It is clear that Factorio is one of the largest simulator games available. Players can add mods to the game. It is possible to download a lot of mods. But how do you install them in Factorio on a Mac? Continue reading to learn how!

How To Install Mods in Factorio for MacOS

The developers added mods to the game because the game does not have a Steam Community Workshop. A page was created for mods. This allows players to share their creations and browse other modifications.

Two methods can be used to install mods in Factorio. The first is:

  1. Open Factorio.
  2. Navigate to Mods from the main menu.
  3. Next, click on the “Install” button.
  4. This list will include all mods available for installation. Select one and then install it.

Time required: 8 minutes

In some cases, however, mods will not be listed in Factorio’s mod menu. It is also difficult to navigate. Players can download mods from other websites , or manually install them:

  1. You can find a mod you like on the official sites for modes,, or anywhere else.
  2. Download the Mod.
  3. Go to this path on your Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Factorio/mods.
  4. Then drag-and-drop the mod.

Note:Don’t unzip the mod files, they must be zipped before being installed.

Once you have the mod moved to this location path, you will be able to open Factorio and use that mod.