX 12Delivered withWindows 10 Home 64 bit ENWarranty2 years manufacturer (parts and labor)

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Top #5

Always high-end, I offer this tower mounted with a 64 gigabyte ram memory. Such a memory allows you to launch several tasks at the same time such as live software if you want to stream on Twitch or on Youtube.

The Sedatech Intel i9 Pro Gamer PC is a high-end desktop computer capable of run the latest games at maximum settings. With a 10-core Intel Core i9 processor, 64GB of DDR4 SDRAM and a 3TB hard drive, this machine will see you through for years. You can even store your games there thanks to its Samsung 970 Evo M.2 SSD! This PC is also equipped with a GTX 3090 graphics card and an MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge Wifi motherboard with USB 3.1 ports. If you’re looking for the best gaming PC, then look no further than the Sedatech Intel i9 Pro Gamer PC!

pc gamer pro sedatech en tourProcesseur10-Core Intel Core i9-10850K 10x 3.60Ghz (max 5,20Ghz)Mémoire Ram64 Go DDR4 SDRAMDisque dur3 To, 1 To Samsung 970 Evo SSD M.2 PCIe x4 (Solid State Drive)Carte graphiqueGeforce RTX 3090 24GoCarte mèreMSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge Wifi avec USB 3.1Windows 10installéCaractéristiquesHDMI 2.0, Full HD 1080p, DirectX 12Garantie2 ans

Voir le produit

Les 3 meilleures ventes


Megaport PC Gamer Luxury • Intel Core i7-12700F 12-Coeurs jusqu’à 4,80GHz Turbo • Windows 11…2

BEASTCOM Q3 | Essential Gaming PC | 12 cœurs Gamer | AMD Ryzen 3 3200G 4X 4,00 GHz | 4K Vega 8…3

Megaport PC Gamer Falcon • AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6X 3,60GHz • Windows 11 • Nvidia GeForce RTX3060…

Le guide d’achat de la tour gamer

tour pc gamer pas cher pc gamer complet pc gamer fixe pc gamer prix

Vous avez envie d’acheter un PC gamer monté avec la meilleure config ? Et pourquoi ne pas vous laisser tenter à acheter du meilleur ! L’avantage d’acheter une tour pc gamer seule, c’est aussi s’assurer que les performances ne seront concentrées que sur elle. Carte graphique gamer, processeurs et mémoire ram, alimentation silencieuse sont les composants généralement intégrés à la tour pour vous assurer de très bonnes performances. A vous de choisir vers quel ordinateur de bureau votre budget vous permet-il de vous tourner.

Le prix et la configuration de l’ordinateur

rapport qualité prix pc gamer pas cher pc gaming haut de gammeUn détail qui fait toute la différence lors du choix d’un ordinateur de bureau orienté gaming est bien évidemment son prix. Pour une machine intéressante et pas chère, comptez au minimum environ 600€, mais gardez bien à l’esprit que l’informatique est la thématique absolue de l’obsolescence ! C’est pourquoi investir un peu plus est aussi gage d’avoir une machine tenant la route avec de bonnes performances pendant plusieurs années. La fluidité d’un jeu, le framerate, le fps tendent à toujours s’améliorer du coté des jeux vidéo, il faut pour cela que votre ordinateur suive en permettant de pouvoir faire tourner les derniers jeux vidéo triple A. Un exemple avec le processeur : la dernière génération de core i5 fait encore le taf mais le i9 répond mieux aux exigences des nouveaux jeux, ne laissez donc rien au hasard et faites des économies plutôt dans l’esthétique (le choix d’un

Un détail qui fait toute la différence lors du choix d’un ordinateur de bureau orienté gaming est bien évidemment son prix. Pour une machine intéressante et pas chère, comptez au minimum environ 600€, mais gardez bien à l’esprit que l’informatique est la thématique absolue de l’obsolescence ! C’est pourquoi investir un peu plus est aussi gage d’avoir une machine tenant la route avec de bonnes performances pendant plusieurs années. La fluidité d’un jeu, le framerate, le fps tendent à toujours s’améliorer du coté des jeux vidéo, il faut pour cela que votre ordinateur suive en permettant de pouvoir faire tourner les derniers jeux vidéo triple A. Un exemple avec le processeur : la dernière génération de core i5 fait encore le taf mais le i9 répond mieux aux exigences des nouveaux jeux, ne laissez donc rien au hasard et faites des économies plutôt dans l’esthétique (le choix d’un boîtier PC sobre par exemple fera très bien l’affaire et ne diminuera pas les performances). Un PC gamer pas cher est donc (si c’est possible) à proscrire si vous souhaitez investir sur le moyen terme (environ 5 ans).

