Papa Nier is the main character in NieR Replicant. You could also play as Papa NieR in NieR Replicant’s previous release, which was the regular version. You can now play as the father quite easily. Papa Nier, the heroic warrior who is determined to find a cure of his daughter’s illness, is not known. You can now pretend to be him.

Playing as Papa Nier in NieR Repplicant

You only need to play the 15 Nightmares DCLC to play Papa Nier. It is easy to play as the father nowadays because DLC is available for free and is open to all.

Although the stage isn’t very large, you won’t be able to play Papa Nier throughout the entire game. However, this allows players to gain a new perspective on his story and power. Only this way can one see his pain and suffering and, ultimately, his determination to find a cure.

Side note: NieR Replicant ver.1.2247448713939, the remastered version of the game, contains all DLC and is free to all players!