Ghost of Tsushima has a new version! There is a lot to see and you may get lost in the maze of quests. We will help you navigate the terrain and show you where to find it.

A Helping Hand Walkingthrough – Ghost Of Tsushima : Iki Island

This is a difficult task. You need to locate a peasant at 3 locations and provide him with different resources.

You might not be able to find him in these places at times, so come back later. He’ll still be there at some point.

  • The WoodsYou can find him first in the woods southeast of Fort Sakai. The exact location can be seen in the image below.
    After a lengthy conversation about his needs, you’ll need to give him three pieces of wood.
  • In the FieldsYou will find him in the fields south of Fort Sakai. You can again see exactly where he is located.
    You’ll need to give him six leather pieces.
  • At the BeachYou will find him at the Yahata Lighthouse North of Fort Sakai.
    He will need 10 sheets of metal.

You must go to the house that appears finally on the map to complete the quest. It will be located West of Fort Sakai in a white basket.

Talk to him, and you will find some joy and experience in your life.