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How to Get Quit Hanging Around Trophy in Resident Evil Village

You can proudly display your Resident Evil Village achievements and trophies. While some are fairly easy to obtain, others can be quite difficult. Although the ‘Quit hanging around’ trophy isn’t difficult, players must be at a certain level in order to obtain it. Today we’ll be discussing how to obtain the ‘Quit hanging around’ trophy in Resident Evil Village.

Quit Hanging Around Trophy- Resident Evil village

As of the writing of this article, there is only one way to get the bronze trophy. There are many ways to get the bronze trophy, though players speculate. For now, however, we will stick with the most well-known method.

How to Get the Quit Hanging Around Trophy:

  • Go to Heisenberg Factory. To achieve this achievement, players must be at the Heisenberg factory.
  • They will have production lines that look like people. They will be carried through the factory.
  • You just need to get a gun. It doesn’t matter what kind you have. Shoot at the ropes the subjects are hanging from
  • Once a line has been cut the subject will be and the player will get the Quit Hanging About trophy!



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