Recently, I encountered a strange problem with my Windows 10 laptop. My laptop struggled to open normal PC software like Windows Defender, Windows Explorer. And you’ll be surprised to know, it’s me

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Recently, I encountered a strange problem with my Windows 10 laptop. My laptop struggled to open normal PC software like Windows Defender, Windows Explorer. And you will be surprised to know, I use Intel Core i5 processor with 4 GB RAM. That specification is enough to handle big games. After searching many Windows forums, I found some useful information. And people raised this issue as a “Windows 10 memory leak” issue. So if you are facing this issue, or problems with high CPU usage, you can read the full article to know the solution.

Before you start talking about memory leaks in Windows 10. One thing you need to know is that this is not a hardware problem. So if someone tells you that you are replacing any part of your computer, do not. You can easily fix high memory usage with some fixes.

What is memory leak in Windows 10, how do I identify the problem?

It does not matter which version of Windows you are using on your PC. Since I have seen on forums, some Windows 7 users also have the same problem. There is no definition of memory leak, this problem is starting to occur due to abnormal RAM usage. During normal use and when you start your computer, it uses about 30 – 40% RAM and CPU. However, if your windows has a problem with memory leakage, it uses about 80-90% RAM and your CPU.

You can easily find out that your computer is having problems with Windows 10 memory leakage.

  • If you are using Windows 10 PC, right-click the start button and open Task Manager. Or, if you are using another version of Windows, press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete hotkey.
  • Click Performance in the Task Manager window to see CPU and RAM usage. Here you can see how much RAM and CPU your computer uses. Make sure programs that require a large amount of RAM are closed. If the CPU and RAM percentage is above 80. Then your computer has high memory usage or abnormal RAM usage issues.

‘According to some researchers, this issue remains passive during the first hours of window use. Later it takes over all available free memory and a large part of the CPU. “

At present, no one knows the exact reason behind this abnormal problem with RAM and CPU. However, according to some Windows users experts this problem is mainly due to a system process (ntoskrnl.exe). Whatever the cause of this problem. But if you are facing this problem. Then it is certainly not something you can ignore. So without wasting more time figuring out the cause of this problem. Let’s start, try a solution to fix memory leak in Windows 10.

How to fix Windows 10 Memory Leak and free up RAM.

Check startup programs and disable them.

Before we get into a complex solution, let’s start this article with a few simple solutions. When you start your Windows computer or laptop, there are some programs that start automatically. Some of them are system programs, which are necessary to start automatically. But there are some third party services that get started without your permission. And it may be possible for a specific program to use the large amount of RAM and CPU.

How to find the boot loader and disable it?.

Using the task manager, you can find the startup program and easily disable it.

Step 1 Open the task manager on your Windows PC or laptop.

(Follow the procedure mentioned above to open Task Manager.)

Step 2 Click the Start tab in Task Manager. This tab shows all programs that start automatically.

(These programs also increase your computer’s boot time, disabling them can increase your computer’s boot.)

Step 3 To disable any unwanted launcher, right-click on it and then select disable option.

(You can also see the startup effect If any program is having a high impact. Then disable that program first to fix the memory leak problem.)

End process and restart device.

The best thing about Windows is that you can find out which processes or programs use a lot of RAM. And you can also complete these processes easily with the task manager. Follow these instructions to close all these processes. With this solution, you can safely fix Windows 10 memory leakage problems.

Step 1 Open Task Manager by following the instructions above. Now click on the process tab in the Task Manager.

Step 2 To see memory usage and CPU usage, as a percentage. Right-click on any process and go to Resource Values ​​& gt; memory & gt; select percentage options.

Step 3 Now you can find out what task is causing the memory leak windows 10 and consuming the large amount of RAM.

– And then right-click on it and select End Task. (Do not end the process if you do not know what it is.)

– Do not forget to restart your computer.

As I mentioned earlier, Windows memory leaks occur due to ntoskrnl.exe. So before closing other people’s information, first find out about this information and close it. And if you can not find out the specific task. This may cause memory leak problems due to some other processes.

