The second generation of Ring’s wired smart doorbell, owned by Amazon, offers an end-to-end perspective, better

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(Pocket-lint) – When it comes to video doorbells, Amazon-owned Ring is king. That we said about the original Doorbell Pro when we reviewed it in 2020 – and now its successor, the Pro 2, has been rocking for quite some time.

So why opt for the second-generation wired Pro doorbell over the original option? Well, it impresses with a new recording quality, head-to-toe aspect ratio, and other details – some good, some not so – which we’ll cover in this end-to-end review. /p>

Our quick review

The Ring Pro 2 Video Doorbell takes the qualities of the original wired doorbell and improves them even further with better recording quality, better vertical viewing angle and better motion detection systems.

You’ll need to install it first, but after that – and buying a chime, of course, as it’s not included – anything is possible. No battery worries, it’s always there, ready to go.

Thinking of upgrading from the original Pro to the Pro 2? The faceplate of the old product will not fit the new one, but you don’t need to drill new holes to mount the doorbell on the wall. Just replace the original transformer with the transformer of the new product, which is quite easy (if you have a 3mm electric screwdriver).

Overall, Ring remains the king of smart doorbells – and the Video Doorbell Pro 2 is well worth installing for ongoing peace of mind and convenience.


stars – Pocket-lint recommended


  • New head-to-toe viewing angle to see who is at the door
  • Dramatically improved remote motion detection
  • Wired to never run out of battery
  • Choose your own faceplate (for free – after installation)
  • Improved recording quality (1536p square)


  • No chime included
  • Not all tools are included in the box (as with the original Pro)
  • Still no full-time registration option
  • Can’t learn people’s faces
  • Requires Ring Protect subscription to maximize


  • High resolution recording: 1536p
  • Wider vertical viewing angle: 150 degrees
  • Bird’s-eye view and 3D motion detection for better motion alerts
  • Choose your favorite faceplate (after installation, shipping is also free).

The Pro 2’s biggest chance is the angle of view. There’s a new sensor on board, which offers a square aspect ratio, with a viewing angle of 150 degrees both horizontally and vertically. That’s another way of saying it can offer a head-to-toe perspective, which is far more useful for seeing who’s at the door when particularly close, but also – a common problem with the former – what the postman may have left on the floor for you to pick up.

Because this sensor is square, it also has more rows of pixels, allowing you to record 1536 x 1536. In comparison, the “Full HD” standard is 1920 x 1080. So , even if you lose some “width”, you gain focus on the area e the most useful around your door.

Upon installation, more advanced systems can handle another common problem: motion alerts. With what’s called a bird’s eye view, you can choose your door’s precise position on a top-down map, which then matches the doorbell’s 3D motion detection to show alerts when someone /something is within a specified distance – during setup you can limit this distance to, say, 1.5m, 3m or 5m, depending on what works best for your property.

< p>And although the Video Doorbell Pro 2 only comes with a silver faceplate in the box, once you’ve finished activating the device, Ring will send you an email letting you choose your faceplate. preferred frontal. There are dozens of choices to choose from, shipping is free, which means you can get the look you want without excessive plastic waste in the box itself. It’s a good idea – although inevitably the “black” was out of stock, so we chose the “midnight blue” which is not so far off.

  • In the box:
    • Video Doorbell Pro 2, silver faceplate, corner mount
    • Mains plugged transformer, doorbell bypass
    • Hex driver, screws and plugs
  • Not in the box:
    • No screwdriver, no drill bit
    • No additional face plate
    • < /ul>

    At this point, it’s worth pointing out that installing a hard-wired (i.e. mains powered) doorbell can be a bit tricky. Just check out our original Video Doorbell Pro article to see the various stages of the issues we encountered. But all this can be solved, just work on the problem. Or, you know, hiring someone else to do it for you.

    < /p>

    < p class="inline_caption" id="widget_caption">

    In the case of the Video Doorbell Pro 2, things are a bit different from the first generation product. Initially, we were told that all we had to do was change the doorbell on the front of the house. Nah-ah, wrong. For some reason, Ring has changed the power demands of the new doorbell. So the transformer we had already installed was delivering a dangerously high voltage level(see image) to the new doorbell. Eek. At least the app tells you so, in the Device Health section.

    Once we highlighted this issue, we of course set out to install the new Transformer (Pro 2) at instead of the old (Original Pro). The problem is that Ring doesn’t include any tools or screwdriver heads in the box of the new doorbell, unlike the original. And that was a problem, because this new transformer requires a 3mm long electric screwdriver to be able to connect the cables. So add it to your shopping list as it won’t be on the head of your standard multi-tool.

    We find this a little odd as the original Pro’s transformer has heads of much larger screws (and openings), and the necessary screwdriver was included – it’s a reversible hex driver/tool, whereas the Pro 2 only includes a hex tool (it really should be a reversible with the 3mm to solve this installation problem right out of the box!)

    < p class="swiper-slide">


    Anyway, the tools were acquired and – bish, bash, bosh – the new transformer was installed without issue. Interestingly, despite its RCD design for mounting on a consumer unit, the center section is removable to allow for a much smaller transformer. This, it must be admitted, was a big problem with the original double doorbell – as we had to buy a new box to mount on the wall to fit it in place of the original doorbell (we couldn’t not bypass it as the instructions suggest, as it was wired with the downstairs lighting loop).

