Review iPhone 13 Pro Max

Apple decentralized its product range launched this year when it brought many exclusive features to the iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max series. In particular, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the most prominent device with a large screen, high refresh rate, far zoom camera and professional video recording.

However, users need to trade many things to get a premium experience on this product. In addition to the high price, this is also a very large and heavy machine, the grip is not good. Besides, I think many of the professional features that Apple equips are not for the masses.

iPhone weight is getting heavier

Apple continues to use the design of the iPhone 12 on its latest generation of phones. In addition, the appearance of the iPhone 13 series has many similarities with other products in the Apple ecosystem, such as iPad, iMac or Mac Pro.

The camera cluster on the iPhone 13 Pro seems too big for the back of the product. Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has a larger overall size, so the “induction cooker” camera cluster still looks balanced on the device.

As for the look, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is still a beautiful and masculine machine with a square steel border. However, this is not the ideal device to hold all day long because the bezel is very tight in the hand.

Review iPhone 13 Pro Max

In addition to being the largest product in the iPhone 13 product range, the Pro Max version also weighs 240 grams. The problem of grip has been around since the iPhone 12 generation when Apple changed to a square frame design. On iPhone 13, the experience is worse because the device is thickened and heavier.

In return, Apple products are always meticulously crafted. This is one of the most complete smartphones I’ve used in the past year. Strong steel frame, Ceramic Shield tempered glass anti-scratch well.

In addition, the new Sierra Blue color version is only about 70% similar to Apple’s advertising image. This is not a bold tone like last year’s Pacific Blue. When used in outdoor conditions, the blue color of the device is clearer. In the dark, the back gradually turns gray.

Apple equips the iPhone 13 Pro Max with a 6.7-inch OLED screen with good visibility. DxOMark website rated this as the best screen in the smartphone world. Besides high brightness, large pixel density, fresh colors, iPhone screen is also equipped with 120 Hz refresh rate technology.

“Smooth” is an adjective associated with the iPhone for a long time. To get this feeling, Apple must optimize 3 factors, screen sampling rate, response time and refresh rate. But being limited to 60 Hz for many years makes iPhones overtaken by Android devices in smoothness in the swipe experience.

The 120 Hz screen makes a difference right from the first setup experience or swiping to open the home screen. Apple also applies LTPO technology to change the refresh rate depending on the user task to save energy.

In fact, when users swipe long content, the scan frequency will be pushed to a high level. For stationary or slow-motion content, the software will adjust the screen to levels below 60 Hz.

Currently, 120 Hz is only used for web surfing and social networking. There are still not many games on iPhone that are compatible with this feature. However, since this is an Apple product, I believe that games and applications will soon be able to run above 120 Hz.

I almost forgot that on the screen of the iPhone 13 Pro Max there is a smaller notch. The components in the FaceID cluster are rearranged by Apple to reduce the area of ​​this defect by 20%. However, the extended screen can not add any information and is also difficult to recognize. At this point, I would be more satisfied if Apple could reduce the size of the top notch by 40% or more.

Powerful performance for every game

Different from every year, 2020-2021 sees the rapid aggravation of mobile games. “Hardware killer”, Genshin Impact makes every flagship have to say hello, even if it is the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

With Apple A15 Bionic, iPhone 13 Pro Max is the first machine on the market that can tame the aforementioned open world game. In addition to being more powerful, Apple’s SoC emits less heat during continuous operation. Therefore, users who play games on iPhone will be less likely to experience sudden performance drops or screen darkening when using heavy tasks.

However, not everyone plays games a lot on their phones. Unless experiencing too heavy games or ripping videos, I don’t see much difference in performance between the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the previous iPhone Xs with basic tasks.

But this does not mean that Apple upgrading the configuration on the new iPhone is redundant. Many new features of the iPhone 13 Pro Max need a powerful chip like the A15 Bionic.

Camera for professional users

The first iPhone Pro was released in 2019. But the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the true “Pro” machine, at least in the photography part.

Apple continues to upgrade the magnification of the device’s zoom camera to 3x. The converted focal length of this camera on a full-frame system is 77 mm. In photography, the 50mm focal length range on older iPhones is considered the standard angle of view, suitable for many types of photos.

When Apple brought to the iPhone 13 Pro Max a 3x zoom lens, users had difficulty aligning the shooting angle at short distances. I couldn’t take portraits with this camera in my room because the viewing angle was too narrow.

In return for the professional photographer, a lens with a longer focal length helps to reduce angle distortion. In addition, the focal effect provides significantly better optical background removal.

Another feature on the iPhone 13 Pro Max that I think is only for pro users is ProRes video recording. In addition to the very high file size when recording, which quickly fills up the iPhone’s memory, the ProRes format also requires powerful computers for post-processing. I believe I will never touch this feature on iPhone 13 Pro Max. As for commercial shooting needs, I would definitely choose cameras because they don’t have the same sensor size limit as iPhones. I think this feature is more suitable for professional vloggers.

Video recording to remove fonts is not new, many Android phones have been equipped with this feature before. Cinematic Mode is different in being able to smoothly transition between subjects while recording. Unfortunately, Apple limits the resolution when using this mode to Full HD, 30 fps.

Besides, the ability to take photos on the iPhone 13 Pro Max has also been upgraded with a larger image sensor. As a result, users’ photos reduce noise in low light conditions.

Night mode also doesn’t need to be activated as often because the camera captures light better. The ultra-wide-angle camera of the iPhone 13 Pro Max has significantly better photo quality, not much different from the main camera.

Larger upgraded battery capacity

Many people think that the battery of the iPhone 12 generation is too weak, but for me, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is still enough. Even so, Apple continues to increase the battery capacity of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which is also the main reason why the device is thicker and heavier.

Compared directly with the flagships launched in the past year, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is one of the devices with the best battery life, despite having to shoulder the extra 120 Hz screen.

My total continuous use with this device on a Wi-Fi connection is about 10+ hours. With normal needs, the device takes up to two days to need to be recharged. However, usage time may decrease with a mobile network connection, especially when 5G is enabled.

In addition, many users discovered the fact that the iPhone 13 Pro Max can reach a maximum charging capacity of 27 W. This power level is still far behind Android competitors, but it is enough to quickly recover capacity. device battery capacity. It took me about two hours to fully charge my iPhone 13 Pro Max from 0%.

After a period of experience, I think that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is not the right device for all users. The big, heavy design is a big hindrance in everyday experience. In addition, many powerful shooting and recording features on the device will not be effectively exploited with ordinary users.

Compared to the iPhone 12 generation, the iPhone 13 Pro Max does not have many upgrades. But for users who are using older devices, this is the best iPhone currently available.

Besides that, I think the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the flagship phone for content creators. Large screens and upgrades in video recording capabilities will better serve the needs of this user group.