Is AppleCare Worth It For iPhone in 2022?

My iPhone 5 was filled with soapy water when I dropped it in the kitchen sink. I quickly took it out of the sink and turned it off.

After wiping it with a paper towel I removed the cilantro from my earphone jack and then waited for one more day before turning the phone around.

It powered on, thankfully. After the accident, it was still charging in my car.

Since that mishap, I always check to make sure I have an extended warranty when I purchase an iPhone. This is what I came up with after a lot research.

Is AppleCare+ really worth it?

AppleCare+ iPhone is now more valuable than ever thanks to recent updates. AppleCare+ iPhone owners who are regular subscribers can break their screen twice in 12 months and have it replaced at $29 each. AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss covers iPhones that are lost 2 times within 12 months at $149

How did I arrive at such a conclusion? I have provided all the information that you need to make informed decisions and my opinion.

AppleCare plans available for iPhones

Apple offers three types of warranty plans for iPhone: AppleCare+ and AppleCare+ with Theft & Loss.

AppleCare provides a one-year standard manufacturer warranty. This plan covers all manufacturer defects. Apple will repair any defect in the phone if it is made by Apple within one year.

AppleCare+ provides an extended warranty beyond the standard warranty. It usually covers accidental damages, such as drops.

AppleCare+ With Theft & Loss Another type of extended warranty covers injuries and protects you if your iPhone is stolen or lost. AppleCare+ and AppleCare+ with Theft & Loss can be purchased separately.

These three factors will determine whether AppleCare Plus coverage proves to be worth it:

  • What is the cost of the device? It’s more sensible to purchase an extra warranty for iPhone 12 Pro Max than for iPhone SE.
  • How often is the device used? Anyone who uses their phone a lot may be eligible for a free replacement battery if it becomes defective within 2 years.
  • Does the owner have a history breaking devices? Someone who has broken multiple iPhone screens may need to consider AppleCare+.

What is AppleCare+ cover for iPhone?

AppleCare+ iPhone Coverage includes the following:


Let’s say that your iPhone’s battery capacity drops below 80%.

Apple will replace the battery (or an equivalent) with a new battery or the entire phone.

Is this possible? This is unlikely to happen very often, I would say. You must use the battery frequently in order to reduce its charge capacity.

If you are a gamer and need to charge your phone multiple times per day, the battery might need to be replaced.

The probability that your iPhone battery will last less than 80% if it is charged only once a day (or every night) is very low.

However, if your battery capacity drops below the threshold, you can get it replaced free of charge.

Accidental Damages from Handling (ADH)

This is why an extended warranty would be a good choice.

Accidents can happen and people want to be able to rest assured that their investment (and iPhones cost a lot) will be covered.

AppleCare+ covers the following types of accidents:

  • Accidental drops can cause damage (cracked screens, etc.).
  • Liquids can cause damage.

There are many covered accidents. Apple will cover only 2 (two) cases of ADH within 12 months.

If you have AppleCare+ for more than 12 months, your existing allowances will expire and you will be covered for two instances of ADH for the next twelve months.

This 12-month limit seems reasonable to me. Recently, there were two incidents within 24-months. I recommended against AppleCare.

It’s a great deal.

There is also another caveat.

Insurance coverage for accidents is not always free. You will have to pay a copay for every accident. The extent of the damage will determine how much you must pay. Apple distinguishes screen-only damages from other damages.

You would only have to pay $29. If your iPhone has just screen damage (a crack in the screen, and the phone is not bent or damaged), you will be responsible for the rest. You would have to pay $99.

Can Apple replace iPhone parts by new or refurbished parts?

AppleCare+ plans allow Apple to replace your device with new or refurbished parts (equivalent to new). However, it would be difficult to tell the difference.

Liquid damages

AppleCare+ covers liquid damages, which is quite interesting. You might be thinking, “Why would I need protection against liquids?” Isn’t the iPhone waterproof?

Let’s try to answer this question.

Is the iPhone water-resistant?

Apple iPhone claims that it is waterproof but water-resistant.

What is the difference?

The iPhone would survive in water for as long as it was waterproof. Water-resistant phones are able to be submerged completely and remain operational for a short time under minimal pressure.

