You’ve used your controller to play with your friends on PS5. You have used your controller to play with your friends on your PS5. I am here to help. This is how to do it in just a few simple steps.

Disconnect and Unpair PS4 Controllers From PS5

This will make it really easy:

  1. Open you Settings (the cog in the upper part of your main menu).
  2. Find the Accessories tab and open it.
  3. In the General tab, go to the right and select the Bluetooth Accessories option.
  4. Select the DUALSHOCK 4 option.
  5. You’ll now see 2 options: Disconnect and Delete.
  6. Select Disconnect if you just want to turn your controller off and use it later.
  7. Select Delete, and then “OK”, if you want to unpair the controller from your console and use it for other reasons.

You can connect it to your PS5 with a USB cable. It will be reconnected almost immediately.

Another option is to push down both the Share and Playstation buttons simultaneously for approximately 5 seconds in order to enter Sync Mode.

You will find DUALSHOCK 4 under the Bluetooth Accessories tab. To register it with other controllers, you just need to choose to add it.