Farming Simulator is a great way to relax and grow crops. Crops can be a great way for you to increase your financial stability and jumpstart the game. How long will it take to harvest your crops?

What is the default Plant Growth Speed?

It all depends on how many days you have in-game each month. You can make one month of in-game play time equal to one day. While you can adjust the number of days in a month, the 1 month to 1 day ratio is the fastest.

To bring up the calendar, press Esc. You will see the list of plants you can plant or harvest. You have at most 6 days before you can harvest your crops. The default plant growth speed for the game is 6 months.

You cannot accelerate or slow down the growth of your plants. You cannot add or subtract days from each month. You can also use Sleep to skip one day instantly and allow your plants enter another stage of growth.