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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How to Change Squad Members

There are not many changes to Mass Effect Legendary Edition compared to its predecessors. However, there are many questions about certain aspects of the game. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is often asked how to change your squad members. Although it is easy to do, players should be aware of a few things before they can modify their squad members.

How To Change Squad Members – Mass Effect Legendary Edition

To modify squad members in Mass Effect Legendary Edition players must advance through the game to unlock this feature. Then, go to your ship, Normandy and then, through the control panel, change squad members via the selection screen.

Shepard will always be part of your team. However, you have the ability to change many things and make Shepard more in line with your play style. You can change the personalities of other members of your squad.

If you have already begun a mission, the squad members can’t be changed. To change your squad members, you must either complete the mission or cancel it.

If you are still unable to change your squad members then you may not have reached the stage where this unlocks.



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