How To Fix HBO Max Error Code 905 On Your Device: Easy Guide

Are you having problems with the HBO Max error code 905? Are you fed up with the video lag and don’t know what to do about it? Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to remove the error notice from your streaming device in no time.

HBO Max is a popular on-demand video streaming app with an extensive selection of movies, TV series, and Max originals. HBO Max is geo-restricted and only available in the United States and its regions.

However, many individuals are seeing the problem 905 code on the HBO Max app. Let’s investigate why you’re receiving the error message and what troubleshooting steps you may take to resolve the problem.

Why Am I getting an error message on HBO Max?

How To Fix HBO Max Error Code 905 On Your Device: Easy Guide

The following are some of the most prevalent causes of the 905 problem on the HBO Max app.

  • In your location, HBO Max is experiencing a service outage.
  • You’re using an out-of-date version of the HBO Max app.
  • A glitch has ruined the HBO Max app.
  • You are using HBO Max outside of the United States or a VPN to watch videos.
  • You are watching HBO Max videos while connected to a shaky or unreliable internet connection.

How do I fix HBO Max error?

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hbo error code 905 fix

You can fix the HBO error code 905 by doing the following fixes yourself.

Check HBO Max server status

The first thing you should do is check to see whether the HBO streaming service is unavailable in your location. You can use a third-party website like Downdetector to look for an increase in the number of errors reported by other users. If this is the case, please be patient as HBO service engineers resolve the cause of the interruption and the service returns to normal.

Update your HBO Max app

HBO Max developers strive hard to offer the most recent upgrades to its users in order to solve existing bugs. As a result, you must check for and install the most recent app updates in order to resolve the 905 issue. To accomplish this, first:

  • Navigate to your device’s Settings menu.
  • Go to the Apps section.
  • Navigate to the Updates tab.
  • Scroll down and look for the HBO Max app.
  • Click the Update button.

Check the location and disable VPN

If you attempt to watch videos from HBO Max from a country other than the United States, you may receive the 905 error code. You’ll have to wait a while before HBO expands its services to other regions.

Second, if you are in the United States and utilizing a VPN provider to access HBO Max, the app’s algorithm may perceive your access as a danger and issue the 905 error. Furthermore, HBO may suspend your account if you use a VPN or a proxy on a regular basis.

As a result, before using the HBO Max app, deactivate your VPN/proxy and then start it to resolve the error.

Reboot your router

The most common cause of the 905 error number on the HBO Max app is a slow internet connection. Rebooting the router can often resolve speed-related issues on your network.

Unplug your modem or router from the main power socket and wait 30 to 45 seconds. Now, reconnect the router to the main power outlet and wait a few minutes for all of the lights on the modem/router to turn green.

Why is HBO Max app not working?

Why is HBO Max app not working?

Because to caching difficulties or faulty installation files, the HBO Max app may play tricks on you and fail to function correctly. This problem can be resolved in two ways.

Clear HBO Max app Cache

If you’re using the HBO Max app on a mobile device or Android TV, navigate to the Apps area and then pick the HBO Max app. Then, select clear data and clear cache.

Reinstall HBO Max app

The HBO Max installation files on the applications might become damaged as a result of a virus. In this instance, the applications may fail and generate a slew of HBO error codes. To resolve this, delete the app from your smartphone and reinstall it to eliminate the issue.

How do I restart HBO Max app?

How do I restart HBO Max app

You may reset the HBO Max app before deleting it by restarting your Android TV or mobile device. Many consumers indicated that by using this strategy, they were able to resolve the 905 error code without having to resort to more sophisticated solutions.


Hopefully, this article has assisted you in investigating the causes of HBO error code 905. You should have repaired the error code by now if you followed the steps outlined above. If you continue to notice the error, contact HBO Max support and report it to them so that you may receive a technical solution to the fault that you are experiencing with the HBO Max app.