2022 i7 Desktop PC Buyer’s Guide: Every computer has a core component called a processor. He is responsible for the execution, coordination and interpretation of all programs. Currently, an i7 desktop PC is most sought after due to its ability to perform heavy-duty tasks. But given the models currently available on the market, the choice can quickly become tricky. In this guide, we’ve got you covered with the best i7 desktop PCs around.

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Criterion #1: Processor power

Finding a computer that suits us and can perfectly meet our expectations is often difficult. To guide you in your choice, consider the following criteria.

The power of the i7 desktop PC depends on that of its processor. To know the power of it, you have to take into consideration its number of cores and threads, its frequency and its cache memory.

  • Cores or kernels are small computing units. The higher their number, the more the processor can process different data simultaneously. i7 desktop processors can have 2, 4, 6 or 8 cores. The 2-core models are intended for office use. The 4-core ones are good enough for light gaming, while the 6- or 8-core versions are fine for heavy gamers and heavy-duty tasks like image processing.
  • Each CPU core only performs one task in its entirety. Threads divide tasks into subtasks processed in parallel. This further increases the performance of the processor. Their number is therefore taken into account in the choice of a powerful processor. Choose a processor with more threads.
  • Frequency determines the CPU’s calculation and data processing speed. It is expressed in GHz. The higher it is, the more the desktop computer can perform complex tasks such as gaming or video editing. The frequency of core i7s generally ranges from 1.8 GHz to 3.6 GHz. It can reach 5.1 GHz in Turbo Boost mode.
  • As for the cache memory, it is used to temporarily save regularly used information, data and programs so that they no longer need to be processed. It improves the execution speed of the processor. A larger cache memory contributes to the fluidity of the system. It is measured in megabytes.

Criterion #2: Random Access Memory or RAM

RAM works in concert with the processor. It guarantees the speed of information processing of your i7 desktop PC. It is advisable to choose at least 8 GB RAM. But if you want to play video games or edit videos, 16 GB RAM is necessary to avoid latencies.

Criterion #3: The graphics card or GPU

The graphics card performs the complex calculations of image processing in order to quickly generate a sharp and precise rendering, to edit videos and to conduct many design tasks. This element of the i7 Desktop PC can be integrated or dedicated. The integrated graphics card is directly integrated into the processor. It uses the latter’s power and RAM to function.

On the other hand, the dedicated graphics card is a separate component from the processor and has its own RAM. It is generally more efficient than the first type of GPU and essential for gaming or video editing.

Criterion n°4: The hard drive

The hard drive has the role of storing all the data of your i7 desktop PC. There are two models: the HDD and SSD. Less expensive, the first offers a much larger storage capacity (which can go beyond 4 TB). It is mainly used to store several heavy files.

The second is more expensive and more limited in terms of storage capacity. But it has the advantage of offering a faster reading and writing speed thanks to its particular construction. With an SDD hard drive, PC startup and the loading rate of games, applications and movies are faster.

Criterion n°5: Connectivity

Having a central unit with many different connectors allows for more extensive use. But everything will depend on your needs. In addition to USB 2.0, USB 3.0 or USB Type-C ports, you can check whether the head unit has 3.5 mm jack ports for audio output, an HDMI port for your TV, a Ethernet port, an integrated wifi antenna or Bluetooth connectivity.

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