Review the game Cotton Reboot pixel perfect graphics

Evaluation of the game Cotton Reboot is a remaster of the classic shoot ’em up game Cotton besides the overhauled graphics is extremely cute, the game also brings you the most new experiences.

Review of the game Cotton Reboot

Review the game Cotton Reboot pixel perfect graphics

Try out the game divided into three different attractive game modes. Arrange Mode is a mode that overhauls the graphics as well as offers interesting new gameplay mechanics. In contrast, the X68000 recreates the classic Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams, but not the original.

Evaluate the game Cotton Reboot from the player’s perspective

It is not natural that the X68000 version was selected with Cotton Reboot! Instead of the original arcade. This is the most popular and the most popular in Japan in terms of quality and quantity, with many notable improvements in terms of information compared to the arcade original.

Equally attractive is the Time Attack game mode

Consists of two 2- or 5-minute settings in a tailor-made level, requiring the player to have a detailed game plan. Your aim is the same as the other two modes is to find a way to create combos that accumulate the most points, but within a limited time. That’s not to mention the built-in escalation engine that you can disable in Option if you’re not confident. However, the methodical experience with diverse screen design and humorous storyline belongs to the other two game modes: Arrange and X68000.

Great experiences

Cotton Reboot brings players to a witch with a lovely shape with ugly socks, especially sweet. The case of pushing the main character to meet the fairy Silk made me laugh.

Once hearing the sweet words, the main character Cotton rides a broom and continues the “rain of bullets” battle with the demons from the dark. In fact, the plot just stops at the humorous narrative as the background for the experience, the attractive gameplay and the cute overhauled graphics in the new look are the biggest plus points of the game.

Basically, try Cotton Reboot

Still loyal to the familiar horizontal screen shmup method on the market regardless of the game mode. The protagonist Cotton moves from left to right, fighting large numbers of enemies that attack from the opposite direction. Occasionally, they can be present in dangerous locations that you cannot destroy, forcing the player to use control skills to avoid the standard rain of bullets. The character Silk is not in vain, but also supports the player to fight the enemy in his own way.

The Birth of Cotton Reboot

The successful company released Magical Night Dreams Cotton in 1991. One of the earliest examples of “witches” and an IP that would have had a surprisingly long shelf life, the series has existed on a wide range of devices. control panel is not the same. The Sharp X68000 computer received the arcade port first, then the PC Engine and PlayStation. Super Famicom and Sega Saturn originally only had original 2D titles

Quality is getting better

Cotton Reboot game review is increasingly visually impressive, while The Mega Drive and Dreamcast adapted the format into a two-pointed 3D rail-shooter mini-series. The last Cotton game to appear on SNK’s bad-numbered Neo Geo Pocket handheld, the only shmup game in the console’s library.

Details when playing

The player has the ability to free and help at the same time up to 6 fairies shaped like Silk in battle. However, except for the character Silk, who still stands with the player until the last minute, when the main character dies, you lose a fairy to get it. Fighting in Cotton Reboot is quite simple when only throwing bombs on the ground and shooting bullets at enemies. During that time, the gameplay mechanic that sets the game apart from other titles with the same gameplay like R-Type Final 2 is the colorful crystal apparatus.

These are the dropped items

When every time you destroy the enemy. They not only increase the firepower of Cotton’s main weapon, but also a power-up that helps players destroy a large number of enemies in the blink of an eye. Not only that, these crystals have different support depending on how you interact.

Evaluation of the game Cotton Reboot, for example, is golden crystal that enhances the character’s weapon, in other colors is for the purpose of collecting first and using later. Each color is a different power-up, capable of advancing up to three levels according to the number of accumulated crystals of the same color.

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