Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous was released a week ago. It’s packed with new classes, archetypes and features that can overwhelm even the most seasoned Kingmaker players. Today, we will be discussing the Cavalier class. This allows you to ride an animal into battle and charge your opponents with it. This unit can be used to equip a lance, or a banner. It can do a lot of damage and give buffs to its friends.

Cavalier Class Building Guide – Pathfinder – Wrath of the Righteous

These are the stats that you need for your character, and the races you should use.

  • Race = Aasimar (Angelkin)
    • STR = 17 (22)
    • DEX = 14
    • CON = 16
    • INT = 8
    • WIS = 10
    • CHA = 16
  • Skills = Persuasion, Mobility (Max)
  • Cavalier/Beast Rider (18 Levels), Thug (2 Levels)
  • Order = Order of the Cockatrice
  • Background = Pickpocket

This Cavalier build is based on the idea that we will oneshot most enemies using our Charge ability.

You might be wondering why Charisma is so high. It’s because we choose an Order that has Charisma-based skills.

We have a Pickpocket history to give us the sweet Initiative bonus so that we can always Charge first.

The Archetypes are generally not as good as the base archetype. If you really want one of these archetypes, it’s better to choose a different class.

The Only Beast Rider is an excellent substitute because it allows you to mount bears and other creatures, and virtually nothing changes in the build.

The Supreme Charge feat is not necessary. However, the Spirited charge feat can be used as a substitute. Thug, on the other side, will be a great help with the Sneak Attack or Evasion.

We’ll be able to persuade more people and get Dazzling from the Cockastrice Order for no cost. Dreadful Carnage is our best weapon.

Let’s talk about this, and let’s look at what you should do for each level.

  1. Cavalier – Mounted Combat, Precise Strike
  2. Thug
  3. Cavalier – Spirited Charge
  4. Thug – Accomplished Sneak Attacker
  5. Cavalier – Indomitable Mount
  6. Cavalier
  7. Cavalier – Weapon Focus (Your Weapon of Preference)
  8. Cavalier
  9. Cavalier – Power Attack
  10. Cavalier
  11. Cavalier – Dreadful Carnage, Outflank
  12. Cavalier
  13. Cavalier – Cleave
  14. Cavalier
  15. Cavalier – Cleaving Finish
  16. Cavalier
  17. Cavalier – Boon Companion
  18. Cavalier
  19. Cavalier – Improved Initiative, Improved Cleaving Finish, Back to Back
  20. Cavalier

With this build, you will be pretty powerful from the start, and at the end, you’ll be a vital part of the team.

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