Adopt Me toys have always been strong. Their value is usually higher than that of pets because they have more unique abilities and features. One example is the Candy Cannon, which shoots an infinite amount of candy and, if eaten, makes the players run faster. This item is no longer available through normal means of acquisition. You must trade to get it.

Adopt me: The Value of Candy Cannon

The Candy Cannon can be worth at most one NFR Shadow Dragon or NFR Frost Dragon. Some players have reported getting more valuable trades than others, but this seems to be the most consistent.

This item was very valuable back then. Many players did not bother to buy it, meaning that only a few players were able to fully experience the Candy Cannon’s power.

Speed boosts last until the player logs out or restarts the game. This is perhaps why the toy is so valuable.

Overall, this is a fantastic item to own and trade.