    • No chime (separate bell) included
    • < li>Connectivity: 802.11 b/g/n/ac 2.4/5GHz

    • Dimensions: 114mm (H) x 49mm (W) x 22mm (D)

    < p>Installing the Pro 2 on the front of our house was easy because, thankfully, its two main screw holes are located in the same place as the original Pro. However, the two devices are not exactly the same size, which means that you cannot use the old faceplates on the new product, which is something to take into account. If you’re upgrading from a more conventional doorbell, wiring mains and neutral to the two screwed connectors on the back is fairly easy.


    Once Video Doorbell Pro 2 mounted, it is ready to install, activated by scanning the QR code on the side of the product and launching the Ring app. The new doorbell speaks to you – literally – to guide you through the installation process, but there’s no way to silence it during this rather noisy part of the installation. Luckily, you can lower the ringer and speaker volume after installation.

    As we touched on at the start of this review, there are a lot of new details in the process of configuration. Bird’s eye view, 3D motion detection and motion zone adjustment all play a key role in how the doorbell will alert you to movement – if you tell it to. Real-time interaction with the doorbell detecting your distance to the door – defined by the zones sounded from the source – is a smart way to calculate the distance you want the doorbell to “see” for alerts .

    Once everything is set up the way you want – and there are plenty of options in the app to think about it – someone pressing the ringer button on the doorbell will ring it . Except that’s literally the sound made by the doorbell itself, as there’s no separate Chime chime included in the box, as was the case with the original Pro model. Hmm. So you’ll definitely have to add a Chime or Chime Pro to your shopping list, which drives up the price.

    Having Chime devices – which plug into a power outlet doesn’t anywhere in the house – is very useful, however, to ensure that you will always hear the door wherever you are in your house. Over time, we’ve acquired two to make sure we always hear the door, whether we’re working in the garage or hiding in the upstairs office nook. It’s a good system, because you can control the volume independently from each device. And the latest Chime devices are really, really powerful.


    You can even designate the type of Chime chime – whether it’s a traditional doorbell, a spooky ghost, a screaming cat, or whatever. There is no link to Amazon Alexa yet, however, and Amazon’s Sidewalk is not yet available to UK customers (but an e-mail confirms that it is coming). But Ring is always expanding its feature set, so expect to see much of that evolve over time to enrich the experience.

    • Live View Anytime
    • Rich notifications (photo alerts)
    • Two-way audio with noise cancellation
    • Gesture/Ring activation: 1536p quality recording
    • Snapshot : Low-res capture every 30 seconds

    As for recording, unlike its main competitor Nest , Ring doesn’t capture everything full time. It only records motion and alert tones in full 1536p resolution. Everything else is a snapshot taken every 30 seconds (this is the fastest cycle) to give a kind of freeze frame view of what’s going on – you can scroll through the last 24 hours of that recording. We think it’s time Ring offered full-time registration, to make the doorbell even more effective.

    The quality of the recordings is quite decent, although we would like the snapshots to be taken with better clarity, and we think that there is room for higher resolution – mainly for zooming purposes, which is lacking in the current setup. The ability to zoom in, with more clarity, could come in handy if your Video Doorbell Pro 2 suddenly becomes an asset in, say, solving your neighbor’s burglary or figuring out who owns the dog that snatched the other’s flowers side of the road. That sort of thing.

    The companion Ring app is available for Google Android and Apple iOS, so you can install it on your phone or tablet (or both, of course). Once you’ve set it up, you can invite other people. Thus, all family members can, with the appropriate permissions, virtually answer the door. The choice is yours. And if you have visitors, the chime will notify them of the door opening in the usual way.

    • Ring Protect Plan 30-day trial included
    • Ring Protect Basic covers one device for $3/£2.50 per month.
    • Ring Protect Plus covers multiple devices for $10/£8 per month.
    • Works as a video doorbell without a subscription, but without recording or history.

    When you first install the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 Video Doorbell, you activate 30 days of Ring Protect (or 60 days for US customers). It’s another name for the company’s subscription plan.

    Ring Protect for a single device isn’t too expensive: it’s £2.50/$3 a month. Only if you own more than one Ring product – and it could be an alarm system or another indoor camera – will you need the Plus plan, which costs more than three times this price.

    Once the trial period ends, we will stop paying for the Protect plan. Why ? Because the Pro 2 continues to perform well in real time. It is possible to see the live view whenever you want. You can also answer the door through the app in real time – although if you miss that window to answer, you can’t really look back to find out who it was.

    If the subscription is not activated, it just means that there are no recordings, no history to consult, no possibility of sharing, no rich notifications. Which, if all you want is a doorbell you can answer from your phone, is fine. It’s not like we’ve been going anywhere lately anyway – and we can activate Protect if we go on vacation in the future.

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    Stuart Miles

    April 25, 2022


    This second generation of Ring wired smart doorbell takes the qualities of the original and improves them even further with better recording quality, better vertical viewing angle and better detection systems. movement.

    Written by Mike Lowe.

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