Voila également une vidéo de montage d’un PC, pour vous montrer toutes les étapes (que vous n’aurez pas à faire en achetant une tour PC gamer).

Les PC gamer fixes par marque

Si vous êtes tenté à acheter une tour gamer mais de pouvoir également compter sur une marque reconnue, voici les sélections de PC fixes par fabricant par Game over.

Sans oublier les écrans gamer qui ne sont pas à négliger, tant leur importance est capitale pour bien profiter des performances graphiques offertes par la tour.

Hoping that you have found the central unit that suits you in this top 10, I wish you good games on your new gaming pc. And do not hesitate to come back to this article to discover the frequent updates of the site. If you are interested in complete gaming PCs (tower, screen, keyboard and mouse), do not hesitate to continue reading this article, you will be able to discover the best ones according to the players.

Good to know : When looking for a gaming pc in the form of a tower, you can also find it under the term desktop computer (although I admit that this term is less desirable).

  • You want to throw yourself into the world of PC gaming but not just anyhow?
  • You don’t have time to learn how to build a PC or buy hardware piece by piece?< /li>

You’ve come to the right place because below, I’ve listed the best gaming PC packs to save you time.

best fixed pc gamer pack kit pc gamer setup pc gamer

First you have to know what a complete gaming PC is. It is offered in a pack that includes the tower, the screen, the keyboard and the mouse, what is called all-in-one or pack, unlike a PC gamer tower alone where as its name l indicates, you are buying the tower only. All-in-one therefore, which will allow you to play quickly and go straight to the point by grouping all the purchases in one.

  • A PC in tower
  • A screen
  • A keyboard
  • A mouse

This is what a complete gaming PC is or “pack”, nothing more, nothing less.

So below, I have selected for you the best desktop gaming PC packs in terms of performance and price. For small budgets, I started with the cheap packs so that you can have a mounted machine that will give you satisfaction, a safe bet in short. And for the wealthiest gamers, I have chosen to introduce you to high-end packs that will return the investment you will have made over a much longer period of time.

We start with the cheap gamer pc pack for the most economical among you. Don’t worry, you’ll have a lot of fun.

Selection and ranking of the best cheap complete gaming computer

We obviously start this selection in the form of a classification with the cheap gaming computer packs (because we don’t buy on the Internet for nothing). You might as well find an efficient machine at a lower cost. ^^

Top n°1

Super mega pack Megaport, gaming PC with 24-inch screen, keyboard and mouse, 8go of RAM

This is an amazing gaming PC with a 24 inch screen, keyboard and mouse, 8GB of RAM. It is equipped with the AMD Athlon 3000G 2 x 3500 MHz processor with an integrated AMD Radeon Vega 3 graphics chip. Windows 10 operating system installed on a 1TB 6Gb/s hard drive. Comes with keyboard + mouse and 24 month warranty!

best complete megaport gaming pcAMD Athlon 3000G 2 x 3500 MHz processor with integrated AMD Radeon Vega 3 graphics chipWindows10 , DirectX 12 UltimateMemory8 GB DDR4-SDRAM 2400 MHzStorage1 TB 6Gb/s hard drive24-inch Full HD LED screenDelivered withKeyboard + mouseWarranty24 months

See product

Top n°2

CeO-Tech Omicron V1 Complete gaming PC – Athlon 3000G 3.50 MHz, 16GB DDR4 24″ LED screen, keyboard + mouse + Speaker

A CeO-Tech PC is a complete gaming machine that will give you the power and performance you need to tackle any game The 3.50 MHz Athlon 3000G processor can be overclocked for those who want to push their computer even further, while maintaining stability and reliability at all times. This powerful combination of hardware will allow you to enjoy your games in full HD resolution without any lag or frame rate issues!

ProcessorAMD Athlon 3000G 3.50 MHz (Possibility of overclocking)MemoryDDR4 16GB 2666 MHzGraphics cardRadeon Vega 3Hard diskSSD 240GBWindows10 – 64-bit FrenchWarranty24 months

See product< /span>

Top n°3

Complete gaming computer AMD Ryzen 5 3600 with 24-inch screen, keyboard and mouse, GeForce GTX1060 6GB graphics card, 16GB RAM

The complete AMD Ryzen 5 3600 gaming computer is a very powerful machine. This machine was designed for gamers, and has a 24-inch screen with keyboard and mouse included. If you are looking for the best possible gaming experience, this is the perfect solution! With its 6-core processor clocked at 4.2 GHz in turbo mode, its 16 GB RAM memory, its 1 TB Toshiba SSD storage and its NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060 graphics card with 6 GB of DDR5 Tower gaming Hunter RGB, its 24 inches comes with a keyboard and mouse, then this is the perfect purchase for you!

complete megaport packProcessorAMD Ryzen 5 3600 6 x 3.6GHz 6-Core clocked at 4.20 GHz in Turbo mode)Memory16 GB DDR4-DDRStorage1 TB hard drive Toshiba 240 GB SSDGraphics cardNVIDIA GeForce GTX1060 6 GB DDR5 Hunter RGB gaming towerDimensions24-inch screenDelivered withKeyboard and mouseWarranty24 months

See the product

We are now moving on to the mid-range, an in-between that will allow you to take full advantage of a complete gamer set that holds up and will give you great satisfaction for quite a while. For high-end PCs, it is still better to build or have a gaming PC built adapted to your needs.

