Funimation Keeps Buffering: Fix Your Anime Streaming With This Guide

Funimation keeps buffering is a big problem if you like anime. Funimation may be your go-to streaming provider. But what if Funimation continues to buffer?
With Funimation delivering over 15,000 hours of entertainment, all based on Anime series and movies, having your material buffer as you try to see something is not ideal.
So, what exactly is the problem with Funimation’s buffering? This issue is because a poor internet connection.
We created this simple tutorial to provide you with the knowledge you need to stop this issue from recurring on your Funimation app and continue enjoying your favorite Anime characters without having to wait through any extra pauses.

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Why is Funimation always buffering?

Funimation Keeps Buffering: Fix Your Anime Streaming With This Guide

Buffering is common on Funimation within the first few minutes of starting a video because the app uses a process called ‘adaptive bitrate,’ which means to minimize the buffering time so that it receives all of the essential data to play the material.

However, if you are experiencing buffering throughout the streaming process of your series or movie and it is beginning to lag, this is due to a sluggish internet connection.

To be able to stream without buffering, Funimation requires the following;

  • 2Mbps for a picture of standard quality
  • 5Mbps for a high-resolution image (720 or 1080)
  • By clicking here, you can test your internet speed.

Another reason why your Funimation continues buffering is because their server is having problems, leading the app to not perform properly.

Funimation’s server may be undergoing maintenance or there may have been an outage.

How to fix Funimation buffering?

Fixing on screen

You may troubleshoot your Funimation to assist eliminate buffering when streaming your favorite video.

Because buffering typically caused by a faulty internet connection, the first advised procedure is to reconnect to the internet.

Fix 1. Power reset your Internet to fix Funimation buffering

Restarting the connection between the device on which you are watching Funimation and its network will result in the connection being reset.

Step 1: Turn off your router/modem.

Step 2: Unplug it from its power source.

Step 3: Allow a few minutes to pass.

Step 4: Reconnect the router and turn it on.

It is also recommended that you turn off and on the gadget you are using for a few minutes.

Fix 2. Update Funimation app

Keeping your Funimation app up to date keeps all software problems and bugs at bay, since updates are done to improve an app’s functionality by completing modifications so it can perform better.

When using an outdated version when a newer version is available, it will cause a problem with the data being utilized to access the Funimation server.

Step 1. Go into your app store and search for your Funimation app

Step 2. Check to see if there is an ‘Update’ option you can click on

Step 3. Select update

The new version of the app will override your current one downloaded on your device.

Fix 3. Check your device’s software

Check that the software on the device you’re using to watch Funimation is up to date.

Your software is out of date, your device and the Funimation app may be incompatible.

You may check to see whether your mobile device has a software update;

On iPhone: Settings > General > Software Update > Install Now

On Android: Settings > About Phone > Check For Updates > Update > Install

And if you are on your smart TV, you can go into Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now.

Fix 4. Change Video resolution

Trying to stream your Funimation at a higher quality resolution, your Funimation may start lagging and buffering since the quantity of video data that has to be downloaded is bigger.

Fix 5. Download content

If you have Funimation’s ‘Premium Plus’ or ‘Premium Plus Ultra’ subscription, you will be able to download the movie or series you wish to view before starting it.

This eliminates the need for the material to buffer when streaming the video because all of the data has already been stored.

Please keep in mind that not all goods are available for download on Funimation.

You should not download all of the content because this will take up a lot of space and may cause Funimation to have further problems.

Is Funimation better than Crunchyroll?

Anime is growing in popularity, and with so many platforms to select from, you want to be able to confirm; ‘Is Funimation a decent place to watch anime?’ Funimation and Crunchyroll are the two top Anime services to watch material on since they have the most broad selection.

Funimation is less expensive to subscribe to, but Crunchyroll offers a broader catalog of series and movies to choose from. It also contains English-language anime and the ability to view it with English subtitles.

You can also utilize Funimation on two devices with their normal membership, and five devices if you upgrade to a premium subscription.

Both choices stream at the same video quality and allow you to download content to watch when you’re not connected to the internet.

(For this added offline feature, Crunchyroll’s membership is more costly than Funimation’s.)

Having stated that,, Funimation is one of the better streaming sites for watching Anime material, but it all depends on what you want to watch and whatever platform has it easily available for you.


Because Funimation is an online streaming service for every Anime series and movies, it is heavily reliant on a strong internet connection from the device from which you are watching it.

Even if your internet connection is strong, Funimation may encounter problems, such as buffering or an error code.

We hope this tutorial can help you understand why your Funimation continues buffering and that you were able to resolve the issue with our 5 simple remedies.