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Project Zomboid: The Best Base Locations in LOUISVILLE

Project Zomboid has just released a new map, Louisville. It is exciting to explore it in-game, searching for the best base locations. This guide will show you where the best places to make a base in Louisville.

Project Zomboid – Best Base Locations in Louisville

Louisville does not have spawn points yet, so you cannot enter the city by foot. Once you have accessed the map, it is important to take your time to explore. You can expect a lot more content to be added to the map.

The Phil’s Fine and Fairpawnshop is the first base you can establish in Louisville. It has high fences that can keep out zombies, and lots of shelving on its first floor. Upstairs access is possible, and you’ll find a fully furnished living area. This base is also close to the town’s shopping center.

The Sunset Pines Funeral Home is another option. The funeral home also has fully-furnished medical rooms. It is also close to a store that offers many storage options.

You might also consider setting up a base at the Fire Station. The fire station can be found in the southeast corner of the city, just outside the city. You have ample storage space on the lower floors and access to a fully fenced yard.

You have many options for parking in the lot, including the Ustore with a fence. You can also break into dozens of lockers. These lockers could contain items that can last a lifetime.

You have the Industrial Lot located in the middle the shopping district. This is your 5th base option. This lot is fenced and offers tons of space for multiplayer sessions.

A riding school is located in the middle city. This could also be a great base. The Riding school includes a farm area and storage areas for your belongings. This place is unique because it is far from other buildings in the city. This will mean that there are fewer zombies at your base.



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