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How to Install Mods | Resident Evil Village

Modding is a huge thing in Resident Evil’s franchise despite all odds. Modders were quick to learn how to develop mods, especially since Resident Evil Village demo was made available to the public before the full game. There are many mods available today. If that is you forte, we will show you how to install mods for Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village – How to Install Mods

Mods are easy to use and install to REV. This is in contrast to other games. A mod manager can be used to add the mod to the game.

Let’s kick this off.

Mod Manager

.The build that supports RE8 is available to download. Extract it into a folder.

Start ModManager executable as administrator. Select Resident Evil Village and close the manager.

Download a MOD

You can find a mod you like on the Resident Evil Forum. The mod should be downloaded as a zip file.


Take the zip file and place it in mod manager’s folder.

Start the mod manager once more, then activate the mod using the switch. Launch the game and verify that the mod has been injected.

There may be differences in how to install mods depending on what type of mod you have. You can use the forums to help you navigate the process. Most mods include complete installation guides.

To play installed mods, the game must be launched via the mod manager. If you don’t, the game will not launch with any mods.



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