Error code 0x800704cf is one of the most annoying problems that Windows 10 users face when setting up the Internet or accessing applications.

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code error 0x800704cf Windows 10 users’ Internet ‘ It is one of the most annoying problems they face while installing or accessing Microsoft applications. Usually this problem occurs when trying to connect the computer to the network or sign in to a Microsoft account, Outlook, Email, OneNote, etc. This creates such errors by syncing the specific device or app after updating Windows. In this blog post today, we have discussed different solutions to manually fix this issue.

The main culprits behind the

0x800704cf error code are incorrect TCP/IP settings, faulty network devices, and using a local user account to log in. Changing the adapter settings, resetting the transmission control protocol, and reinstalling the network device can resolve this issue in Windows operating system. Running the Windows Troubleshooter and logging in using a Microsoft account will help you diagnose this anomaly when sharing files or accessing a particular application.

Como corrigir o código de erro do Windows 0x800704cf

Ways to Fix Error Code 0x800704cf in Windows

Step-by-step solutions to fix error code 0x11cf on Windows 0 or 800704 PC:


restoration is a great repair tool that automatically finds and fixes different error codes in Windows operating system. Having this tool will protect your computer from malicious codes, hardware malfunctions and various other errors. In addition, this also allows you to use your computer with all its features and performance.

  • First of all, download this tool and install it on your computer.
  • Run this program and – Press the Scan now button. This will work to detect problems and anomalies on your PC.
  • click fix everything button to fix issues discovered during the above scan.

Fix: Network Error Code 800704x10cf on Windows 0

Error codes sometimes appear when trying to share files or folder with connected devices. In this case, the transmission is interrupted by an error message. published a guide titled Error code: 0x800704cf. Network location unreachable.” To resolve this issue, you should check if the connected adapter and Domain are working properly.

1]Change adapter settings

A network adapter is a hardware component that certifies correct data transfer between your PC and the connected device. If you cannot share data with another computer, you need to change your settings. Follow these instructions to contact the network sharing center and make the necessary changes.

  • Right-click the Windows icon and select Definitions in the drop-down menu.
  • When the Settings applet appears, Network and Internet option.
  • Switch to the corresponding right side and

    “Change adapter”


Alterar as opções do adaptador

  • All possible network connections will appear here. Right click on the available WiFi or Ethernet and in the Properties context menu.
  • Then uncheck the checkbox. Client for Microsoft Network multi-tap OK See snapshot below to confirm changes-

Código de erro 0x800704cf

  • When the above task is complete, reboot turn on your PC and see if network error 0x800704cf appears during wireless connection.

2] Reset TCP/IP stack

Transmission Control Protocol contains some rules that establish Internet connection on your PC. In case of some misconfiguration changes in this tool, increase the probability of error code 0x800704cf in your system. Resetting TCP/IP can work as a troubleshooting guide in such scenarios.

  • click the Search icon in the taskbar and type


    in the search field.

  • From now on, right-click Command prompt option and select Execute as administrator.
  • If the UAC prompt appears, tap . sim to allow access.
  • Then run the following code-

ipconfig / flushdns

  • This command will clear DNS cache, which is a possible cause of error code 0x800704cf when connecting to the network.
  • After success, you need to update NetBIOS Name. Just run this command-

nbtstat –RR

Código de erro 0x800704cf

  • While continuing, run the following command lines to reset. Internet Protocol (IP) e Winsock catalog.

netsh int ip reset

winsock reset

  • After running these commands successfully, reboot Your PC to save the changes made so far.

3]Reinstall network adapters

The network adapter plays an important role in connecting your PC to the Internet, but some errors may appear while performing this task. To avoid this issue, uninstall and reinstall your network adapter by following the easy steps below.

  • tighten Window key and R completely to open Run dialog
  • Press the

  • model devmgmt.msc text box and Type will launch this Device Manager.
  • expand now Network adapters to see all relevant drivers installed on your system.
  • Then, right-click on each item and in the uninstall context menu.

Desinstalar adaptador de rede

  • If a confirmation message appears, select . uninstall to confirm changes
  • Repeat this process until all adapters are removed.
  • Finally, restart use your machine and network connection without interruption.

Fix: 0x800704cf error when logging into Microsoft account

0x800704cf network error can sometimes appear automatically when trying to sign in to OneDrive, Microsoft Store, Email, OneNote, and other apps. This is really annoying as it blocks access to these apps. The error message that users encounter reads

"The network location cannot be reached, Please connect your internet."

1]Run the Windows troubleshooter

The Windows Troubleshooter is a simple way to diagnose and fix the problem. Here’s how to fix it

  • press together Win + I hotkey to start Definitions.
  • In the new window, select Update & security followed by Fixing issues in the left column.
  • Scroll down to the corresponding right side and scroll down to find Network adapter.
  • Once found, click on it and Run the troubleshooter.

Código de erro 0x800704cf

  • Be patient until the system checks for faults.
  • Now select your current network connection source and Next to solve this problem.

Código de erro 0x800704cf

  • Finally, reboot Your system for the changes made so far to take effect.

2]Sign in with a Microsoft account

Some users reported that they were able to resolve error code 0x800704cf by logging into their computers using their valid Microsoft user IDs and passwords. Here’s how to change your sign-in account from Local to Microsoft –

  • Right-click the Windows icon and select Definitions in the Power menu.
  • then select Accounts Depois disso Your Info in the left panel.
  • Click on the option – “Sign in to your Microsoft account” next.

Entrar com seal da Microsoft

  • Then, enter your credentials in the appropriate fields to log in later create a PIN.
  • After successfully setting up the account, Info, and select the verify option.

Código de erro 0x800704cf

  • Here, select SMS or other ways to verify your Microsoft account.

After successfully following the above steps, this will fix error code 0x800704cf. Therefore, you will not receive this error message when trying to access a particular application.

Observation: If you are already signed in with your Microsoft account and are facing this error, replace the login administrator account with a local account and follow the steps outlined above.

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