Detailed review of Galaxy A52s 5G: Smartphone in the price range of $ 500

Galaxy A52s 5G is a mid-range smartphone from the Samsung brand, but it is considered to be superior to many Chinese smartphones in the same segment.

Recently, Samsung has introduced a new smartphone in the mid-range segment called Galaxy A52s 5G. This is basically a slightly upgraded version of the Galaxy A52 5G launched not long ago, bringing significant improvements in performance, helping Samsung to catch up with the trend of configuration racing, and also is a product line that competes with many other models from Chinese brands.

Detailed review of Galaxy A52s 5G: Smartphone in the price range of $ 500

Galaxy A52s 5G inherits all the advantages of the Galaxy A-series so far, such as a stylish design, an excellent screen in the segment, powerful performance, and a camera with many features. and especially with high-quality OIS optical stabilization, in addition, the product also has enough battery life to meet the needs of users.

Within the framework of this article, Sforum will go into a detailed review of the Galaxy A52s 5G to see if, with a price tag of less than $500, is this the best smartphone worth buying in the segment?

Design – Young, elegant, colorful

The Galaxy A series has always been designed by Samsung with a youthful design, suitable for young users, that’s why the Galaxy A52s 5G also inherits this design language. As mentioned above, Galaxy A52s 5G is a performance upgrade version of Galaxy A52 5G, so the appearance between these two versions is identical, there is no difference in design language.

Users will still have a design finished from sturdy plastic on both the back and the bezel. It is noteworthy that the back of the machine is a rough plastic back, minimizing the possibility of dirt or sweat and fingerprints. The main camera cluster is designed with a rectangular module in the left corner, the camera parameters have not changed and we will discuss the camera of the device in the following sections.

The difference between the Galaxy A52s 5G and its predecessor comes from the color options. If the Galaxy A52 5G has only two color options, black and blue, when sold in Vietnam, the A52s 5G has three options: black, mint green and purple, extremely suitable for young people who like youth. Central and active.

Inheriting the slim and light design, the Galaxy A52s 5G offers a comfortable and firm grip in the palm of your hand. Although not as thin and light as last year’s Galaxy A series, it is thanks to this that this year’s Galaxy A52s 5G is more durable and impressive than previous A series.

Premium 120Hz Super AMOLED display

In recent years, the screens of the Galaxy A series have been invested by Samsung to bring the best quality in the segment. As a smartphone manufacturer and also a manufacturer of high-end AMOLED screen panels, Samsung equips most of the Galaxy A and M series with high-quality Super AMOLED panels, helping users get the best visual experience in the world. use process.

Not to mention with a 120Hz refresh rate, the transition effects, swipes and touches are all extremely smooth. This is something rare that a device in the sub-$500 price segment can compete with the A-series Galaxy, specifically the Galaxy A52s 5G here.

Overall, in terms of visibility, appreciates the Galaxy A52s 5G. Experience watching movies, playing games are extremely “satisfying” thanks to the advantages of AMOLED screens such as vivid colors, flattering eyes, very deep blacks, HDR effects for games and very well supported videos.

Camera – Pioneering mid-range OIS anti-shake camera

This year, the outstanding advantage of the Galaxy A series highlighted by Samsung in this year’s Galaxy A series is the pioneering OIS optical image stabilization camera in the mid-range segment. Previously, to be able to own a smartphone with an anti-shake camera, users needed to spend a large amount of money to “buy” high-end smartphones. But thanks to the development of technology, Samsung was able to bring this feature to A-series smartphones that cost less than $500.

Talk a little bit about the camera parameters of the Galaxy A52s. The device is equipped with a four main camera system including a 64MP OIS wide-angle camera, a 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera with a 122-degree field of view, a 5MP macro camera and a 5MP depth camera. Such camera parameters do not have too many highlights, but Samsung’s image processing algorithm still makes users feel satisfied with the photos taken from the Galaxy A52s 5G.

In full light conditions, the photos released from the Galaxy A52s 5G give very good quality, vivid and bright image colors, high detail thanks to the 64MP sensor, good HDR processing ability and good software. Highlights and shadows can be pulled back.

With landscape photos, the Galaxy A52s 5G gives photos of the sky and the green of the trees quite flattering, suitable for those who do not want to post-process too much. In addition, Samsung also integrates many color filters that can be applied directly when taking photos, very convenient

With portrait mode, the Galaxy A52s 5G also handles the background as well as separates the subject quite accurately, without being squished and losing too much detail. And of course, Samsung also allows users to customize the intensity of the background blur, as well as the Art Bokeh feature that allows to customize the shape of the bokeh, which is also a way to make the photo more beautiful and vivid.

Galaxy A52s 5G is equipped with a 32MP f/2.2 selfie camera, the selfie mode of the device is quite simple, with a built-in beauty mode that can customize the intensity of skin smoothing. The image is fine and can be edited a bit depending on the user’s wishes

Finally, the ability to shoot in low light, with an aperture of f/1.8, along with high resolution, the Galaxy A52s 5G can capture low-light photos that are still quite enough. The image is only slightly distorted due to noise processing.

In addition, the machine also has its own night mode, the image output according to is not much better than the photo taken in automatic mode. Basically, using automatic mode is more than enough, all thanks to OIS optical image stabilization, which helps the Galaxy A52s to extend the exposure time without blurring the image.

Strong performance in the segment

Previously, Samsung’s Galaxy A series has never been appreciated for the level of performance on price. However, in this generation of A series, Samsung has surprised users with the strong performance of the Galaxy A52s 5G, which is not only powerful, but also powerful enough to play fair with many other smartphones in the same segment.

Galaxy A52s 5G is equipped with Snapdragon 778G processor, a powerful chip in the current mid-range segment. Compared to a few other smartphones in the same segment such as OPPO Reno6 Z or Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G, it is clear that the Galaxy A52s 5G is not inferior in terms of performance. This is also something Samsung has never done before with an A-series product.

Battery life and fast charging

Galaxy A52s 5G is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 4500mAh unchanged compared to the previous Galaxy A52 5G. This is a battery capacity that can provide a full day of use comfortably because Samsung’s optimized One UI platform is extremely smooth and does not consume too much power.

Actual testing shows that, with 100% and starting at 8 am with LTE network, without using Wi-Fi, usage tasks include surfing the web, checking mail, watching YouTube. taking photos and playing heavy games for about 2 hours, until 18 pm on the same day, the Galaxy A52s 5G still had about 16% battery left and could continue to use for about 1 more hour until the battery was completely exhausted. The total screen time is a little over 4 hours. This is perfectly reasonable usage for a day of study and work. Maybe even more if the user only uses Wi-Fi and doesn’t play heavy games.

Regarding fast charging, the Galaxy A52s 5G supports 25W fast charging with the included fast charger, the capacity may not be equal to many current Chinese smartphone models, but this is not a big minus point because Users often tend to charge the device overnight because the device can meet a long day of use.


Overall, considering the price of the Galaxy A52s 5G is $500, this is considered the most worth buying smartphone in the segment, all thanks to what Samsung has equipped for this model, which can be mentioned as the device. Stylish design, excellent screen, powerful and outstanding performance as well as pioneering OIS camera technology, and above all comes from the Samsung brand, one of the brands that is still preferred by users when choosing smartphones.