Are you annoyed with a locked iPhone and trying to figure out how to rest it? Here, we will offer a guide on how to reset iPhone 11 the right way.

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By Gina Barrow, Last Updated: March 10, 2022

unlocking this iPhone is doing a hard reset. In today’s article guide, we will learn how to reset iphone 11 without a password.

There are two ways to reset an iPhone, one is a soft reset and the other is a hard reset. Doing a soft reset is just instructing your iPhone’s software processes to restart and does not erase any data on it.

A hard reset, on the other hand, will completely erase your iPhone data. This troubleshooting process is usually done when the rest of the options are exhausted.

In your device settings, there is an option to erase all content and settings in the Reset menu. This is the fastest way to completely erase your iPhone data. After resetting your iPhone 11, you can restore your backup to start over.

However, things can get messy if you disable your devices. If you want to know what more methods you can do on how to reset iPhone 11, read this post for amazing tips and tricks!

Part 1. Use an effective iOS unlocker to unlock your iPhone 11Part 2. Reset an iPhone 11 with iTunes or FinderPart 3. Reset iPhone 11 without a computer – iCloudPart 4. Summary

Part 1. Use an effective iOS unlocker to unlock your iPhone 11

To avoid all the stress and hassle of hard resetting your iPhone 11, you can use a professional software called FoneDog iOS Unlocker.

Using FoneDog iOS Unlocker bypasses all the prerequisites to reset your device and goes straight to unlocking your iPhone so you can use it right away. It has a user-friendly platform that even non-technical people can use.

It can unlock password, remove Apple ID/iCloud and even clear screen time restrictions. What makes FoneDog iOS Unlocker even more convenient is the click process it offers.

Free Download
Free Download

Just download and install this software, prepare your iPhone 11 and learn how to reset iPhone 11 by following the steps:

Step 1. Run FoneDog iOS Unlock

Download and install FoneDog iOS Unlocker on your computer and when the app is open, select the Clear Passcode feature from the main menu and click the Home button.

Step 2. Connect iPhone 11

Using a USB cable, connect your iPhone 11 to the computer. If iPhone has already been connected to computer a few times, it will directly display all device information.

Confirm device information to reset iPhone 11

If this is the first time you have connected to your computer, you will be prompted to enter recovery mode. To enter recovery mode on iPhone 11:

  1. Disconnect iPhone from computer
  2. Turn off the device by holding down the Side and Volume Down buttons
  3. Keep pressing the Side button while connecting iPhone to computer
  4. Check your computer screen if you see a cable pointing to a computer, if you see this you can now release the button. This is already recovery mode

Step 3. Download the Firmware Package

In the next part of the screen, you will need to enter or verify your device make and model. Make sure the information you enter is correct as this is vital for downloading the firmware package. Click the Start button to proceed.

Download firmware package to reset iPhone 11

Step 4. Reboot iPhone 11

After downloading the firmware package, you need to confirm the reset by entering the software password which is 0000. Wait for the reset to complete.

Confirm iPhone 11 hard reset

Now that your iPhone 11 is fully unlocked, you can use the Setup Assistant to configure your device. At this point, you can restore your iTunes or iCloud backup.

Part 2. Reboot an iPhone 11 with iTunes or Finder

Using iTunes is another way to reset an iPhone 11. What makes this method convenient is when you already have a iTunes backup where you can easily restore after reset.

Usually, you can simply connect your iPhone to the computer where it syncs, enter your passcode, and click the Restore option in iTunes. You may also come across the situation where your iTunes cannot connect to your iPhone for missing password. But since you don’t have the password, you may need to put your iPhone in recovery mode.

Follow these steps on how to reset iPhone 11 using iTunes or Finder:

  1. Enter recovery mode. Do this by making sure no cables are connected to your iPhone. Locate and press the Side button plus Volume up or down and turn off the unit. When the screen is black, immediately connect iPhone to computer by holding the Side button. Release the button when you see a graphical display of a USB cable and a laptop. This is recovery mode
  2. Find your iPhone in iTunes or Finder
  3. Select the Restore option to reset iPhone 11
  4. Wait for the process to complete

Reset iPhone 11 with iTunes or Finder

Part 3. Reset iPhone 11 without a computer – iCloud

You can also use the iCloud Find My iPhone feature if you don’t have access to a computer. There is an option within this feature where you can erase data remotely.

This feature is dedicated when your iPhone is lost or stolen, however, if that’s the only option left, you can also use it to reset your device. iCloud provides an easy-to-use method to track your device, manage your files, and even support backup.

Here’s how to reset iPhone 11 with the help of iCloud:

  1. In any browser, go to
  2. Enter your login details. This should be the same information on your iPhone 11
  3. Navigate to your device
  4. Choose Erase iPhone from the given options
  5. Select Continue and wait for the reset to complete

Reboot iPhone 11 via iCloud

Now if the Find My feature is turned off before locking iPhone 11, you can reset your device through FoneDog iOS Unlocker or via iTunes/Finder.

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Part 4. Summary

Knowledge how to reset iphone 11 is essential, especially when things get out of hand. A hard reset is required in many troubleshooting methods and is often provided as one of the final steps. This is because doing a hard reset removes all data from your iPhone.

In today’s article guide, we learned the 3 effective ways to reset iPhone 11. The most efficient so far is FoneDog iOS Unlocker. This unlocker provides a quick and easy way to bypass your iPhone so you can use it right away.

It comes with a Wipe passcode feature which is useful in situations like forgetting your device password. Since you are unable to access your settings without the passcode, FoneDog iOS Unlockerwill ignore this for you and allow you to restart your iPhone completely.

Other methods include using iTunes or Finder and iCloud. These, however, have certain limitations and restrictions. It’s up to you to choose which method will work best!

Free Download
Free Download

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