These so-called “faction seals” have not had much impact on the community. These seals go unnoticed because most players are still early in the game. These are good for many reasons. We’ll show how to use them.

Faction Seals: New World

You probably already know the price of these, but for those who have not yet encountered them, you can purchase a faction seal for 100 faction points. They are usually that expensive for now.

Things could change as the game moves into its final stages, prior to the original release date. Let’s get to the point.

A player can use a faction lock by purchasing it from the faction vendor. Then go to their corresponding workbench for the type of armor they have, regardless of whether it is heavy, light, or medium.

Be sure to un-equip your armor before you go to the crafting menu. The faction seal cannot not be applied if the armor is not in your inventory or properly equipped Simply click on the armor pieces and click craft to open up the crafting menu.

The armor will then be fused with the seal. You will receive different attributes bonuses depending on which seal you choose.

NOTE If your armor contains a gem, you can apply the faction seal to destroy it.

You should not embed other gems in your armor before you do. However, the gems that came with the armor must be removed.