The best mid-range complete gaming PCs

Top n°1

The Sedatech Gamer PC bundle with 24″ screen, keyboard and mouse, 16 GB DDR4 RAM, 8 GB Geforce GTX 1070 graphics card is perfect for gamers who want the best of both worlds. With an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6x 3.60GHz 6-core processor, 1TB Toshiba HDD and 240GB SSD, you’ll be sure to have enough space for all your games. The Nvidia GeForce GTX1660 Super 6GB GDDR6 graphics card is perfect for playing high-quality video games without having to spend too much money on a system that can handle them – so what are you waiting for?

complete gaming computerProcessor6-Core AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6x 3.60 GHzMemory16 GB DDR4-DDR 2400 MHzHard disk1 TB ToshibaSSD240 GBMotherboardBrand A320MWindows10 / USB3.0 / WiFiGraphics cardNvidia GeForce GTX1660 Super 6GB GDDR6 24-inch Full HD LED screen Delivered with Gaming keyboard and mouse Warranty 24 months

See the product

Top n°2

< /span>

VIBOX Oblivion Pack 23, core i7 processor, 21.5″ screen, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3 GB graphics card, Corsair case, keyboard + mouse

VIBOX Oblivion Pack 23 is a gaming PC that has been specially designed for high-end gamers. It comes with an Intel i7 7700 Quad 4-Core (8-core) Kabylake 1151 processor, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 Pascal 3GB GDDR5 RAM graphics card, 16GB of DDR4 2133MHz memory and a 1000GB hard drive. This PC also includes a 21.5-inch screen, keyboard and mouse along with other hardware accessories such as the Corsair case, power supply and motherboard. Ever wanted to play games on your computer but didn’t want to spend hours building it? Well now you can get this VIBOX Oblivion Pack 23 Gaming PC at a discounted price!

best pc gamer complete viboxProcessorIntel i7 7700 Quad 4-Core (8 cores) Kabylake 1151 CPUGraphics cardNvidia GeForce GTX 1060 Pascal (3 GB GDDR5 RAM / 1x HDMI 2.0 / 2x DisplayPort 1.4 / 1x DVI-D Dual-Link Ports)Memory16GB DDR4 2133MHzStorageHard Disk & RAM: -1000 GB (1 TB) Hard Disk (SATA-III 6.0 Gbit/s / 7200rpm) 21.5 inch screen Comes with Keyboard and mouse

See product

The advantages

The difference with the other models is that you have all of what you need to play directly.

No need to buy all your equipment separately, a complete gaming pc kit is the ideal offer for people who want to update their gaming set up or start with a PC specially designed for video games without taking the lead.

The disadvantages

The major disadvantage is that obviously a PC pack is more expensive because it includes additional accessories and for some PC models, you can’t make your own config. rso.

The criteria to take into account for the purchase of ‘a PC gamer pack

In order to make the best choice, you must identify and compare certain components of the PC gamer pack with each other just like for other mini type computers PC or laptop, the components that make up the tower as well as the quality of the keyboard and the screen must be compared carefully.

Let’s start with the processor

Processor for video games

processor must be selected carefully depending on the graphics card and, of course, the motherboard. It would be a shame to clog the processor because the graphics card is not powerful enough.

Choosing a processor is difficult in the first place because there are different sockets and chipsets. Always keep in mind that for video games, the number of cores must be greater than 8 so that the configuration is not limited. The number of cores is also important in video games because they allow the number of cores to increase invariably, a process known as hyperthreading. Finally, beware of overclocking! If you want to overclock your CPU or other things, make sure you know what you’re doing to avoid doing something silly that will damage your hardware.

We continue with the graphics card

graphics card for gaming

The map computer graphics to play must meet certain overall technical and performance requirements. Many parameters depend on these crucial points: the fluidity of the game, which also matters for the choice of monitor, its resolution, its refresh rate, the level of graphics performance that the game can display, as well as additional technologies that improve everything, like ray tracing, DLSS etc…

AMD and Nvidia for specific video needs

AMD Radeon and Nvidia both offer different families of graphics cards to meet specific video needs. specific needs according to two different schools. Generally speaking, there are cards that are more than adequate for entry-level Full HD playback, average cards for WQHD, and the best cards on the market for 4K and beyond. If you want more graphical detail at the max, you need to look at the graphics chip and graphics card memory. As far as chips are concerned, nothing better than to consult the various benchmarks and technical reviews in adequacy that you can find on sites specialized in computer components. For video memory, the value depends on the amount and frequency of the memory. The higher the frequency, the faster the data transfer and therefore the larger the memory capacity, the more data the graphics card can store.

