What’s worse than riddles and puzzles? Labyrinths. These labyrinths can be very frustrating, but they are also very satisfying. Sometimes, though, it’s just not possible. I don’t know why but in these moments, people like myself can save your life. You’ve finally reached the Upper City of Pathfinder: Wrath to the Righteous, but you still can’t find the Mage’s Tower. It’s understandable. Here’s what you need to do…

Mage’s Tower in Upper City Location – Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

You are on the Art of Making Friends quest but you can’t find the Mage’s Tower. First, you need to reach the Upper City. This would be a prerequisite.

If you are at the Upper City’s entrance, turn to your right and continue up the bridge until you reach the portal:

Walk up to the bridge on the left. The world around you will spin when you walk up to the edge.

You’ll be able to reach a new part of the map, where you may need to battle some enemies.

Continue walking in the opposite direction until you reach a platform with a circular staircase and some demons. It is worth climbing.

You will reach the place shown in the picture above. There, you can interact with a leg button that will summon a platform that will get you to the Mage’s Tower.