IEC standard 60529 covers the level of water and dust resistance. The standard allows phones to have different ratings. It is possible to determine how well the phone is protected using the rating code.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, for example, have IP67 ratings. IP stands in For Ingress Protection, followed by a two-digit code.

iPhones XS (11, 12, and 13) have an IP68 rating.

What is the difference?

The IP rating’s first digit stands for dust resistance. The lowest level of protection is 0; the highest is 6, which is dust-tight.

The second digit indicates how water resistant the phone is.

Zero means no protection. 7 indicates that the iPhone can withstand water if submerged in less then 1m for less than 30 min.

The iPhone 8 can be submerged to a depth of over 1m for 30 min.

Here’s a water resistance table for various iPhones:

iPhoneSubmersion DepthTime
7 Plus1m30min
8 Plus1m30min
XS Max2m30min
11 Pro4m30min
11 Pro Max4m30min
12 mini6m30min
12 Pro6m30min
12 Pro Max6m30min
13 mini6m30min
13 Pro6m30min
13 Pro Max6m30min

You can see that while iPhones may not be waterproof strictly speaking, they are very close to being waterproof.

You don’t have to worry about accidental splashes or falling in the pool.

You’ll be fine as long as your iPhone can be removed from the water within 30 minutes. Don’t take your phone with you to the pool.

What is not covered under AppleCare+ for iPhone

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Cosmetic damage (scratches).
  • If the iPhone has been opened or modified
  • Fire, earthquakes and other natural disasters can cause damage

Note that AppleCare+ plans can be different in different countries. This is , the US plan.

Please use the specific information if you are outside the US.

AppleCare+ with Loss & Theft for iPhone Coverage

It covers AppleCare+, as well as any damage to your iPhone. The plan with T&L will be more costly than the one without.

Explaination of Lost and Stolen Insurance

Each instance of theft or loss is a Service Event. A Service Event also includes each ADH (Accidental Damage From Handling).

There are 2 service event instances you can have.

If you replace the screen due to damage, and then lose your iPhone, you will have 2 Service Events.

Wait until the 12 month period has expired before you damage or lose your iPhone.

Please note: To be eligible for T&L coverage you must enable “Find My iPhone”. You are not covered if you do not have this enabled at the time you lose.

This clause was added in order to prevent people from claiming that their iPhone was stolen (when it was actually sold to someone) and to allow them to get a new device.

Apple will lock your iPhone in this instance to ensure that it isn’t being used by anyone.

T&L also offers a deductible, which is $149.

The most recent model was $269. It’s still a great deal, even with the latest change.

How much does AppleCare+ costs for iPhone?

iPhoneMonthly PlanFixed-term Plan
7, 8$5.99$129
7 Plus, 8 Plus$7.99$149
X, Xs, Xs Max$9.99$199
11 Pro, 11 Pro Max$9.99$199
12, 12 mini$7.99$149
12 Pro, 12 Pro Max$9.99$199
13, 13 mini$7.99$149
13 Pro, 13 Pro Max$9.99$199

What is AppleCare+ worth with Loss and Theft?

As you can see, Theft and Loss plans cost more in certain cases.

The iPhone SE is almost twice as expensive, while the 12 Pro has a 30% increase in cost.

iPhoneMonthly PlanFixed-term Plan
7, 8$9.49$199
7 Plus, 8 Plus$7.99$149
X, Xs, Xs Max$13.49$269
11 Pro, 11 Pro Max$13.49$269
12, 12 mini$11.49$219
12 Pro, 12 Pro Max$13.49$269
13, 13 mini$11.49$219
13 Pro, 13 Pro Max$13.49$269

Is it possible to extend AppleCare+ for iPhones after 2 years?

After 2 years of iPhone use, AppleCare+ can be extended. The plan is only available on a monthly basis. Every 12 months, the number allowed Service Events is reduced to 2.

Cancelling AppleCare+

What happens if AppleCare+ is not what you expected? You can cancel your AppleCare+ plan at any time. Check My article about cancelling AppleCare and getting your refund.

Now, what’s the verdict?

Although I believe it is more sensible to purchase AppleCare+, I still think it will not be beneficial for everyone.

The plan includes liquid damages and accidental damage.

