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Lost Ark: What Is The Best Class?

The Lost Ark is an action-RPG MMO that lets players team up to fight world bosses, or fight each other in PvE. You can choose between 5 basic classes and 15 advanced classes. After choosing your advanced class, you cannot change it so be careful!

Warrior Class

Warrior is one of the melee base classes in the game. If you want to do heavy damage, you can become a Berserker. This advanced warrior class can take damage and is slow.

If you are interested in crowd control, the Paladin is an advanced warrior class that you can choose. Although this class of advanced warrior can be difficult, it is one of the most useful support classes in the game. The Gunlancer class is for you if you enjoy dealing the most damage possible.

Martial Artist Class

Another melee base class is the Martial artist, which specializes in fast attacks on enemies. Strikers are an advanced class that deals burst damage to enemy. Wardancers, on the other side, are an advanced class that can move quickly and is highly mobile. Wardancers are susceptible to damage, so it is important to quickly learn how to avoid enemy attacks.

Scrappers is an advanced Martial Artist class. It is more beginner-friendly than the others. They are slower than the other classes. The Soulfist advanced class is for those who want to do a little bit of everything. This class is mobile, but not as vulnerable than the Wardancers.

Gunner Class

The Gunner Class, a ranged base class, focuses on dealing damage from far away. Both Deadeyes advanced classes, Gunslinger and Deadeyes, are difficult. Deadeyes is more skilled in Shotguns and Gunslingers on sniper rifles.

The Artillerists are a tanky gunner class that wields heavy artillery such as the Flamethrower. They are slower than the other classes. Sharpshooters are able to move well and use bows. This class is not for everyone.

Mage Class

Another type of ranged base class is the mage. They can inflict severe damage and offer crowd control from far away. Bard is an advanced support class that uses the Harp to heal and help allies. Summoners is an advanced class you can choose to summon pets and spirits to attack enemy lines. This mage class is also suitable for beginners.

Assassin Class

The base class of Assassin specializes in using shadows to quickly deal damage to enemies and escape combat. They can choose between melee and ranged attacks depending on which enemy they are dealing with.

Death Blades on the other side uses powerful and quick cuts against enemies to deal continuous damage. They have low HP so make sure you dodge enemy attacks whenever possible. This class is best suited for those who enjoy fast-paced gameplay.



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