We are talking about the RAM memory

Ram memory speed video games

Memory determines how fast your gaming pc runs. On average, in a computer oriented for video games, it goes up to 8 GB. However, some operations require more performance…. In this case, 32 GB of RAM is more likely to ensure smooth operation.

Storage capacity (hard disk, not to be confused with RAM)


In video games, storage capacity is very important. It must be sufficient to allow you to play quietly without having to delete games to install others (thanks to the fiber but not everyone is so lucky). You can choose between two types of storage: traditional hard drives and solid-state drives. SSDs are characterized by their ability to transfer data at very high speeds. Finally, the NVMe standard is applied to SSDs, whose data transfer speeds are even faster.

Obviously operating systems benefit from being installed on SSDs, as do some demanding games in resources. However, most games will still run just fine on the hard drive.

The gaming monitor is not a mini tv

pc screen

As they are cut for video games, the best screens PC gamer guarantee image quality in line with the required performance. You need to find out about their size, definition, connectivity and response time (very important for multi online games like FPS).

Depending on your needs, it would be worth checking what type of card your screen has and see if its technology allows the screen to synchronize its refresh rate with the graphics card.

It is also interesting to see the maximum refresh rate of the screen. screen, depending on your graphics card. The current reference is 144 Hz, which is in principle much smoother than the standard 60 Hz. There are 240 Hz monitors on the market, but they require a very muscular configuration to exceed 200 frames per second in the vast majority games, so they are only suitable for “aesthetes” and competitors in the gaming world.

Finally, if you are looking for realism and immersion, choosing a 4K monitor would be perfect. It also depends on whether the gaming monitor offers HDR; some screens clearly benefit from being used with HDR enabled. Finally, if you want the best possible experience in terms of graphics and experience, it’s hard to beat a 4K TV with an HDMI 2.1 connection these days.

The cooling system to maintain the right temperature

pc cooling system

The cooling of your complete gaming PC is essential and is associated with several components. I can already tell you that the cooling of your graphics card will vary depending on the version of the card and the assembler. The rest depends on cooling your processor, with fans or water cooling systems, but also a lot on the choice of your case.

The case must allow good air circulation to evacuate the hot air and let in cool air. Generally speaking, cases that are too compact are not the most suitable for this task. Air circulation also depends on your cable management: the assembly of your PC must respect the rules of the art to avoid bad management of air flows and overheating.

< p id="we-finish-by-the-connectors-to-connect-from-everywhere">We end-up by the connectors to connect from everywhere

different PC ports

Whether internal or external, they are almost always controlled by your motherboard, with the exception of the graphics card connectors. In the case of GPUs, the ideal is to have at least two DisplayPorts and an HDMI, if possible its latest version. For the rest, it’s up to you to decide what you need in terms of USB ports and other ports that seem essential to you!

A fixed gaming setup (gamer PC with screen) up to your videogame expectations

So ! I hope you have found what you are looking for in this selection presented at the top of the best pc gamer packs for an ideal gaming setup and that you will be able to quickly enjoy the next video game releases on your new PC, all in hand or in tower, in all everything is there for you to have fun! And don’t forget to complete your setup, you will need some accessories like:

– A good gaming headset

– A mouse quality gaming chair– A comfortable gaming chair

– A gaming desk with plenty of space for your keyboard, your mouse and your screen

What game accessories for a PC Gamer?< /p>

The most popular accessories in gaming are: controllers, steering wheels, keyboards, gaming mice and blue light blocking glasses.

Here are some tips for cooling a gaming PC: use a PC cooling system that holds up with a good cooler, and/or a watercooling kit.

What is the difference between a desktop computer and a gaming PC?

The difference between the two lies in the power of the components such as the graphics card for example, which must support the technical requirements of new games.

The best way to clean a gaming-oriented computer is to maintain it regularly. Remember to dust it with dry computer air cans, to clean the screen and the keyboard with a soft cloth and a product intended for this purpose.

What does a complete gaming PC include?

The complete gaming PC includes: A tower, a screen, a keyboard and a mouse.

What is the average budget for a complete gaming PC?

The average budget is around 900 euros for a machine that holds up.

See more information related to the topic best computer tower for the money

Best PC Cases of 2021 So Far: $60 to $200 Airflow, Silence, & Budget Cases


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