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Skyrim Necromancer: Grimoire Spells | Where to Buy All 13 New Spells

The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim Anniversary Edition has a wide variety of creations available for players. You have the ability to create your character. Players can create their character at the beginning of the game by choosing their sex and selecting from one of many races, including humans, elves and lizard-like creatures. Next, customize the character’s appearance. Necromantic Grimoire is the most fascinating, adding a necromancer costume with unique enchantments as well as 13 spells to summon skeletons and spirits. Two fighters fight over who can kill a spider. It’s up to you to follow their lead and watch what happens.

Where Can you Find All 13 New Spells?

This is how to purchase all new spells.

First, locate College of Winterhold on the map and then enter it. You should keep in mind that spells won’t appear if the conjuration level is too low.

Enter the college by going straight up until you reach the first hallway to your left. Turn left when you reach the first hall to your left. Then, continue straight down the hall until the door on the right. This is the entrance into the Hall of Attainment.

Enter the hall by counting from left-to-right in a clockwise order. Next, start a conversation and choose the option “What do I have for sale?” All 13 spells will be found in the Books option.



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