Skyrim has been around for 10 years and many players still play the game. Skyrim, a game that is considered one of the greatest games ever created, will be celebrating its 10th anniversary by giving back to its users. Skyrim’s Anniversary Edition includes the Stendarr’s Hammer. This is one of the most unique weapons available in Skyrim.

Stendarr Hammer’s Location

The Stendarr Hammer can be found and stored at the Dwemer Museum, Markath Region. To enter the Dwemer Museum, you will need the Key as well as Permission. To enter, open the Understone Keep.

How to get Stendarr’s Hammer

Go to your right after entering the Understone Keep and climb the stone staircase. Here you will find a Markath City Guard. Ask if the Jarl is there. Crouch down and enter the Dwemer museum.

Continue on until you reach the statue. On the upper-left side of the museum is the Stendarr’s Hammer. The hammer is placed on top a stone ledge. The damage to the Stendarr’s Hammer is 89. It also has a worth of 4575.