Mojave has released a new update to Minecraft. Even though 1.17 was not smooth, it is still fun to have new content. How do you install the 1.18 experimental snapshot? There is an easy way. Below, you’ll find a guide. This is an experimental snapshot so there may be minor bugs.

Install 1.18 – Minecraft Snapshot

Before we begin, let’s talk about how to install the Java edition of the update. This guide will show you how to install the Java edition on Bedrock.

A webpage will appear similar to the one shown above. Scroll down until you see the headline ” How can I obtain the Experimental Snapshot“.

Next, click on the ” Download the zip ” button to get the file. You will find the.json file in the folder you just downloaded. This file you need to copy to your directory.

Time required: 7 minutes

To install the 1.18 snapshot of Minecraft, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Start button on your keyboard (the one with the Windows logo on it) and the press “R” at the same time to open the “Run” console
  2. Type in there “%Appdata%” and enter
  3. Look for the “.minecraft” folder and open it
  4. Open the “versions” folder next
  5. Drag in this folder your “1_18_experimental-snapshot-1” folder that was in the downloaded .zip file

Now, Ta Da! Now the update is installed. You just need to launch it from the launcher.

Open the Minecraft Launcher and click on the “Installations” tab.

You will need to change this version to 1.18. It will show lower among your options, with a “pending”, since it is a beta.

Give it a name. The easiest is 1.18. Click “Create”.

Go back to the play tab and select the box next to the large, green play button to change the version. After that, hit play to get in!

This patch is experimental so frame rate issues are possible. This is normal behavior for betas.

I hope you found this article useful and were able to test the update.