Review game Cris Tales RPG game with beautiful graphics

Review Cris Tales game that appeared at the PC Gaming Show at E3 2019, is a rare Japanese-style role-playing game that did not originate from the developers of the land of the rising sun, let’s learn more about the game through the content. content below.

Cris Tales game review

Review game Cris Tales RPG game with beautiful graphics

In fact, mentioning time and space also means that every choice in the Cris Tales experience affects the future and the results are not always bright. Every decision you make when exploring and solving the problem of the quest are difficult decisions. That is not to mention the so-called secondary roles but are associated with the main role, causing the butterfly effect to the aforementioned consequences. This design makes you almost forced to take action if you want the best ending for the whole thing. Of course, the choice is still up to the player.

Cris Tales is the story told by the girl Crisbell

Full of optimism living in the orphanage. One day the protagonist meets his talking frog friend Matias while pruning roses. She is revealed about her own status and superior ability. With a new fate, Crisbell decides to help everyone change the future by dealing with events in the present and the past. However, her mission does not stop there, but also leads players to many unexpected events in the adventure of finding new sources of power.

The biggest plus point of Cris Tales

Is the exploration and interaction aspect of NPCs.

Especially interesting is that you can see the future, present and past appear on the screen using the game. In the present time in between, the left and right tenses represent the past and future respectively in the same place. This unique design makes it easy for players to see the real results of what you do. For example, the first trial was used when Crisbell ran through the street right in a residential area, the two sides were opposite scenes of the past and the future.

The player only has to control the main character

Moving is that the scene also adjusts to space and time. Do not be surprised by the image of NPCs from teenagers to young adults talking to each other in the current frame. But as soon as you leave, many events in the future and in the past appear in turn according to Crisbell’s simple dance steps. Going to the left, sometimes adults, busy with food, money, suddenly turn into naughty children, in time to the right, they turn into gray-haired old people. So is the scene.

The windows of time

True to the provider’s introduction, Cris Tales allows you to see the past, present and future on the same screen. The main character is the time witch Crisbell, who accidentally unlocks both time crystals to see both the past and the future.

Evaluation of the game Cris Tales in general, it seems that the plot begins with the “classic” motif in which the chosen person has super powers, is helped by friends and has to defeat a huge boss… Now, overall, the plot is kicking off in a not-so-characteristic way, but maybe that could make your choices even more special.

A multi-layered world

In terms of plot or gameplay, we don’t have the information to choose their scale and attraction.

However, in terms of graphics, Cris Tales seems to be heavily invested by the manufacturer.

The game’s 2D graphics are designed by hand, and pull in enough content for a roughly 20-hour process.

The scene in the game, at least in what the demo shows, has a somewhat magical and colorful look.

The animation may need more flexibility, but overall, nothing too reprehensible.


Cris Tales game review offers a satisfying take on classic JRPGs while introducing some exciting new game inspiration and an amazingly artistic stylization. While some aspects of the combat can be frustrating and the pacing can feel like a waste of time at times, we still make this recommendation clear to anyone looking. an exciting new RPG for their Switch.

Cris Tales does just enough to go beyond the pack and establish itself as a title worth adding to your library; JRPG fans should definitely give this one a try.

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