You have the Nintendo Switch Mario Golf and are now wondering how you can get new characters and golf courses. This is the place for you. You’re here because you want to beat your friends and show off your best skills. Unfortunately, this game requires you to work hard to get the full content. There is no easy or cheap way.

How To Unlock Courses & Characters – Mario Golf Super Rush

You first choose the fastest way to start a golf game, “Play Golf”. Then, in Golf Mode select “Standard Mode”. Next, choose “1” to allow players from both categories to play. Finally, select “1” to allow you to play quite a few holes with a comfortable character.

You will now need to choose the last unlocked course from Courses. The one above the question marks (“???”).. This will be the “Rookie Course”.. Next, enter 18 H for the number of holes, starting at 1 H, and then start the game.

The game will start at this point and you will have to go through each hole until you complete the course. Once the course is completed, you will unlock the next one and have to start over. After many games, all courses in Mario Golf Super Rush will be unlocked.

Unfortunately, there are no unlockable characters in the game. The best thing you can do is to choose your Mii.

It is a good idea to get along a friend and do these courses together, as it is not fun to just unlock these courses.

I hope you found this article useful and that it answered any questions you may have about Mario Golf – Super Rush.