You’ve just stumbled upon this adorable side quest in the updated Genshin Impact. Now you have many questions about how to solve it. These adorable little tanukis are where to be found. How can I solve the barrier puzzle Is this why a statue is giving me this quest. This guide, in addition to the previous one, will answer all of your questions and show you how easy it is to complete this World Quest.

Hayashi of Tanuki in the Forest World Quest – Genshin Impact

Before you can venture out and complete this side quest, you must first finish the Sacrificial Offering World Quest.

You will find an Iorei statue at the location shown in the photo below. He will help you with this quest. He will ask you to search for three little tanukis.

Here are the locations you’ll find the tanukis and how to get them:

  • The first one is at the player cursor below. He will be surrounded by enemies, which you’ll probably easily eliminate, and then you’ll find him inside a barrel that’s sitting there.
  • The second one, Shousei, is waiting for you next to a staircase. After following him around a bit you can get him to come back to Iorei. You will find him where the player cursor is below.
  • The last one is at the red “X” on the map below. You just have to light the braziers there and he will appear. Quite easy indeed.

Once you have found them, return to Iorei. Follow the map markers until you reach the barrier puzzle.

It’s easy to solve the puzzle, as there are only 5 points you need to place. Two will be on the upper level: one on each side and one on the sides. One to the west, and two to south will be found on the lowest level.

The northern one should be set to 2, the eastern one must 2, and the south eastern one must 4. South eastern one is to 4; south western one is to 1.

After you have completed this, the boss, an Electro phantom will appear and you will just have to finish him off.

Then, bam! Quest done. Good job! You have gained 250 XP, and some money.