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How to Switch from Party Chat to Game Chat on PS5

You might wonder why no one is listening to you when you tell them you were downed. Your microphone isn’t broken (probably …),). You might have forgotten to switch between your Voice Chat and your Game Chat. This guide will help you get out of your head and talk with others in the game you are playing.

Switching Your PS5 Party Chat To Your Game Chat (2 Easy Steps)

Time needed: 1 minute.

There are two quick ways you can access Voice Chat.

  1. Double-click the PS button on your controller or
  2. Click on the PS button on the controller once, select “Game Base”, as shown in the photo below. Next, click on the party that you are just talking to and then choose “View Voice Chat”.

Once you are in the Voice Chat menu select the party name and then choose the “Game Voice Chat” option.

The button that says “Switch” appears after that. You’re now free to join the chat and can click that button.

You can now leave the Game Chat to go to your Party Chat by simply repeating the previous steps. Double-click the PS button to change the Game Voice Chat back to your Party name. Then, hit the “Switch” button.

I hope you found this helpful in answering any questions that you may have about switching to chat. You and I can now get back to playing games.


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