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Frog Location In Genshin Impact

Genshin is home to many living creatures and wildlife. Frogs are essential for many recipes, but where can you find them exactly? This guide will help you locate the Frogs of Genshin Impact.

Frog Location — Genshin Impact

Frogs will run away if you chase them, so make sure to sprint quickly towards them. Near the Bishui Plain is where you can find Frogs. Teleport to the Minlin Waypoint west of Dihua Marsh near Mt. Aocang.

Follow the routepoint shown on the map and you will be able to glide down to the tiny islands. The frogs will be found near the rocks to your left, beside the broken wood. Continue north until you reach the next islet, which has a large protruding stone.

There will be 2 more frogs in the green grass. You will see the last frog, jumping on top of the water near the pond. Keep searching for the small islands near Bishui Plain. The frogs can be found near water bodies in the Liyue Region.

Many recipes rely on Frogs, such as Essential Oils. The Omni-Ubiquity net can be used to capture Frogs.



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