What if your AirPods case doesn’t charge when you’re in front of significant work? Here are the top solutions for you to fix it.

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What if your AirPods case suddenly doesn’t charge when you’re in front of important work? Well, it goes without saying that things can get really annoying. So knowing how to fix this error is quite useful for any AirPod user.

So you bought a new set of AirPods and used them for a while. You got back from work and plugged in your AirPods. Your AirPod case, on the other hand, is not charging.

You try plugging in the charger one more time, checking the switches and doing everything you can think of. But what if you can’t figure out what went wrong?

AirPods case is not loading

Perhaps as a final solution, you can go to Google and search for your problem. As a result, you will only find that many other people are having the same problem.

Cases of individuals suffering from a problem that should not occur are widely reported. Apple’s AirPods have a problem with the lid that can drain the device’s battery.

If your AirPods are no longer charging, you don’t need to panic. We have several solutions that will put AirPods into running mode. You can try all of these out before taking them to an Apple store for repair.

Start with:

You must first recognize the problem and the source of the problem before moving on to solutions. What I mean is, you should double check that it’s the AirPods that aren’t charging.

Some people have had issues with their AirPods, particularly damaging them. And they are often baffled as to why their case is not working.

So this is a quick method to see if your AirPod case is charging or not.

  • Open the AirPod case cover.
  • Hold it closer to the respective iPhone.
  • Now wait a few seconds for the battery status to be displayed.
  • After that, you can connect the case and charger to see if charging is happening.

If the AirPods tend to charge but not the case, the problem is obviously with the faulty case. However, if it happens otherwise, you can verify that your AirPods are in the correct format.

What causes your AirPods not to charge?

There are many reasons why an AirPod may stop charging. However, some reasons are more common than others. That said, the most common one we’ve come across is a failure in the case itself. Most people had the same difficulty. However, if that’s not the case, you might be concerned about the following.

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● The charger is not working properly

People who use third-party chargers are more likely to have this issue. As Apple no longer includes a charger with its iPhones, most consumers are opting for a low-cost third-party charger.

However, if you are unsure and choose a sub-average charger, you risk shortening your gadgets. So if your AirPods aren’t charging, try switching to a different charger.

● Connector is dirty

The second problem could be that there is some kind of dirt on the connector. In fact, dirt is a big culprit behind a faulty charger.

● The cable is not compatible

Similar to the way people buy cheap third-party replacements for chargers, the same goes for cables. Truth be told, Apple isn’t known for making the toughest cables.

So many people tend to use third-party replacements. Often these cables become incompatible. As a result, you will encounter the error “my AirPod case is not charging”.

● AirPods case won’t charge because it’s damaged

Finally, it is possible that you have damaged your case, which is why it is not charging. This could be the worst situation. This is because you must be prepared to replace the device if necessary.

Best solutions to try if you notice the error “My Airpod case is not charging”

As of now, you know why the AirPods case is not charging. So, if you have come across this error and are looking for practical solutions, go ahead and read the rest. We explain these solutions in a very simple way.

01. Get Faulty AirPods Case Reset

This is the most effective solution as it has already solved many problems for people all over the world. It works by restoring factory settings to your AirPods case. Then it will eliminate any issues and errors associated with loading difficulties.

You can reset the AirPods case by doing the following:

AirPods Cover Reset

  • For 15 seconds, press and hold the circle button on the back of your case.
  • Wait until the status light turns orange and then turns white. After that, you can release the button.
  • The battery case will now reset and the charging issue should be resolved. It is true that this method works for a large number of individuals without any problems. However, if that doesn’t work, you can proceed with the following methods.

02. Clean dirt or dust on your charging port

You can apply the following fix as it is easy and uncomplicated. It is possible that small particles of dust and dirt have entered the light port connection. This will obstruct the loading process. This is a very simple fix, but you have to be very careful to avoid breaking the connection.

To clear the connection, follow the procedures below.

Wipe off dirt or dust

  • Get a clean, unused toothbrush, a clean piece of microfiber cloth, or even a cotton swab.
  • After that, gently clean the port, taking care not to damage the connection.
  • Now check that your AirPods case is not charging.

03. Buy a new charger cable

Buy a new cable

If the first two procedures didn’t work, try a new charger and charging cable. Make sure you use products that are compatible with your device. Most third-party accessories are not certified, therefore, they will not work with Apple devices.

Therefore, you will want to stick with the original Apple charger for best results. To order Apple charger and cable, you can visit the official website. And this would be another solution for those wondering why “my AirPod case is not charging”.

The next step is to update the firmware on your AirPods. Apple has been regularly providing new updates and patches for its AirPods lineup. So updating yours should solve this AirPod issue.

Here’s how to update the firmware if your AirPods aren’t charging.

  • If you haven’t already, put your AirPods in their box. After that, you must plug it into a wall socket or a wireless charging station.
  • Now, bring the iPhone and the case closer together. After that, make sure your iOS device is connected to the Internet.
  • Apple will automatically check for new firmware updates and install them.
  • Go to “Settings” and then to “General” to see if the firmware is up to date.
  • Now tap “About” and then “AirPods” to check your device’s firmware and model number.

Update AirPods Firmware

Once the update is complete, you can check that your AirPods case is not charging. If you do, you can go ahead and move on to the next step.

05. Get a new AirPods case

If all other methods fail, you will have no choice but to take it to the nearest Apple Store. This will take much longer than other repairs and you may also have to pay a fee. This, on the other hand, guarantees that you will receive a fixed case of AirPods.

How to prevent the AirPods case from charging?

Now that we’ve covered all the improvements. Let’s learn how to prevent the AirPods case from not charging.

  • First, treat your AirPods with care and never leave them near liquids or other foods. It would be beneficial if you stored it in a dry, safe place at all times.
  • After that, just charge the AirPods and the case to 90-100 percent. It is not a good idea to keep it charging overnight as it can damage the battery. Therefore, you should avoid overloading it.
  • Be sure to use a suggested lightning cable along with a charger. This will ensure you get the best product without settling for a cheap alternative.
  • Finally, keep your AirPods dust-free and clean them once a week, depending on how often you use them.

AirPods not charging – FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions related to the case of AirPods no charging problem.

What causes only my AirPods case to not charge but not the AirPods?

This is a common concern. However, there is nothing to worry about as it is mostly a firmware glitch. Updating the software or performing a reset on the AirPods case may resolve this issue. All steps and procedures are described in the article above. So, you can successfully repair your AirPods case.

What makes an AirPods case die faster than expected?

This is an issue with AirPods, and the battery is continually decreasing by 20-50 percent. However, it could be a problem with the charger or even the electrical cord. You can solve the discharge problem or buy a suitable charger and cable. Please follow the simple guide above in our article.

Does an AirPod case usually take a long time to charge?

Charging your AirPods case doesn’t take much time, and most importantly, you should never overload it. It takes about 1 hour to fully charge it. Unplug the charging cable and set the AirPod aside after you’re done.

What prevents my AirPods from charging?

For various reasons, your AirPods may not be charging. Perhaps this could be due to a faulty AirPod or the case. In any case, you should try to look for solutions first. If none of them work, you should order a replacement.


So this is exactly what you can do if your AirPods aren’t charging or your AirPods case isn’t charging. The key is not to panic. Just try the solutions mentioned in this article. Also, make sure you read the above safety tips and avoid malfunctioning your valuable devices.

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