Netflix Screen Goes Black: How To Fix A Black Screen Showing On Netf

It might be aggravating to be unable to view your favorite Netflix TV show because your screen is black.
A simple logging out and logging back in can solve the problem, however there are situations when further actions are required.
Because to potential weaknesses in the system files and servers, as well as contaminated installation files, your Netflix screen may be black.

Since Netflix is accessed via your web browser, there is a chance that connectivity issues, as well as issues with the device you are using, may emerge.

If your Netflix screen goes black when you start it, you’ll want to know what to do to fix it as quickly as possible, which is why we’ve produced this simple step-by-step tutorial to help you.

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Why does my Netflix screen look Black?

Netflix Screen Goes Black: How To Fix A Black Screen Showing On Netf

The first thing you should do if you have a Black Netflix screen is to see whether Netflix is having any problems.
If you use Windows to access Netflix, your app may be out of current and needs to be updated.

If you have only recently downloaded Netflix and are facing a black screen, it is possible that the installation files have become damaged. Uninstall and reinstall the program to see if that helps.

If your broadband connection is less than 1.5Mbps, Netflix may not function properly and may even go black. Disconnect and rejoin your wifi device to see if it helps.

Continue reading if you are still seeing a black screen on Netflix.

Why is Netflix playing Sound but black screen?

Volume up

If you’ve accessed Netflix and are hearing sound but seeing a black screen, it’s possible that there’s a problem with the device you’re using to stream Netflix.

Your device may have corrupted Netflix-specific files.

How do I fix Netflix playing sound with No picture?

Fixing a system

We understand how essential Netflix is to you, so we’ve provided four simple remedies for you to try to get your Netflix back up and running.

Fix 1. Turn off your VPN

Because VPNs provide protection when accessing the internet, they might occasionally prevent Netflix from operating while you are connected to the internet.


Step 1. In your search tab, go to Settings and select ‘Network & Internet’

Step 2. Choose ‘VPN’

Step 3. Disable the VPN


Step 1. Find ‘System Preferences’ and select ‘Network’

Step 2. Choose ‘VPN’ on the left-hand side

Step 3. Select ‘Disconnect’

Your VPN is now off and you can sign in to Netflix.

Fix 2. Reset your browsing history to fix Tiktok Screen

When you browse the internet, data is stored that reduces the amount of time it takes for a site to load. This data accumulates over time, causing problems on your computer.


Step 1. On your internet search page, select the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner

Step 2. Choose ‘Settings’

Step 3. Select ‘Privacy & Settings’ and then choose ‘Clear Browsing Data’

Step 4. Change the Time Range to ‘All Time’

Step 5. Make sure the boxes for  ‘Cookies and other site data’ and ‘Cached images and files’ are selected

Step 6.  Click on ‘Clear Data’

If you’re using Netflix on a Mac, you may delete your browser history by clicking here.

You have now deleted your browsing history and may return to Netflix to see if the black screen has disappeared.

Your internet connection may have had a disruption and caused your smart TV to lose connection.

Step 1. Turn your TV off and remove it from its plug point.

Step 2. Unplug your Wifi from its power source. Wait around 30 seconds

Step 3. Plug your Wifi back in and wait until the active lights are back on

Step 4. Turn your TV on

Note, ensure your TV and Wifi are turned off together for at least 30 seconds.

You can now open Netflix.

Fix 4. Check Netflix has appropriate permissions

Netflix will not be able to work correctly if you are using Windows and do not have the required rights.

Step 1. Select the Windows button and choose ‘settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘Apps’

Step 3. Find the Netflix app, click on it and choose ‘Advanced Options’

Step 4. Choose ‘Reset’ 

Step 5. In the advanced options tab, check to see if the permissions are on

Checking the permissions for Netflix is now complete.

Why is my Netflix screen Black on my laptop?

Black Laptop Screen

Your Netflix screen on your laptop may be black for the following reasons:

  • The antivirus on your computer is conflicting with Netflix
  • The Adware on your PC needs to be disabled
  • You must upgrade your Windows.


Netflix is one of the most popular media applications in the world, so it’s natural for it to have a few hiccups here and there.

As previously stated, the Black screen on Netflix might be caused by difficulties with your device as well as faults with the Netflix software loaded.

We hope that this tutorial has addressed all factors that will assist you in resolving the Black screen on Netflix and that you will be able to continue binge-watching your favorite Netflix series without interruption.