It is already known that iPhones are water-resistant. This should make it easy to forget about liquid damages.

In the case of accidental damage, I think it is more cost-effective and practical to purchase a case for your iPhone.

This is the case I love from Speck. (I have one)


  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 13-foot drop-tested
  • Non-slip grip
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Reputable brand


  • Prices high
  • Hide the iPhone design

Let’s look at the AppleCare+ Theft and Loss option.

Let’s say you have an iPhone that you replace every two years. This year, you purchased a new iPhone for $749 (mid option), and you either pay monthly or unlocked.

Let’s also say you paid $219 one-time for AppleCare+ T&L.

What happens if your iPhone is lost? Another $149 deductible is required.

You paid $368 insurance.

What can you buy for the same price?

You can purchase a new iPhoneSE, for $399. You can also buy a second-hand iPhone that is similar to yours.

You don’t want it used? If you believe the iPhone you have lost was used, you will get the exact same phone.


Is it possible to transfer AppleCare+ from one person to another?

You have two options if the plan was fully paid, that is, it wasn’t a monthly plan.

  • The plan can be transferred to the new owner
  • Get a full refund by cancelling your plan

How do you check if Apple Care is on?

It is possible to have AppleCare+ if you bought a used iPhone.

To see if your device has an additional warranty, visit the Apple warranty status. You only need to enter the serial number of your device.

Can I purchase AppleCare?

AppleCare+ coverage is available for a limited time if an Apple device was purchased without an additional warranty. The window for most devices is 60 days.

AppleCare+ purchases are subject to a 30 day window.

Other countries may have different exceptions. For more information, visit the Service & Support Coverage page.

There are many variations of the same question on forums. Let me address them here in case.

Can I buy AppleCare after 30 days?

Apple devices can be purchased additional AppleCare+ coverage after 30 days, with the exception of Japan. The coverage option is not available after 60 days.

Can I purchase AppleCare after 60, 90 or 1 year?

No. AppleCare+ must be purchased within 60 calendar days of original retail purchase. Coverage is no longer available after 60 days. Same applies for 90-day and 1-year options.

What if I want to extend AppleCare+ beyond 2 years?

Many AppleCare+ plans can be extended beyond the original 2 or 3 year .

You can continue the plan for as long as you wish, regardless of whether you paid the full amount upfront or a monthly plan.

Monthly plans are renewed automatically until they are canceled.

What if I have suffered damage to my iPhone?

Apple support will conduct a diagnostic in-store or remotely. The AppleCare plan can be purchased if the device passes the diagnostics. AppleCare cannot be purchased if the damage has been detected.

Section 4.1 (h), of the Plan clearly states “repair existing conditions of the Covered Equipment, if you bought the Plan after purchasing the Covered Equipment” does not cover. Multiple reports indicate that some people were able obtain the Plan even after suffering damage.

It’s not something I would do, if you ask me. See the photo below if you think you can fool Apple by running diagnostics on an iPhone with a cracked display.

Is AppleCare Worth It For iPhone in 2022?
Running diagnostics for AppleCare after damage

Is it necessary to have a receipt for AppleCare

If this is your first purchase, and you have an Apple account, and the device was purchased in Apple’s store or on their website, Apple will keep a receipt in its database.

Apple suggests that you keep the receiptin the event the device was purchased from a reseller to correct any errors in the purchase date.

If they think the device is not eligible for AppleCare+, the receipt can be used to prove otherwise.

Can I use Apple Care Plus outside of the United States?

This topic is not covered by Apple Support.

Apple Advisor says that the AppleCare+ plan purchased in the US is valid in all other countries where Apple offers support.

The type of repairs will vary from one country to the next.

The US has a different plan for Turkey, while Mexico and the UK follow the same rules.

When I asked him about the deductibles that you must pay for each accident (e.g. $99 for screen repairs in the US), he replied that it all depends on where you live. For example, in Canada, the deductible is $129 CAD.

I asked him if there was a customer-facing document available on the Apple website. He said that he couldn’t find one. He said that everything was based upon the documents they had in their database but couldn’t share them.

Finally, you can still send your Apple device by mail back to the country from which it was purchased. Apple does not cover shipping costs. These costs would need to be paid by you.

What’s else: