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In a five-minute live premiere on November 9th, Between Us devs Innersloth revealed the latest update of their game to the masses:

The Cosmicube Update !

Cosmicubes provide access to what is basically a branching system of unlocks, a bit like a skill tree:

Cosmicubes : Special cosmetic cubes with themed items that you unlock through a branching path. These items tend to be more special or detailed. Different Cosmicubos are purchased using Beans or Stars, but their contents can only be unlocked by earning Pods through the game.”

The update will add new hats, visors, cosmetics, and most importantly, an in-game shop to buy things like pets, nameplates, and more. There are several currencies:

Beans : Obtained during gameplay and can be used to purchase items, packs and Cosmicubes. Stars: Purchased for real money and can be used to buy items, packs, and Cosmicubes. Pods: Obtained by playing the game only if you have a Cosmicube activated. XP: gained by winning rounds, identifying the Imposter, killing crewmates and completing tasks, and makes your level go up, which can give you multipliers to earn Beans and Pods.

now we already knew”the new papers of”width to”disjoint 25″

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and “with the new roles”,

“now 25guise. , who can access vitals at any time to check who is dead, the Engineer, a non-Impostor who can use vents, and the Guardian Angel, who can protect the remaining crew after death.

Innersloth anticipated the comments “I can’t believe you’re trying to make me pay”, saying in the video: “Yes (we live in a capitalist society)” and noting that profits could go towards more upgrades, server costs, team, survival, therapy, food, silly and even… a new game.

Oh, and it’s available now. Alive!

You can read all about the update on Innersloth’s blog . Coins are a bit confusing and there are some quality of life changes too:

Vent action is no longer linked to the main action button. To vent, press V on the keyboard or the right shoulder button on the controllers. Sabotage is no longer tied to the main action button. To access the sabotage map, Impostors can simply open their map, using the Tab key on keyboards or Left Trigger on controllers. If you have a special function, the action for that function is accessed via the F key on keyboards or Right Trigger on controllers. This includes the Engineer’s ventilation capability. The stats that affect your achievements will persist across all linked platforms (essentially, your stats are tied to your player ID). You need to perform the actual action that would unlock this achievement to activate it on another platform. Fake achievement example to explain: If you obtained a 50 card swipe achievement on Steam and you want to unlock it on iOS, you would need to do the card swipe task once more on iOS to get the achievement.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

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    Among Us is a game of teamwork and betrayal for 4-15 players…in space! Play online or via local WiFi as you attempt to prepare your spaceship for departure, but beware as one or more random players among the Crew are Impostors bent on killing everyone.

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