What is ntoskrnl.exe?.

In simple words, it’s the core image of the Windows NT operating system. And a basic part of Windows OS. which is responsible for various system services and most important hardware virtualization.

Runtime Broker – According to some users, this process uses a lot of memory. By default, the service should use a low amount of RAM and CPU usage. This process helps manage Windows Store Apps permissions.

Use DISM in CMD.

If you are sure that the problem is caused by the Windows NT core image (ntoskrnl.exe). Then with this one command line you can fix Windows 10 memory leak problems.

Step 1 In Windows 10, right-click the Start button and select Command Prompt (Admin).

(If you are using the latest version of Windows. Instead of the command prompt, you can see Windows PowerShell.)

Step 2 Type the command in the command prompt or Windows PowerShell and press enter.

Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth

DISM – Deployment Image Service and Management Tool.

This process will take one minute to initialize, and will take approximately 15-30 minutes to complete. When the process is complete, you will need to restart your computer to apply Changes.

Adjust for best performance.

With Windows 10 memory leak problems, if you’re also faced with high CPU usage. Then you can try this solution, this solution will not make big changes. But after testing this solution, your computer’s performance may increase.

Step 1 Right-click My Computer or My PC, and then click the Properties button.

– Click Advanced System Settings in Properties.

Step 2 Click the system properties and advanced tab settings option. (Check under the Performance section.)

Step 3 Now select Adjust for best performance , then click Apply then OK.

To apply the changes made to these settings, you will need to restart your computer.

Personally, I do not think this solution is useful here. However, many windows forums suggest updating outdated drivers. According to them, the outdated driver allows the device to use more memory than required. So to free up RAM and fix memory leak issues update any drivers.

Step 1 To check which driver is out of date. Right-click the Windows 10 Start button and select Device Manager.

  • Check in the device manager if you can see the yellow sign in front of any driver. (Yellow mark indicates that the driver is obsolete.)

Step 2 And to update all drivers, right-click on it and select the update driver option. Then follow the instructions mentioned in the update window.

Or if you do not recognize an outdated driver, you can download UniBlue Driver Scanner software.

Stop Super-fetch.

It is a Windows service created to optimize the performance of Windows OS. This process helps Windows manage RAM and helps reduce boot time. Although it has some negative effects on the system, causing slow system problems. The issue of low performance arises especially during games. I do not recommend stopping this service permanently. That’s why I suggest you stay this service for a while. And make sure that the Windows 10 memory leak and the high CPU usage issue are resolved or not.

Step 1 Press the Windows + R button and open Run Window. Type services.msc and press enter. (This little command will help you open the Services tab right away.)

Step 2 In the services, look for Superfetch and then right-click on it. And you get the opportunity to stop this service.

Change value in the registry.

If a high memory usage problem still occurs after testing all of the above solutions. Then try this solution, maybe this solution can help you a little.

Step 1 Press Windows + R key and type Regedit to open Windows Registry Editor.

(Do not make unnecessary changes, otherwise system errors may occur.)

Step 2 Now go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory Management

Search for ClearPageFileAtShutdown and change its value from 0 to 1 and click OK. (Right-click on it to get the option.)

Windows Memory Diagnostic.

This is one of the best solutions for fixing Memory Leak Problems in Windows 10. Windows comes with a built-in Windows diagnostic tool. This tool automatically checks all memory related issues and fixes them automatically.

Step 1 Press Windows + r, then type mdsched.exe and press enter.

Step 2 A window will now appear giving you an option.

– Click Restart Now and check the Problem option.

– It now starts automatically after restarting the computer. There are three tests you can perform Basic, Standard or Extended. (You can use the F10 key to perform a scan.)

But if you’ve never done anything like this before. Then you can skip this solution and go to the final solution.


If you have tested all 8 solutions mentioned above, CPU usage still shows 100. And memory usage shows over 80 – 90 percent. Then you can RESET the computer. After restoring the computer, the PC will return to its default settings.

And do not forget to back up your important files before testing this solution.

Go to Settings & gt; Update and Security & gt; Recovery & gt; Restore this computer.

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