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Final Fantasy XIV: What Is The Max Level Cap In Endwalker DLC?

Final Fantasy XIV’s developers have announced a new DLC that will be released in November. This DLC, if we look at the previous additions to Final Fantasy XIV, will likely bring a lot of value to the table. The expansion is getting a lot of hype from the community. A well-asked question was: Will the level cap for this DLC go up, like it did for previous DLCs? This is the easy answer!

What is the Maximum Level You Can Reach in Endwalker DLC?

We are used to the constant rise in the level cap during expansions.

The base game had a 60-level limit. We saw a rise in level to 70 after Stormblood, and it was 80 with Shadowbringers.

This is a 10 degree increase in DLC. This is quite a large amount.

Based on the comments of the developers and the increase in the amount of information, it is quite certain that the level cap for this game will reach 90 after the Endwalker expansion is purchased.

The level cap is 90, as you’ll get all the expansions if you buy the Endwalker DLC.

This information will help you realize that main quests are the best way to get there, and it is very possible.

If you want to get close to the cap at level 80 and not have to grind as hard from level 60, then get the other expansions and experience them. Then, get ready for Endwalker in November.

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