After you have the Party Pass you can enter the Monty Golf or receive the Faz Camera. How do you get to Monty Golf exactly? This guide will show you where Monty Golf is located and how to get the Faz Camera.

The Faz Camera – Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach

You will need the Party Pass to do this. Go to Level 1 in Freddy’s Room and Enter the green garage door. Continue north until you find another garage door.

Turn left and head inside. Here you will find a charging station and a saving station. Continue straight along the hallway to reach the final set of garage doors.

This will take you back on the main stage.

Continue heading north until you see Monty’s Golf right next to the Rockstar Row. To get to the elevator, enter the garage door located behind the signage.

Take the elevator to the left and descend the escalators near the number one signage. Turn left after going down and you will see signage that states Par 5 . Wait until the security bot passes and then go north.

Turn left to go to the bathroom. You will find a recharge station right outside the door.

Turn right when you see the 18 sign. You will reach Monty’s Gator Club. Enter the Staff Only Doors and the red door at its end.

 Keep following the hallway until you reach another save spot

Enter the blue door next to it and enter the metal door to your left. The Faz Camera is on top of the chair to your right. 

Have fun stunning the Animatronics using your newly claimed, Faz Camera!