Do you turn on your computer at the same time every day? Then you should know that it is possible to turn on (or turn off) the computer automatically, and when you sit down to start your day, you already have it turned on and ready to use. This article is

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Do you turn on your computer at the same time every day? Then you should know that the PC automatically turns on (or shuts down) and when you go to sit down to start your day, you’re already on and ready to go. In this article, we will explain the steps you need to follow. Configure your PC so it turns on and off at the times you want each day.

Actually, on a modern PC this might be a bit redundant, as very few often go without a PC. SSDand that means OS boot is pretty fast. However, not all computers start that fast, and there may be occasions when you actually want the computer to turn on or off automatically.

Why do you want the computer to turn on or off automatically?

As we mentioned earlier, on most computers it may not be necessary to automatically turn on and off because any computer with an SSD takes a really short time to boot up; However, there are some situations where this can be quite useful, for example if you go on vacation and take a low-cost laptop with you to work with the intention of remotely connecting to your home or office PC, it’s much more powerful and where you already have the programs and documents you need.

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In this way, the PC you will be connecting to remotely can turn itself off (or not) at the end of the day so that you can open it every day at 9 am and connect comfortably. the issue of configuring the shutdown is more delicate because after all, if you are connected to the computer, you can always manually turn it off normally when you no longer need it).

Likewise and moreover now that the electricity tariffs go on schedule, You might be interested in having the computer automatically boot up and start mining cryptocurrencies (via a simple programmed task) when the price is cheapest. in Windows) automatically, then turns itself off when the most expensive electricity price approaches.

PC automatically how to open

First of all, that the option we will talk about next is available on most modern PCs, but not all, because this is a You should know that there is an option. Compatible with BIOS or UEFI motherboard and C-States that allow your power supply to be modern and therefore never completely shut down


To find the option, therefore, you will need to access the BIOS or UEFI of your system: reboot or turn on the PC and for this press the appropriate key, which will depend on the manufacturer of your motherboard, but usually DEL, F11 . or F2 (Normally, a “Press Del key” message is displayed when the computer starts, indicating the key to press to enter the BIOS).

The option we are looking for is usually in the Advanced Options (or Advanced) section of the BIOS and is usually Boot Options or It’s called BIOS Boot, but again the name may be different and/or in a different location. depending on the manufacturer and model of motherboard you have (for example, some motherboards don’t even call it that, and you can find the option in Advanced Settings -> APM Configuration -> Power On with RTC. Especially if you have an older PC, since it’s on almost all motherboards You should be able to find this option.

Once you find the option, as a general rule you will see a total of seven options for seven days of the week. As in the screenshot above you can only have the option to enable or disable autostart based on the day of the week and completely time at the bottom so the time should always be the same or the system allows you to choose a separate time for each day of the week. In no case will it allow you to select several different firing times on the same day of the week.

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Once it is configured, exit the BIOS by saving the changes and on the day you choose, unless you unplug the PC or turn off the power with the power supply button. and hours.

And to turn it off automatically?

As we said at the beginning, it’s normal The thing is, when you want your PC to shut down, you do it manually yourself, but if for some reason you want it to do it automatically without your intervention, then we will. tell me what to do Note that with this method the PC will shut down and “cut” if you have any unfinished tasks, because the shutdown command takes precedence over everything.

In this case, the configuration is done from Windows, and for this you click on the Start button and “Task Scheduler” you need to access Task Scheduler, which you can access by typing.

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After entering the tool, click on the “Create basic task” option in the right area and you will see a new window open. Start by giving it a name you want to help you recognize it easily and disable it in the future.

Click next and it will ask you to choose when you want the task to run. Check “Once” and click next; then we will set the program.

The next window will ask for the time of the first execution. For example, if you want the computer to shut down for the first time today at 22:00, enter that date and time.

After clicking next in the next window, you can choose what you want to happen on the date and time we have chosen. You will be asked to specify. Leave the “Start a program” option checked and hit the next button, at this point you will be asked which program you want to start.

You should put the following in the first box:

C: WindowsSystem32shutdown.exe

And put -s in the arguments box as we show in the picture. Clicking Next will show a summary of the task you’ve created, but be careful as we haven’t finished it yet.

Before clicking Finish, check “Open Properties dialog for this task on clicking Finish”, click Finish, then new You will see a window open. In this, you must go to the “Triggers” tab, select the existing one and click Edit. select the days.

Click OK on all windows and you are done, the computer will automatically shut down on the selected days and times. As soon as you want to disable this automatic shutdown, you must return to the Windows Task Scheduler and in the middle, right-click on the task and select Disable or Delete.

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