Killa received a few changes to his spawn rate, as well as the location of the Interchange map. This was a surprise, and there was no announcement by the developers. You wouldn’t be surprised to find Killa randomly as you walk through the shopping center, and then see a series of bullets hitting your face from a dark corner. This will not happen to you if this article is followed.

New Killa Spawn Sites In 12.11 – Escape From Tarkov

These are the places you can find Killa when you update your EFT 12.11:

  • Outside KIBAThis is the original spawn, as we know it from previous versions. He can be found outside of KIBA next to the Brutal Store. He will patrol the area, even climb the metal staircase around Jacob and Jacob, and then return down. He will sometimes sit beside sandbags.
    This is his most frequent spawn spot, even after he updated.
  • IDEAIDEA is now his spawn location. Actually, the spawn locations for most of the large stores in Ultra Mall are now.
    We will be walking around the entrance and around the cash registers. Sometimes he will sit in the kitchen.
  • GoshanGoshan is the most popular spawn spot for players. He doesn’t move much here and even if he does it, there are still places you can maneuver around.
  • In OLIOLI is the most difficult Superstore he can spawn at, as he can spawn almost anywhere and it’s quite hard to find him.
    He will most likely also find you first and this usually leads to regret.
  • In Underground ParkingYou can find him in the last palace right below OLI and IDEA. This Car Park is where he can spawn.
    With his 20/20 vision, he will take you through boxes and cars.

That’s all, thank you and see ya.

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